Pokemon Sun and Moon; Predictions

Wait, the new trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon has barely been out half a day, and you’re already making predictions? Isn’t that a bit premature?

Well yes, and no. Yes I’m making predictions, and no it’s not really that premature. After all, others were posting their predictions back when all we knew about the game was the logo and a few bits of concept art. At least this article is being posted after an actual trailer!

Either way, I like predictions. They’re a sort of game where I try to outdo the analysts and insiders through sheer common sense. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lost, it doesn’t matter anyway. So let’s get out the trusty old crystal ball, and see what the future might hold for Pokemon Sun and Moon!

Prediction 1: There will be more new Pokemon

So let’s start with an obvious one, shall we?

Basically, I predict that Pokemon Sun and Moon will have a lot more new Pokemon species than X and Y. The reason?

Because the team doesn’t need to spend as long remaking old content. Indeed, why did X and Y get so little new Pokemon? Because the series was moving to 3D for the first time, and that necessitated remaking everything single model of every single older Pokemon. So as well as just repeating the existing Pokedex, they needed to remake all the region specific forms, as well as the numerous Unown and legendary Pokemon variations.


Above: All that for a Pokemon gimmick no one cares about.

In addition to this, they then had to remake all the people and items too. So all those Poke Balls needed a new design, all the trainers needed new models, all the recurring building designs needed updating… it was a lot of work for a new game, especially when said game had a release date set in stone.

But that’s all done now. The trainer classes can be mostly reused from X and Y (who cares the Cooltrainers look slightly old fashioned now?), the minor formes can be brought from the last generation without too many complaints (oh no, Unown ? looks worse than the new Pokemon!) and the old Pokedex is all done and set. The result? Plenty of time to spend on new Pokemon species rather than updated reskins of the old ones!

As a result, I’m predicting we’ll get at least 100 new Pokemon species in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Prediction 2: The region with involve multiple islands

Well yeah, a pretty obvious prediction this one. The pictures we’ve seen of the Alola region show a fairly small landmass with closely grouped together landmarks. Like the one below:


Above: This can’t be all of it, right?

As a result, it seems almost inevitable that the game will not be restricted to this tiny area. Instead, I foresee extra islands to the North, West and South of the map, which might end up being the location of further gyms, towns, sidequests and legendary Pokemon.

To support this prediction, note the small blue building in the bottom centre. Looks a lot like a dock of some kind, doesn’t it? What’s more, you can see a boat inside said building too.

So I predict this will be how you initially travel to the nearby islands, until a point later in the game when Surf becomes available as a HM and you can travel the seas at your leisure.

Prediction 3: The villains will try to make day or night eternal

Because hey, most villains tend to base their plans around the cover legendaries for a generation. For example, Team Magma wanted to expand the land and Aqua expand the ocean. Team Galactic wanted to remake the universe in their own image, and Team Flare wanted to use Xerneas/Yveltal to power the Ultimate Weapon and either make themselves immortal or destroy all life in Kalos.

Hence based on that logic (and Sun/Moon’s legendaries representing the sun and moon), I’m going to guess the evil plan involves time. Maybe the team wants to use Solgaleo to constantly force the world into an endless day, as part of a plan to ‘stop’ time from progressing and destroy the sleep of people and Pokemon. Or maybe they want to use Lunaala to cover the world in a dark, dreary night, to kill off plant life and bring about thousands of years of darkness.

pokemon moon legendary

pokemon sun legendary

Above: Guess what they’ll be used for…

Yes, I know they’re not the most original plots. Yes, I also know the ‘endless night’ one was done in The Powerpuff Girls. But we’re talking about games called Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon here. What do you expect the evil team is going to be up to? Harvesting Pokemon ivory, poaching rare fish and running an illegal diamond mine under the starting town?

It’s going to involve day and night in some way. Let’s leave it at that.

Prediction 4: More optional content will be included in the games

A bit like the first prediction I know. But come on, the point still stands. In generation 6, Game Freak had to spend most of their effort on remaking the content from the first five generations so it worked in 3D. As a result, it seems obvious that a lot of extra features (like the Battle Frontier, gym rematches, etc) had to be cut for time.

But again, Sun and Moon don’t have those pressures. And what’s more, they have a lot of fans annoyed at the gen 6 titles because they didn’t get a game as fully featured as they should have gotten.

So I think it’s reasonable that Game Freak will have heard our complaints and put the additional content back in. Hence for prediction 4, I’m going to guess that things like the Battle Frontier, gym rematches and optional areas will be included in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Prediction 5: We’ll soon hear about a third legendary Pokemon

Next on the list, a prediction I think is also pretty much confirmed by this point. Namely, that we’ll get a Dark or Ghost type legendary as the third member of the main gen 7 legendary trio.


Well, cast your mind back to those Pokemon Sun and Moon trademark leaks. Remember how the starter Pokemon names included there were used in Sun and Moon? Or how two of the mysterious ‘legendary’ names seem to describe Pokemon Sun’s fire lion and Pokemon Moon’s Nightmare clone down to a tee?

There was also another name included.


That sounds a lot like another legendary Pokemon if you ask me. What’s more, it sounds a lot like a third cover legendary. A sort of gen 7 equivalent to Rayquaza, Girantina, Kyurem or Zygarde.

And based on the name, it also sounds a lot like something that could be Dark or Ghost type. So I predict that when people first start playing the games, they’ll find a Pokemon called Marshadow in some far off cave or grotto that seemingly has no relevance to the storyline. I also predict that in future, it might end up getting a Mega Evolution or multiple formes like Zygarde did as well.

Prediction 6: The anime will get super rushed in the coming weeks

Does anyone still care for the Pokemon anime?

No, probably not. But it’s still going, and based on past trends, I think its storyline is now going to be rushed beyond belief.

Why? Cause a new season ALWAYS starts when the next games are released in Japan. Pokemon Sun and Moon are coming worldwide on November 18th.

The result? The series has about six months to wrap up everything and get old Ash off to Alola. Given that he doesn’t have all the badges, hasn’t reached the Pokemon League and has barely seen Team Flare yet, it seems likely that we’re going to get another Episode N esque hack job as the writers desperately try to shove Lysandre and co out the door as quickly as possible. And Zygarde? Yeah, sorry mate. You’re irrelevant now. Maybe you’ll get an episode or two near the end of the season or something.


Above: A surprisingly disappointing end for Team Plasma.

Well, that wraps up my current predictions for Pokemon Sun and Moon, as well as for how the Pokemon anime will handle their coming release date. But what do you think? Are my predictions likely to be accurate? Will these games really include at least a hundred new Pokemon or a third legendary with Dark or Ghost typing? Post your thoughts here or at the Gaming Reinvented forums today!