So about that Smash Bros Presentation

Yeah, that was something.  Well, it was different, I’ll give it that.

But as a final presentation?  As a way to wrap up the DLC that this game has been getting?  As a final answer to the much hyped Super Smash Bros character ballot?

What an utter joke.

First of all, we get a Fire Emblem character that literally no one gives a toss about.  Harsh?  Yeah sure, but Fire Emblem Fates isn’t even out in regions other than Japan, and this is literally the fifth Fire Emblem character in the game.  For comparison, that’s about as many characters as Mario and Pokemon got, and more than were afforded to Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid and numerous other series that are a thousand times more popular in general.

Above: There is no way in hell Corrin is more worthy than about a million other possible newcomers.

If anything has proved that Super Smash Bros is now ‘whatever random thing Sakurai likes bros’, then this is it.  A game which isn’t even out, from a niche series with a small fanbase gets a character in a crossover that’s passed over hundreds or even thousands of potential characters with more history, more iconic status or from a series which actually sells worth a damn.  Another anime style swordsman in Smash?  Screw it, we’re out.

But dramatic exit aside, what was next?

Well, for anyone who likes WarioWare, Splatoon or Super Mario RPG… proof positive that their favourite characters weren’t getting into this game as playable.

And then, we got Bayonetta confirmed as the last playable character.  Not one additional character out of a couple (since she may have gotten a certain number of votes and popularity), but the last one period.  Based on a rather questionable statement that she ‘was in the top five characters in each region worldwide’, with the comment that others weren’t ‘legally viable’ or something.

Above: No, makes no sense to us either.

Err… what?

Can someone provide an actual source for these stats?  Like, a spreadsheet showing ballot votes?

Because from what I’ve seen, the demand for Bayonetta was nowhere near high enough to justify this.  The polls don’t show her in the top five, at least the ones I’ve seen on Reddit and other such sites.  The games themselves aren’t the best sellers (the original sold a decent 1.3 million, the sequel less than a million worldwide), and the hype for the character was not there on any forum or social media I’ve visited or been active on.

So where are these phantom votes coming from?  Is there one really bored person out there who is like, the biggest ever Bayonetta fan and has gotten a botnet to spam votes for weeks on end?  Is there a secret cabal of die hard Bayonetta fans that number in the millions but don’t post on the internet for some reason?  Did the Smash Bros poll not allow votes from half the population cause of a technical fault and Nintendo didn’t bother to tell us?

And what of the campaigns?  Are you really saying all that hype for Shovel Knight, Shantae, Banjo-Kazooie, etc didn’t do anything, despite tons of Twitter users seeing and liking and retweeting the campaign material?

Legal issues?  Is there some legal issue with all the popular characters that stops them being chosen?  I doubt it.

Sorry, but this presentation and its reveals don’t make any sense, and go completely against all reasonable evidence to the contrary.  Unless we get a full break down of every single vote cast for the ballot and how the results were calculated, we will not be buying another Smash Bros game, ever.  Not until Sakurai simply steps away from development and leaves the game to people who listen their audience rather than go based on personal whims and ‘friendships’ with random developers.


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