Should New Super Mario Bros 2 have been delayed until 2013?

New Super Mario Bros 2 was, despite all criticism about the lack of originality, a decent game.  But am I the only one who thinks the title should be delayed until at least 2013 while Nintendo improved the game?

Because let’s be honest, it was clear from the start the title was at best a second string project handed over to junior developers and without a lot of ambition in it, and I’m wondering whether Nintendo should have instead delayed the game while the team worked on New Super Mario Bros U instead.  Not only would this have significantly helped New Super Mario Bros U (all focus could be on the one title and what original ideas NSMB did have for levels could be merged into that one), but I think it would have really helped New Super Mario Bros 2 itself in the long run.

Heck, imagine how much the better the title would have been if a significant amount of new resources were actually made for it and if all the soundtrack had been original.  I mean, what’s there is actually pretty good music, like the Reznor battle remix, the credits theme and the secret world themes:

But it’s disappointing what themes are the same. Did we really need the same final boss music despite how it’s been original in every game in the series (New Super Mario Bros U included)?  Or the same world map music?  Or the same general athletic theme that’s been around for donkey’s years now?

I suspect the only reason so much of the music was the same was because the ‘real’ team was working on the Wii U game and didn’t have much time to compose music for what was basically a hastily assembled side project.  If the game was delayed, maybe a significant amount more care could have been put into the soundtrack.

Additionally, the lack of new enemies and gimmicks probably comes from a less experienced staff trying to make do with what they have and only being able to add a few (mostly minor) additions.  Heck, look at the New Super Mario Bros 2 bosses, then look at the ones in New Super Mario Bros U.  You should be able to instantly tell which ones had more thought and effort put into them, and which ones was likely coded by amateurs.

And the other additional enemies weren’t too good either, at least from a technical viewpoint.  Dry Piranha Plants and Zombie Goombas?  Oh, a real difference from the original monsters (the latter especially act completely identical to normal Goombas bar graphics).  You could seriously make both of these in about ten minutes using Super Mario Bros X or Lunar Magic.

Wow, the most original enemy idea ever!

As for Boohemoth, he’s impressive graphically, but I suspect he wasn’t that difficult to make or add to the game.  Really, he’s probably just a moving layer designed to move when Mario faces away and stop when Mario faces him.

But if the game was delayed, a lot more interesting things could have been added and the game could be redesigned to take far more advantage of the 3DS’s capabilities.  The graphics could easily be much better (not New Super Mario Bros U quality, but a good bit more interesting than they are now), the soundtrack could have been mostly new and all kinds of interesting new enemies could have been made for the title (maybe Nabbit, Dragoneels and Flying Squirrels could have been in New Super Mario Bros 2 as well?).  The bosses could have been made a bit challenging, the level design more creative in some areas and things like the coin collecting and Gold Mario could actually have been used to their full potential.  Maybe even Wario as an unlockable character for reaching a million coins like some people wanted?

Fake, but darn Wario should have been an unlockable character in the game.

And not to mention, people would have probably been far more interested in the game.  As it is at the moment, the way the two NSMB games were released just months apart has meant people are suspicious Nintendo is milking the franchise.  But if the 3DS game had came next year with a lot more new and original content?  Then I suspect people would be far more positive towards it.

But I guess the business people at Nintendo panicked that no big selling 3DS games were ready by the Christmas season and demanded a new 2D Mario game be made.  Pretty unfortunate really, since it meant New Super Mario Bros 2 ended up as a game with an absolute ton of wasted potential.

Raccoon Mario + 2D Mario game on 3DS?  Oh how exciting it seemed at first…

Do you think New Super Mario Bros 2 should have been delayed until 2013 so Nintendo could spend more time working on it and add more original ideas and resources?  And that it might have been better if games like Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon had came out this year instead?


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