Nintendo in 2014; My Predictions

Well, with it being only a few days until the New Year, I think it’s only right I start posting my predictions for the coming year.  So here’s what I predict will happen with Nintendo in 2014, as based on all available evidence and reason.  What games are going to be announced?  What changes will probably be made at the company?  Read on to hear my thoughts on the matter! Games Pokemon Z/X and Y Sequels: Because the rule of thumb with third Pokemon games is that they tend to be released either one or two years after the initial versions, which likely narrows down the release of Pokemon Z to either 2014 or 2015.

And given that the 3DS needs more 2014 games likely to sell millions of copies (Super Smash Bros is the only currently known one, with Yoshi’s New Island and Kirby Triple Deluxe being only potential sellers), I wouldn’t be all too surprised if said third game in generation 6 came out in the coming year. I also think it’ll have a lot of new content, on the scale of a new/different region or new Pokemon.  Why?

Because as mentioned before, every third version has added even more content than the last, and if Black and White 2 even changed the storyline, what’s next?  And what’s more, I have a rather interesting theory about how this could all work out. How?  Time differences/travel.

Think about it. We’ve already heard of a devastating war/event in the backstory of Pokemon X and Y, one that massively changed Kalos’ history and led to a certain mysterious character wandering the region for years upon years.  And we already know that Kalos seems to have very few new species, of which many are either ghosts or fairies.

So why not tie this all together with a third version set many years BEFORE X and Y, with the explanation being that these interesting species were made extinct the first time Xerneas/Yveltal were summoned and various things happened?  They could then have it so you could use a time capsule/machine (like in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal) to bring the Pokemon to the present day games. Seems logical if you ask me.

So that’s one prediction for a 2014 game.

The Legend of Zelda U: Or at least, it’ll probably be announced in 2014, complete with a trailer.  Likely as the main ‘centerpiece’ of E3 2014. And what will it probably have? Realistic graphics, a typical high fantasy theme and a feel much like that of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, complete with the same graphics from that old E3 Wii U tech demo. So in other words, it won’t be super ‘different’ or gimmicky, and will be a more traditional game released to please fans and hopefully sell more Wii U systems (especially given how realistic Zelda games tend to do much better on a sales level).

Yoshi’s Yarn: Well hopefully we see it, the game seems to have vanished off the face of the planet in recent months.  But I’m hopeful, it seems like the kind of game we’ll see released in one of the slower months of the year, maybe around September or something (February has Tropical Freeze, April or May likely has Mario Kart, summer has Smash Bros assuming it’s not delayed).

No Mario platformer: We’ve had one in 2011, two in 2012 and one in 2013. I think 2014 looks like it’ll be a Mario platformer free year for once.

Wario 3DS: Wario Land or WarioWare on 3DS seems likely, if only because there’s absolutely nothing else that Nintendo could choose to release before it. Think about it, we’ve had two Mario platformers, both kinds of Mario RPGs, Mario Kart, Mario Party, Mario Tennis, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, new series, and we’re confirmed to be getting Kirby, Mario Golf and Yoshi’s Island near the start of the year. Wario and Metroid are pretty much the only major Nintendo franchises left for the console by now.

So I suspect there’s a chance we’ll see a Wario game soon. And there’s also a good chance that it might be a platformer for once, given that we’ve gone about four years without one and Nintendo seems so unwilling to release a WarioWare game on the system. Above: And given Virtual Boy Wario Land, we’ve already got some idea how a Wario Land 3DS might work.

Metroid: It hasn’t appeared on either 3DS or Wii U, and happens to be a major Nintendo franchise a lot of people like. So I bet one of these games is at the very least announced in 2014, even if it doesn’t get released then.

General Company Predictions

Iwata Will Leave Nintendo: He’s had a lot of chances now and is becoming a bit of a joke after the Wii U fiasco.  If Smash Bros 4, Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze can’t carry the Wii U to new heights and smash all sales records, I predict he’ll be thrown out on his ear for his past failings.

Above: What Iwata might hear on his last day.  Right before he ends up walking to the taxi.

They’ll play it more ‘safe’ in terms of ideas/games: Because if the Wii U needs good sales and fast, coming up with quirky, ‘innovative’ titles like more 3D Mario, cel shaded Zelda games, overly Japanese stuff like Pikmin and whatever else isn’t exactly something that takes priority.

