Super Mario 3D World Gets New Trailer!

And if you thought Super Mario 3D World was good before (or for some reason you weren’t even remotely excited for it), you’re gonna absolutely love what Nintendo is showing in this trailer.  Put simply, it makes the game look Mario Galaxy caliber and proves without a doubt that’s not just ‘New Super Mario Bros in 3D’.

Here’s the video:

And now let’s break it down bit by bit…

We start off with yet another festival in the Mushroom Kingdom, because as we all know, Peach loves to try and distract the population from the crippling problems involving the whole place (like wars, the failing economy, Bowser…).  Still, in their exploration, the party comes across a pipe which seemingly contains an escaping… creature of some kind.


This critter is a cute fairy like thing, sort of like a weird cross between a Subcon from Super Mario Bros 2 and a Pi’illo from Mario & Luigi Dream Team. Seriously, just look at her for a minute.  She looks like the kind of character you’d ship with Prince Dreambert, or even a female equivalent.

Unfortunately for everyone, Bowser isn’t far behind.  And just like in every other game he’s in, Bowser decides that someone has to be kidnapped.


Above: Bowser’s hobby seems to be kidnapping damsels…

But no, it’s not Princess Peach!  Instead, this new character is the unlucky soul who ends up snatched away in his clutches as Bowser heads back to this new kingdom and attempts to take control.   Have to say, it’s quite cool how this game shows Bowser attacking new kingdoms and royals instead of just Peach, makes it clearer that he’s not just after the Mushroom Kingdom and would be quite happy taking over absolutely anywhere else in the Mushroom World too.  Either way though, the party heads through the pipe to the ‘Sprixie Kingdom’, wherever the hell that is.  It’s also where this whole trailer starts to get super interesting.

We start off with Mario running across some lava platforms as gigantic Blargg like monsters leap from the lava.  Interestingly, these look a lot like the lava dragons of the Super Mario World era rather than the weird blob things from Yoshi’s Island and Mario Galaxy 2, so I guess that’s a plus.

Blargg Attack

Above: Even the Blarggs took a level in badass.

Ostrich monster things are next, slamming their heads into the ground as Mario charges by.  Boy, this game certainly has some unique enemies and stylings, kind of like the original Mario games of the pre Galaxy/rehash era.

Ostrich monsters

After some snake piranha dodging (no seriously), the game shows us the overworld.  And it is certainly something.

You see, after the increasingly bland worlds of New Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Galaxy, you’d think the overworld would be just another basic map screen, right?  Or even just a lazy level select like in Super Mario 3D Land.  But no.  Have a look at this:


Above: The most original map screen in recent years?  I think so.

Yep, it’s like a cross between a map and a fully explorable hub, complete with different buildings and places to go to in order to enter the levels!  It’s by far the biggest upgrade to the whole ‘map system’ since the 3D hubs of Mario 64 and Sunshine, and seems to make level exploration far more interesting than just another bland ‘point A to point B’ thing.  Perhaps we might even see secret levels accessed by distant areas in the hub worlds!

The tantalising glimpse of our new map/hub thing is short however, as the trailer immediately gets back to showing more level footage.  There’s a race down a 2D tower as deadly smog descends (which is a nice twist on the old ‘rising substance of doom’ thing), and then it’s off to the skies of carnival land as Mario heads across the clouds on a moving platform remniscient of those Space Junk Galaxy missions in the first Super Mario Galaxy title.  But wait, when he jumps the platform vanishes?  And when he ground pounds the whole path is revealed?  Well, that’s something new and unique!

Carnival sky

A sunset level with the cat Mario thing follows, and it looks very nice.  Nothing special platforming wise, but I like how the sky is a vibrant orange and how there’s a very unique feel to the whole thing.  Nice change from all the ‘blue skies and happy clouds’ stuff that’s a bit too common in many Mario platformers.

Sunsetlevel sunsetlevel2

One montage of Cat Mario stuff later (including a funny shot where he creeps up and pounces on a bird) and it’s off to something new!  Yeah, you didn’t think this game had only ONE new power up did you?  Oh no, there are lots to come here.  Including the… magic cherry?

Magic Cherry

Above: A new power up.

Yep, it looks like they’ve taken more from Super Mario Bros 2 than they’d otherwise let on.  But the effect isn’t some corny ‘get five and get a star’ thing like in Mario’s Subcon based adventure.  Nope, when he touches the cherry…

He duplicates himself, giving the player two Marios to control at once!

Mario clones

Above: The kind of originality we like in the Mario series… cloning your players and controlling them all at once.

Oh, did I say two?  I meant he starts with two, then as he gets more and more cherries, more and more clones appear! And what’s more, they all maintain the same power up status as the first one, so you can have three or four fire Marios running around shooting flames in all directions!  So it’s quite some power up!

Three Fire Marios

Also, the Boomerang Suit returns from Super Mario 3D Land.  No big deal is made of it (just a quick glimpse of Mario running around with it in a lava world), but it’s back regardless.  Nice to see, maybe the Hammer Suit will return too?

Past that part though, we see an ice world.  And those weird beetle like enemies from 3D Land.  And the Tanooki Suit.  All in a matter of about three seconds.  If you needed proof that this game is gonna have absolutely everything you can imagine, just this part of the trailer alone is proof enough…

Snow land

Next up is footage of an interesting new ‘power up’ so to speak, the Cannon Helmet.  Yeah, in the same style as those ? blocks you could wear in 3D Land and New Super Mario Bros 2, Mario can now wear a cannon on his head and shoot cannonballs at his enemies to take them down.  Oh, and tanks reappear from Super Mario Bros 3.  Because everything’s better with vehicle levels, right?

