Random Article Time: Some Miscellaneous 2013-2014 Nintendo Predictions

None of these are to do with E3 or anything, since I’ve already written a decent article about my predictions here.  But here are some other predictions I have for Nintendo in the next few years, based on games we know exist and that aren’t as interesting as the new Super Smash Bros or 3D Mario.

Prediction 1: Game & Wario will get a bit more promotion than usual

Okay, ‘more promotion than usual’ in the case of a Wario title means ‘will actually be marketed for once’ given its track record, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo went a bit further in this case.

For one thing, this is pretty much their big June Wii U ‘hit’, or at least their only major game for the system this month.  They know as well as we do that if the game doesn’t sell, then the Wii U’s basically dead in the water in June.

Game and Wario Banner

Above: Nintendo will promote Game & Wario a lot simply because it’s all they can promote Wii U wise.

They also want to market this thing for a bunch of other reasons. Like overcoming potentially ‘mediocre’ critical reception, beating the low sales of the game in Japan and generally to prove their committment towards the game wasn’t entirely misplaced.

Regardless of the reasons, I think they’ll come up with a few more ‘high profile’ marketing tricks for it.  Maybe a few TV ads in the different regions to get the name out, perhaps a launch event at Nintendo World Store (which admittedly happens to nearly every major Nintendo game in history now) and even more promotion of the game via Nintendo Direct events and online trailers.  Game & Wario needs to sell, and Nintendo will likely do all they can to make that happen.

Prediction 2: Nabbit will be in Mario Kart U


Above: Nabbit seems likely as a playable character in the Wii U Mario Kart game.

Well come on people, he’s now a playable character in what’s basically a major new 2D Mario game.  He’s basically Nintendo’s ‘important’ new Mario character/enemy for the Wii U era.

Still a bit unbelievable?  Well keep in mind both Petey Piranha and King Boo were far less important when they made were playable in Mario Kart Double Dash, and Rosalina had only one appearance before Mario Kart Wii.  And neither of those we even PLAYABLE prior to their appearance.

I’m going to bet quite firmly that we’ll see him in Mario Kart U later this year.  I also suspect that we’ll see Professor E Gadd, King Boo (again) and possibly someone from another recent Mario game.  Perhaps a new ghost from Dark Moon.

Prediction 3: Petey Piranha and other Gamecube Era Mario Characters wil return soon

Well, just look at the evidence.  All the well-known Gamecube era Mario characters seem to be returning after being ‘phased out’ of the series for a while.

Petey Piranha

Professor E Gadd?  Gone for years, then returned with Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.

Toadsworth?  Gone for years, returns as a side character in Mario & Luigi Dream Team.

Bowser Jr?  Not present in Mario 3D Land or New Super Mario Bros 2, returns in New Super Mario Bros U.

Which leaves us with who exactly?  Not King Boo, he’s been in at least one Mario game a year for a while now.  Piantas/Nokis?  Still been in Mario games recently.  The only one I can truly say has been less visible was Petey Piranha.

And so I wouldn’t be too surprised if he was the next major Mario game character to be brought back in a Wii U or 3DS title.  Perhaps the likes of Rosalina or Kamek or someone will get ‘rotated out’ for a few years to stop fans getting sick of them.  Oh wait, likely not Kamek, Yoshi’s Island 3 is a thing.

Prediction 4: The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD will have new dungeons/content

Next up, a non Mario prediction (at last)!  For this one, I predict that the Legend of Zelda The Win Waker HD will have new dungeons and other content.

So, why is this? After all, Ocarina of Time didn’t for it’s 3DS remake…

Well that’s a few major reasons I believe this, as well as that make The Wind Waker’s situation different to Ocarina of Time’s.

For one thing, Ocarina of Time wasn’t blatantly in need of new content.  Master Quest?  Was already implemented in the Gamecube bonus disc edition.  Cut content?  Was mostly irrelevant, with the game not having a whole ton of areas where it was blatantly visible. There was no pressing need to change much.

But The Wind Waker is different.  The content that’s been cut… is damn obvious to anyone who plays it.  For instance, people back in the Gamecube days realised that third pearl was pretty much tossed at them by Jabun due to the complete lack of a dungeon to go with it.  And that the triforce quest was very suspiciously like a thrown together replacement for a final sage and temple that never quite panned out.  Maybe even two of them.


The content is just so blatantly cut out, the game so blatantly incomplete that I think it’s a lot more likely Nintendo will try to fix this with the remake.  After all, the only issue the original had was the Water Temple being confusing/annoying, and they fixed that. The cut dungeons are The Wind Waker’s water temple moment so to speak, something even the creators likely regret.

The other major reason is simple; Nintendo are apparently advertising the hell out of the game.  They’ve put up banners and posters at major events showing it….

They’re supposedly featuring it at Best Buy’s Wii U experience booths or whatever.

And generally, they’re doing more to promote it than you’d expect for a plain remake or HD revamp.  This suggests to me that Nintendo is planning something important and wants to give people the chance to experience it to see for themselves.  Perhaps the demos will be configured to show off some of the new content or areas.

So I predict we’ll see major changes in the Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD, with the addition of the previously cut dungeons being among them.

Prediction 5: Super Smash Bros 4 will be released in 2014

I know, sounds utterly insane doesn’t it?  Well not really.  You see, Nintendo seems to be rushing Smash Bros 4 along at a lightning pace at the moment (what with the confirmed trailer coming in 4 days, the huge team of people hired from Namco and other companies and generally how much hype the game’s getting at the moment).  And to be honest, I think I know why.

Super Smash Bros 4 is going to be the game that sells the Wii U.

Period.  Look at the polls.  Every time someone’s ever asked ‘what game will make you buy a Wii U’, Super Smash Bros 4 is right at the top of the list.  It’s pretty much the one game people want a Wii U for.  But the Wii U itself isn’t exactly doing great at the moment, and so Nintendo wants this game out as soon as possible to combat this.  2015?  2016?  Way too late, the console’s momentum might have died down by then (assuming it gets started with 3D Mario, Mario Kart and another title in late 2013)  They need it in 2014 just to keep the system going.

Still, with that said… why not 2013?  Because it’s a bit early.  Super Smash Bros takes time to develop, even more so now you’ve got HD graphics and orchestrated music to focus on.  And hey, 3D Mario, Pokemon X/Y + Mario Kart have basically got this year wrapped up for Nintendo.

So Super Smash Bros 4 in 2014.  I’d bet money on that.

And so those are some more predictions I have for Nintendo games and things in 2013 and 2014.  Are they accurate?  Hard to tell, but each and every one of them is based on either Nintendo’s current or past behaviour or various facts related to the situation, so I suspect I’ll turn out to be more accurate than any so-called ‘insider’ or ‘prophet’ ever will as a result.

What do you think of my miscellaneous Nintendo predictions?


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7 years ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if Smash Bros. 3DS came out end of this year and the Wii U version came end Q1 or early Q2 next year.