Instead, I suspect we’ll see mostly games that the ‘mainstream’ will like, such as more realistic Zelda titles, more fairly simple 2D Mario platformers, etc.

Wii U’s sales will improve: Maybe not to the degree Nintendo hopes they will, but it’s blatantly obvious that they’ll significantly increase when Super Smash Bros 4 is released.  And when Mario Kart 8 is released.  When Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is released.  So while we might not see the console hit the 10+ million mark by the end of the year, I suspect the console reaching a nice 6 million to 8 million units sold could be within the realm of possibility.

Nintendo won’t release any major games on mobile phones: Sorry doomsday bringers, they’re not gonna suddenly turn around and say ‘hey, a new Mario or Zelda title is being released as an iPhone app!’.  Instead, I predict they’ll either release some Virtual Console games on there to try and make some quick cash (old NES or SNES games could be a safe bet here) or release some tie in apps like Pokedex Pro instead.

Super Smash Bros

The game won’t be delayed: Oh sure, delaying it might theoretically improve the game’s quality, but it’d also basically shoot the Wii U in the head sales wise.

The console needs this game in 2014, otherwise it’ll be another 2013 style glacially slow year for console sales. With Nintendo’s current situation, I suspect that the order will be ‘release it by the end of 2014, quality control be damned’. Nintendo do not have the time required to delay the game and ‘polish it’

A Donkey Kong Country character will be revealed in February: Who that is on the other hand, is anyone’s guess. Oh sure, Dixie Kong seems possible based on her playable role in Tropical Freeze… but then Rosalina beat Toad to being playable in Smash Bros, despite the latter appearing in the exact same game as a more ‘notable’ choice. I suspect at this rate we could even see Cranky Kong beat Dixie to the punch and end up in Smash Bros, for the sheer ‘uniqueness’ factor. And King K Rool? Still has a chance, especially given his ‘unique’ characterisations and likely playstyle. I could even see Sakurai including him just to try and cheer up those depressed about no Kremlings in Tropical Freeze. And there’s possible playable Tropical Freeze guy number 5, whose been hinted at in some interviews and could easily turn out to be Kiddy, Funky, K Rool or just about anyone else, who could then potentially beat out the other contenders.

We could also get literally all of them if Nintendo is completely desperate for characters. After all, if a big series like Mario with all its major cast got a new character in the form of Rosalina (making about five overall from that series alone), then the chances of Donkey Kong getting two new characters is hardly out of the question. Maybe even three, since we’d then have K Rool as the ‘villain’ representative, Cranky as the Scrooge McDuck expy and Dixie as the Diddy Kong clone.

At least one new Zelda character: Who? Hard to tell. But I think Rosalina’s inclusion makes the chances of Ghirahim/Midna/Yuga/whoever else slightly more likely, and they need someone to advertise the new Zelda game likely being revealed at E3 2014. Or maybe Hyrule Warriors. Or A Link Between Worlds.

King Dedede or Meta Knight: As a reveal to go with Kirby Triple Deluxe.

Probably Dedede given that one mini game has you play as him in a Gourmet Race inspired setting:

Above: King Dedede’s Drum Dash (see end of video) would go well with a Smash Bros 4 King Dedede announcement.

A New Pokemon character: Which given the Mega Evolution focus, is most likely to be either Mega Mewtwo or Mega Lucario . Probably Mewtwo given that people tend to like him more than Lucario, and given that he’s now become far more of a promoted character in the gen 6 era that Lucario ever had been prior.

Above: Mega Lucario never got this type of trailer.

Two new Mega Forms, a ton of promotions based around him, Mewtwo playing a major role in X and Y and all that other stuff makes me suspect we’ll see him revealed for the next Smash Bros game soon.

And so those are my Nintendo predictions for 2014. Will they pan out? Who knows, I only have the same information as everyone else and am purely basing them off what I consider common sense and logic (unlike most writers nowadays, who just make stuff up and say some ‘insider’ told them so). Either way, let’s just look forward to seeing what kinds of things 2014 will bring for Nintendo…


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I disagree with the realistic Zelda tech demo since that was Twilight Princess redone for HD and also I disagree with Iwata leaving Nintendo because he did make the company prosperous with the Wii and DS sales and even though he’s made some mistakes Nintendo is doing fine with him so far