Tank brigade

Above: Cannons, tanks and gimmicks; The Mario of the future.

As do underwater levels, along with time extending clocks and Porcupuffers.  Have to say, those puffer fish things have gone from ‘once in 10-20 years’ type enemies to ‘appearing in every bloody game’.  Not that it’s bad, just saying I find it weird that these spiky fish creatures have somehow become a commonplace member of the Koopa Troop sometime in the last few years.

underwater level

Above: Don’t these fish look familiar?

Boom Boom is next, doing his usual ‘spin to attack Mario’ gig.  Thankfully, he’s not the only boss in this game, since we’ve seen at least one snake boss and are going to see another new boss a bit later in this trailer.  Still, Mario gets to shoot him in the head with a cannonball, which is kind of cool.  Kind of like carthasis after his commonness in 3D Land.

Boom Boom screen

Above: Boom Boom returns.  Good or bad?

The level shown after this is the most interesting one though.  You see Mario using the Propeller Block, which confirms another returning ‘power up’.  You see Thwomps and Spikes as enemies, confirming more enemies.  But what’s this?

Propeller Block Mario Level

Above: That key looks interesting…

Is this a coin with a key symbol?  What’s this mean?  A secret exit thing?  One of a few mysteries we’ll have to find out in future I guess.

A Japanese level is next, and it showcases both a new Goomba disguise and a new setting.  Pretty cool idea, and it works well.

Japanese Mario level

Back to ice world next, and the Kuribo’s Shoe ice skate returns too.  You know, that thing we saw Mario and Goomba driving in the earlier screenshots/trailer?  Well it’s here again now, and looks extremely fun to drive around.  Not much to say.


Bombs appear in the next ‘level’ section, and Mario uses them to set off a chain of POW blocks.  Again, not much to say about it, other than it looks like there’s a chance Mouser might make his return to go along with these bombs.  After all, Mario can pick ’em up and throw ’em, so the traditional Mouser fight from Super Mario Bros 2 might be possible in this format.

Enough speculation though, because what’s next is something quite new to the mainstream Mario series.  Namely, picking up a Piranha Plant and using it to eat enemies!  Reminds me of Super Mario Bros X, so perhaps Nintendo really is taking inspiration from fan games and ROM hacks for this stuff?  It’s very interesting.

Piranha Plant holder

Above: Finally. the SMB X gimmick becomes official.

This is followed by some footage of the other characters in the game, just to prove that yes, they are indeed included. There’s Luigi…

Who gets to kick footballs at Goomba Stacks for Green Stars and explore a creepy haunted mansion with a Big Boo and a fake flagpole!  Yep, a fake flagpole that turns into a bunch of Boos when he touches it!  Nice trap there Nintendo!

PlayableLuigi Luigicatsuit FakeFlagpole

Above: There was a flagpole in the last screen.  Not any more.

Following Luigi is Peach, who also gets some footage showing her exploring levels.  Like this ruin style place with tilting platforms and spiky rollers…

PlayablePeach GiantPiranhaPlantCave CliffLevelPeachCatSuit

This giant cave with a huge Piranha Plant snake like creature (that can be pushed back with fireballs)…

And this cliff style level with giant bells and Cat Peach running around!  It’s… not quite as interesting as the levels Mario and Luigi explored, but it’s nice to see regardless.

Finally there’s Toad and some more levels.  The first one is just a bunch of narrow rails with Toad dodging those ostrict like creatures, but the second one has the playable and enemies only shown as shadows!  Yeah, it’s sort of like the Sunset levels in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and an interesting type of gimmick for a new Mario game.



Above: The most original thing in a recent Mario game.

There’s also a beach level with Toad dodging rubber ring using Goombas.  Cool.

Toad beach level

As well as a fortress style level with Cat Toad climbing Toads with his wall crawling powers!  That’s very nice.

Climb Thwomp

Above: Climbing Toads… neat.

As is this bonus where Toad collects money falling into a pit with an ominous skull symbol.  Bonus rooms are confirmed then.

Falling Money

The real interesting bit though is this Robot Boss.  It’s not Boom Boom or anything like it, but it’s a new foe with an interesting attack method.  No, I’m not kidding there, instead of jumping on his head three times, you have to knock him into a pipe to shrink him down and then attack him while he’s small!  So the Mario boss cliches are finally coming to an end with 3D World…

robotboss shrunkenrobot

Above: A new boss with an interesting gimmick/strategy. Finally!

And Bowser’s got a new car, of the incredibly badass style!  Yeah, I can see this one ending up in Mario Kart sometime soon, just look at it…

Bowser Car

Bowser shows off too.  Got to love the guy and his showboating.

Bowser Badass Car

Finally, it all ends.  With a nice red screen, a logo… and a very nice ‘meow’ at the end to remind you of the cat theme.  So that’s the new trailer.

What do I think of it?

Brilliant.  Just brilliant.  It’s a fantastic trailer that shows off lots of great elements of this great upcoming game.  Definitely made me more optimistic for it after the disappointing 3D World reveal.

What do you think of this new trailer?


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