Seven Games Nintendo should have shown at E3

Let’s face it, unless you were either a die hard fan of New Super Mario Bros or Pikmin, Nintendo’s E3 presentation this year wasn’t exactly the most interesting one ever held. Lots of games we already knew about, a whole bunch of tech related info about the Wii U and ending on the subject of Nintendo Land have already caused quite a few people to become disappointed in Nintendo and the follow up 3DS video didn’t help matters either.

So here’s what they should have shown at E3. There are multiple sections actually, one about the games which Nintendo did announce information on (but withheld that info from E3), and another about the types of games Nintendo arguably should have announced or shown in order to gain more of an audience and to impress people this year. Oh, and some games which were announced/shown ages back but seem to have vanished off the face of the planet a while back and hence should have been shown at E3.

Part 1: Games that should have been shown in the event but were posted about online

1. Fire Emblem Awakening

Reggie confirmed the game was coming to the US in the near future, but this whole major announcement was literally confined to an off hand post on the official Nintendo of America Twitter account.

It’s understandable given the focus on Wii U that the game probably wouldn’t be shown off during the main event, but there wasn’t even any coverage of it on Nintendo’s E3 site or in the 3DS video they released the day afterwards.

Why? Surely more people would have cared about the localisation of an actual popular game that a bunch of crappy movie tie ins and licensed games nobody gave a damn about. Pity Nintendo seemingly thought otherwise.

2. Game and Wario

It’s a WarioWare spinoff for the Wii U (with the same characters and settings but only about ten longer games). But depressingly, the game didn’t get mentioned at all during the conference and was just shoved on their website sometime later that evening, to the point the quickest way to find out about the game was through Nintendo’s official press kit for it.

Heck, I’d say this game could potentially be an even better Wii U showcase than Nintendo Land is, so I have to wonder at Nintendo’s logic for not showing it off at E3 this year.

Part 2: Games which should have been announced/shown

3. Any Legend of Zelda game (not necessarily for Wii U)

Now I know people say how there wasn’t enough time to make a Wii U Zelda game prior to E3 and I guess that is true, but it doesn’t really explain the complete lack of any Zelda games being shown at all. No new handheld game in either the style of the Oracle series, Minish Cap or the DS titles? No 3DS Zelda game period?

Heck, even a Majora’s Mask remake in the style of Ocarina of Time 3D would have been something. And given that every Zelda game in history has had a positive reaction at E3, you’d think Nintendo would have clocked onto this by now. Remember when this was shown off?

You don’t even need to have some new big budget home console Zelda game either. Ocarina of Time 3D’s trailer was hardly seen as unimpressive, and that was merely a port/remake of an existing Zelda game to the 3DS:

Just showing footage of a new Zelda game would have won E3 hands down. Heck, showing screenshots probably would have impressed people enough to have them declare this year’s E3 as the ‘best yet’. Oh wait, even showing a single piece of artwork and making mention of the theme of the next Zelda game would have caused people to worship Nintendo forever (see what happened with just that one piece of Skyward Sword artwork)

Nintendo really should have at least announced a new Zelda game at this year’s E3.

4. Retro Studio’s New Project

True, there’s supposedly not enough of it to show, but did we really need to see a video or screenshots?

No. Just something like ‘Retro Studios are reviving Star Fox with a new game’ would have been enough to get people’s interest in the game up to frenzy levels.

Besides, with quite a few years to work on this mystery project, you’d at least think Retro Studios would have some concept art to show for it, right? If this mysterious game was announced and maybe shown at E3 2012, the reaction to Nintendo’s show would have been a hell of a lot better than what it is now.

5. A 3D Mario game of some kind

Sure, 2D Mario games are great and New Super Mario Bros U looks fantastic, but it’s the 3D ones that really win over the crowds at E3 with their orchestrated music, fancy graphics and ‘unique’ premise that excites in the same way a new Legend of Zelda title does. Remember the reaction when this was shown at E3?

Or this trailer at E3 2009?

Combine that with the Wii U and its HD graphics and PS3 level technology, and you’d think a 3D Mario game would be a fantastic showcase for all the things the console could do. And it’s been at least seven months since Mario 3D Land, which when added to the fact the game was pretty much done before release meant that Nintendo Tokyo have had some time to work on a new game, right?

Part 3: Games which seemed to vanished without a trace

6. Animal Crossing 3D

Just what has happened to this game? Announced before the likes of Luigi’s Mansion 2 and New Super Mario Bros 2, it still doesn’t seem to have a release date set for it! E3 would have been the perfect time to reassure fans of the Animal Crossing series that the much wanted 3DS sequel was still coming soon and to show a bunch more screenshots as well, but for whatever reason Nintendo didn’t.

What a baffling decision.

7. Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (or maybe Vs Ace Attorney)

Another two games which seemed to vanished without a trace recently. Now I think the first of them is actually out in Japan, but the crossover game hasn’t even come out over there yet, and I think news of both of them has generally stopped. In the US, neither even has a release date yet!

Again, these seem like two games you’d think would be previewed at E3 and given a proper release date, but weren’t.

So those are seven games Nintendo probably should have shown at this year’s E3, what others did I miss? Heck, are there any people who for some reason think Nintendo’s presentation showed off all the right games and have logical reasons for not wanting to see the above?

Post your thoughts below!


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