Pokemon 3D a new amazing fan game made by Kolben Games!

Teamwork here, sorry for not posting too often, I’ve been busy working on an important project: Pokemon 3D. Pokemon3D  is a complete remake of Pokemon Gold and Silver in full 3D with over 5000 fans!

It allows huge mod support allowing for new levels, characters, and textures to make the game more interesting. I’m actually a texture pack creator, and I’ve made the most popular texture pack on the forums!

Pokemon3D isn’t finished and still has a lot to finish, though with many fan contributions it’s making it’s way to becoming a huge fan-game. It’s only got everything up to Goldenrod City, but they release huge updates every Tuesday with new maps. Infact, I’m actually working on Ecruteak City for them, as it’s a huge map.

So your probably wondering, what does it look like, that sound really interesting! Here’s a few screenshots(BTW these are the HQ Texture pack, but it’s really similar, and it’s harder to find really good normal screenshots):

Pokemon3D Cave
Pokemon3D New Bark Town

So if your interested, go check it out! The game can be found at the official website: Pokemon3d.net

Sign up, and be apart of the amazing community. You’ll be happy you did! But make sure to keep updated with Nintendo3DSDaily, as I will try to keep you updated on Pokemon3D and other Nintendo fan games!

Thank you! 🙂


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