Eight Awesome Nintendo Music Covers You Need to Listen To

When it comes to great covers of Nintendo songs, there are plenty to choose from.  Indeed, with such projects as Zelda Reorchestrated, OC Remix and Pokemon Reorchestrated out there making covers of entire soundtracks, you could probably find a ton to listen to from those sources alone.

But here are some… slightly more obscure (but still fantastic) Nintendo music covers.  The kind on Youtube that don’t ever seem to get enough views for their quality and that arguably deserve the attention more than the big names ever will.  Here are eight awesome Nintendo music covers that any of you fans just have to listen to!

8. Mario & Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story Final Boss; Orchestral Remix

Now, there have been many, many covers of the fantastic final boss theme from this game.  Like, 8 bit ones, 16 bit ones, rock ones, techno ones… you name a music style and someone has probably redone this theme in that style.

But here is possibly the best of them.  Behold, the epic orchestral remix of Bowser’s Inside Story’s final boss theme:

Yes, it’s loud as hell.  Your ears could well be blasted clean off the side of your head if you play this at maximum volume.  But either way, it is epic.  Just the perfect thing for a grandiose final boss showdown, regardless of the game.

7. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Soundtrack; Orchestrated

Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga is already a game with a phenomenal soundtrack.  But do you know what would make it even better?

If the whole thing was redone in an orchestral style using decent instruments.  And what do you know, there’s actually someone on Youtube who’s doing just that!  Behold Bryan Hermus’ fantastic covers of the Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga soundtrack.  Including Stardust Fields:

The main battle theme (as you’d expect):

And the main boss theme, which sounds even better with updated instruments:

You can keep track on his progress on his Youtube channel, as linked here:

Bryan Hermus (Purple 1222119)’s Youtube Channel

He’s only done four tracks so far, but hey, he’s only started this project in June 2015, so give him some slack.  Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get to hear some fantastic covers of songs like Cackletta’s theme and Bowser’s Castle too!  Or even something that makes Joke’s End actually sound cool rather than repetitive!

6. The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past; Metal Dark World Cover

Enough said to be honest:

It’s already a great song, and this metal cover of it just makes it even better than it already was.  Very well done to CSGuitar89 on Youtube for this cover!

5. Donkey Kong 64; Mad Jack Theme

The original song was already menacing as all hell.  This?

Is at least ten times more so than even that.  Seriously, if hell had a soundtrack (in the good sense), this would be it.  It’s arguably the best Donkey Kong 64 music cover ever made.

4. The Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening; Ballad of the Wind Fish Remake

It’s rare that any Nintendo song (or remix) could actually drive us to tears, but this one seems to actually come close to doing so.  Remixing the original ending song from the Game Boy classic in a way that makes it sound like a current gen title (or better), Fox Amoore’s amazing Ballad of the Wind Fish remake is one of the best Zelda music covers out there.  Brings back the sadness of seeing Koholint Island disappear like the dream it ever was.

3. Civ’s Wario Land 4 Covers

Yes, it’s a bit vague.  But someone known as Civ on Soundcloud has covered five seemingly random songs from Wario Land 4 (the title theme, Monsoon Jungle, Doodle Woods, Arabian Night and 40 Below Fridge) and made them utterly spectacular in the process.  For example, here’s his cover of Monsoon Jungle, named ‘Jungle Facility’:

It’s pretty similar to the original song (unlike a lot of so called ‘remixes’ on sites like OC Remix), but it makes it far more atmospheric at the same time.  The ambient jungle sounds in the background, what seems like rain falling, Wario’s footsteps… the theme in these covers is that they sound like the original would on a new system.  Like if the game was remade in HD for the Nintendo NX.

His Doodle Woods cover is pretty good too:

Definitely worth a listen to if you’re a Soundcloud user or a fan of the Wario series.  Nice to hear some ‘lesser known’ tunes get covered as well.

2. Wario Land 4 Crescent Moon Village; Awesome Cover

Yes, we know. There are quite a few different Wario Land tunes listed in this article and you’re probably after something a bit different now.  Well, sorry to disappoint, but this cover of the Crescent Moon Village song is just fantastic:

There are no words for how impressive this is.  I mean, the guy has done this on all those instruments and then put the results together into something that sounds like it could be in an actual movie or TV series.

And do you know what’s even better?

It’s literally both exactly like the original and different enough to be unique at the same time.  Okay, that probably sounds a bit confusing, but hear us out.  Basically, a lot of covers and remixes either:

A: Sound nothing like the original in an attempt to be all ‘different’ and ‘original’ (like every remix of Bowser’s Road ever made)

B: Sound pretty much identical to the original with a few new instruments (some of the earlier items on this list)

This one on the other hands, hits the perfect sweet spot between those two extremes.  It’s recognisable as the Crescent Moon Village theme, and sounds like you’d expect in some sense, but then is done differently enough that it still somehow feels like a new song at the same time.  A fantastic cover and remix, and one that is probably better than a lot of what’s on OC Remix and the likes nowadays.

1. Shady Cicada’s Rock Remixes

And finally, at the top of the list, we have this guy.  If you don’t know him, Shady Cicada is a Youtube musician that basically covers tons of video game songs in rock style.

Like much of the Mario & Luigi series soundtrack:

Or Fire Emblem music (like Together We Ride):

Or the Gourmet Race theme from the Kirby series:

Or the Snowmad’s theme from Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze:

This guy covers TONS of Nintendo songs.  And they’re all done really, really well to boot.  Oh, and he’s impressively quick at covering songs from the newest games too.

Like Splatoon?  You’re covered:

And how about Mario & Luigi Paper Jam?  That game only got announced at E3, and we don’t have even have the song without sound effects yet.

Oh.  That’s already been covered:

That is some impressively fast turn around.  This guy is literally putting up covers of Nintendo songs the same week they get revealed, and doing an excellent job of it to boot.

Nintendo fans, you’d do well to subscribe to Shady Cicada’s Youtube channel and hear some of this music, because there’s a pretty good chance your favourite song has already been covered.

And so that concludes our list.  Did you like the song covers posted here?  Think they perhaps sounded even better than the original versions and in some cases could be worthy of actually appearing in a Super Smash Bros title?

Or were there any (lesser known) Nintendo music covers that we should have included instead?  Because when it comes to Nintendo music, there is a ton of fantastic stuff you can find on sites like Youtube nowadays!


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5 years ago

Hello retro rulers! I would like to recommend Vomitron and the metalized Nintendo video game soundtracks he covers on his album, No NES for the Wicked and soon-to-be released follow up album, NESessary Evil. Between both albums fifteen classic NES soundtracks are covered totaling over two hours of superbly arranged, performed, and produced versions of the music. I have included the links to both album samplers.
No NES for the Wicked – album sampler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnbVg6lFRfo
NESessary Evil – album sampler: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYp7kmeDp2A
Please spread the word if you like! Thanks so much.