Revisit Isle Delfino in this Awesome Super Mario Sunshine Remake!

Known as Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS, it’s a ROM hack of Super Mario 64 DS that remakes Super Mario Sunshine in its entirety! Here are a few great videos showing this game’s take on Super Mario Sunshine’s unique levels:

Bianco Hills

Ricco Harbour

Pinna Park

But it’s not just your standard remake. Oh sure, the level geography and stylings are the same between the original game and this DS one (which is impressive given how much weaker the Nintendo 64 is than the Gamecube), but the levels have been redone with Mario 64’s enemies and obstacles instead of Sunshine’s. Don’t like FLUDD? Well then, you’re in luck; this is Super Mario Sunshine as it’d be as a completely traditional 3D platformer without the water gun gimmicks. And the same goes for the power ups. Got to love using Vanish Luigi, Metal Wario and the Wing Cap on Isle Delfino!

What’s more interesting still though, is how the game is going to be structured. You see, most fan remakes are literally just the original game and a few extras. This one? It’ll be Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64 merged together. As in, half the game will take place on Isle Delfino and half of it will take place in the painting worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom, like in the original game. What levels will be kept and what levels will be removed? The developers don’t say.

So this is Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS. Want to try it out for yourself? Download the file via link below:

You’ll need a European ROM for Mario 64 DS, but they do also provide a tool to make one from the US or Japanese version of the game.



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7 years ago

I prefer the real Sunshine then some remade crap. The point of Fludd was to try something new but a lot of people hate on all Nintendo’s unique ideas. This is the reason why Nintendo struggles a lot. They try new ideas but nobody wants to try them they want the same thing over and over again. So I do not like this hack just play the normal game.