Slenderman was meant to be in Luigi’s Mansion?

Okay, it’s not quite the same character from those creepy internet based short stories, but according to a site dealing in Luigi’s Mansion beta content, a strange boss that looked like a cross between him and the Hell Valley trees from Super Mario Galaxy was once intended to be a boss you had to face.  Here’s a video to creep everyone out:

Apparently it was meant to grab Luigi and try to choke him, sort of like those grabber ghosts found elsewhere in the game.  Or if you want a more disturbing comparison, like the Redeads and Dead Hand from the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

But fortunately, the boss was cut long before they got round to finishing the graphics, hence no textures exist to make it look creepier than a pure white shadow being.  Still, it’s a pretty disturbing looking monster for such a light hearted survival horror game, and it bears more than a slight resemblance to those creepy figures in Super Mario Galaxy:

Creepy figures  

 Above: An uncanny family resemblance?

However, this wasn’t the only interesting cut boss from the game.  Not only was there those hunter and chef ghosts mentioned in earlier articles, but apparently Mario himself might have been an enemy at one point…

Yes, you read that right.  There’s apparently an interesting model of Mario himself located in the game, complete with animations for biting, walking and breathing.  Not to mention signs that he was meant to hold the Poltergust or something similar.  Here’s a picture of the model:

Above: Thanks to Catley from a certain Luigi’s Mansion site for finding it

There are a ton of different possibilities about what could have caused Mario to attack Luigi as a boss, and none of seem particularly pleasant.  Perhaps failing to save him in time would cause Mario to end up a zombie and fight Luigi as the final boss before the bad ending?  Or maybe a ghostly apparition of him was used as a trap, so when Luigi went up to save him the decoy revealed itself as a fake and attacked.  Either way, it’s both interesting and incredibly disturbing.

So there you have it.  Some type of monster potential inspired by the Slenderman thing may have been intended as a boss in Luigi’s Mansion, and Mario was at one point likely to be an enemy Luigi might have to fight in a boss battle.  It should be kind of obvious why both were cut from the game (can you imagine a kid’s reaction when they saw Mario attack Luigi?), and I suspect Nintendo aren’t going to revisit these guys in any future Mario games simply due to the age rating stuff alone.  But darn, Luigi’s Mansion was going to be one hell of a creepy game at one point in time…



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8 years ago

The video is private, so i cannot see it.

8 years ago
Reply to  CM30

do you remember his username?
you can ask him to list me

8 years ago
Reply to  Robert

or he can give me the AR codes

chris stotz
chris stotz
8 years ago

Why’s it private? This sucks!