Pokemon X and Y; What I Want to See

I may have already posted about what I expect to see in Pokemon X and Y, but now I think it’d be interesting for me to say what I want.  So here’s some things I want to see in Pokemon X and Y and that I think would make the games significantly better if they were implemented.

1. Make the most of 3D, overhaul the mechanics

Well, here’s the main thing I want.  As you all know, Pokemon X and Y are being completely redone so the basic gameplay is in 3D (complete with a ‘behind the character’s back’ camera angle common in 3D Mario and Zelda titles) and more action adventure style elements like rope swinging, as well as a revamped battle system which is far more dynamic and interesting than the old one.


But I hope Nintendo goes a bit further here.  I don’t want the main adventure to be just like the original games in structure but 3D, but for it to actually be more interesting in how the world works.  So for example, I’d want buildings to be actually be scaled in real 3D rather than the top down or mostly top down view from the older games, like how you travel up Ganon’s Tower in the Zelda series:

Ganons Tower


Of course, the view would probably show more of the screen and less of the main character, Pokemon X and Y seems to have the camera zoomed out more than the likes of the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D, but I’d want a generally similar style and viewpoint for when inside buildings.

I’d also like the world to not be particularly flat, with actual differences in elevation, the ledges you can jump down from being higher and generally a more logical structure to it.  Hopefully that means the world feels like more than a flat board with objects pasted on it.

They should also try and modernise Pokemon’s walking system too, the whole four directions thing is ridiculously limited in this day and age and just wouldn’t really make any sense for a game in full 3D.  And no, that wouldn’t screw up the whole random encounters thing, the only thing the game really needs to know is whether your character is touching a grass or water tile or is inside a building or cave and to randomly generate a relevant Pokemon based on that.  Being able to walk or run in more directions should have zero effect on how that kind of stuff is likely calculated.

Here’s hoping the change to 3D in these games is more than a minor aesthetic one.

2. More differences between versions

Like how Black and White did things like changed towns and gym leaders and had game specific areas only accessible in one or the other.  Or how Ruby and Sapphire had a different villain team for each version with the others being on your side.

I think that’d be a great thing to see return in these games, and I hope the shift to 3D doesn’t make it too difficult and time consuming to implement.

3. No Psychic or Dragon legendaries

They really are getting overdone now.  Having Latias, Latios and Rayquaza was fine, but did we really need to go and then make all three main legendaries in generation 4 dragon types? Then have all three main ones from gen 5 be dragons as well?

Legendary Dragons


Above: Every Pokemon above is a Legendary Dragon type.  Overkill maybe.

Same with Psychic types.  Mew and Mewtwo was fine, but do we really need to have Lugia (why is this thing Psychic again?), Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Latias and Latios, all three lake guardians, Cresselia, Victini and Meloetta being Psychic too?

Legendary Psychic

Above: Every Pokemon shown above is a Legendary Psychic type.  Overkill much?

Heck, we just need more variety in Legendary Pokemon types in general.  Why is there only one legendary Bug type Pokemon in the entire franchise (Genesect)?  How about the general rarity of Fighting type legendaries prior to gen 5?  Or even how remarkably common it seems the Fire and Ice types are among them?

Here’s hoping that Xerneas and Yveltal aren’t either Psychic or Dragon, and that the legendary Pokemon in generation 6 are a far wider range of types than those in prior generations.

4. Less Complex means of getting and evolving Pokemon

Because to be perfectly honest, how the hell are people supposed to figure out some of this stuff without a freaking strategy guide?

Gen 3 was where this started getting stupid, with the Regis unlocked by going to a certain place with two Pokemon in specific spots in the party and reading a sign, but it’s just got ridiculous in recent years.

Like how about evolving Piloswine? You need to reteach it a move it’s already forgotten before you can get it!  How the hell is anyone supposed to realise that?  Or that to get Leafeon and Glaceon, you need to level up Eevee in a specific part of the world near a certain rock formation?

Or how to evolve Nosepass and Magneton, you have to level them up in Mount Coronet, which is supposedly magnetic despite a complete lack of in game information telling you this?

Hell, even the dreaded Milotic evolution method is pretty bad.  Not only do you have to find its pre evolved form Feebas in a very specific water tile determined by a phrase trending elsewhere, but also evolve it by maxing out its beauty stat by Poffins and Pokeblocks.

I honestly think the new methods of evolving certain Pokemon are just getting ridiculous and are way too obtuse for anyone but geniuses and the extremely lucky to figure out.  Hopefully Pokemon X and Y have less of this stuff and just make all Pokemon obtainable in logical ways that can be figured out without looking up the answer online.

5. Less events and legendaries in general

Because if there’s another big shift in the series that’s kind of changed it too much, it’s that almost all focus has been moved to the Legendary Pokemon and they seem to be far, far more common than they ever were before.

Remember how back in generation 1 there was just one ultra powerful one, three birds and an event only Pokemon?  And how they were generally not the most important things in the story?  Yeah.

And then how in every game since it seems like that number went up and up?  Because honestly, now it seems like it’s getting a bit ridiculous.  Heck, we even seem to get multiple legendary trios now and various additions off on random sidepaths that have no real connection to anything (Regigas and Heatran being really good examples).

So I hope these games tone it down a bit and stick to a more standard pattern of three main Legendary Pokemon, one or two event ones, one trio and maybe one or two additional ones. Maybe make them less important to the storyline too, not everything has to revolve around a few Pokemon featured on the cover.

Well, those are the things I want to see in Pokemon X and Y.  Are they reasonable things to want in generation 6?  Or are any of them things Game Freak is unlikely to change any time soon for whatever reason?


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8 years ago

Stupid retard genesect is a mythical and so is victini and melloeta hetran is not either of them so get a guide there all over the internet or if you want to buy one i don’t really care by the way on pokemon knowledge from a scale of 1-10 you would be at -1000000 retard

8 years ago

Stupid retard genesect is a mythical and so is victini and melloeta hetran is not either of them so get a guide there all over the internet or if you want to buy one i don’t really care by the way on pokemon knowledge from a scale of 1-10 you would be at -1000000 retard