Nintendo Fans Manage the Impossible; Five Things Nintendo Fans Have Done that Nintendo Couldn’t manage

When it comes to fan works based on Nintendo franchises, there are already a lot of extremely impressive ones. You’ve got full fan games and game mods with enough content and polish that they could pass as real games, you’ve got insane crossovers like Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and Super Mario Fusion Revival, and you’ve got all kinds of other neat stuff as well.  But what’s truly awesome isn’t just when a fan project is fancy, but when it actually manages to do something Nintendo themselves couldn’t manage back in the olden days.  So here are five things Nintendo fans have done which Nintendo themselves couldn’t do and didn’t think was possible.

5. Zelda Fans Manage to Make 3D Hyrule Castle Town a Reality

The URA Zelda Restoration Project may now be cancelled, but before the project was shut down and the official Youtube account deleted, the makers of it did manage to implement one very impressive concept into the engine.

They managed to make Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule Castle Town into a 3D location rather than just a pre rendered image.  As in, with all the buildings being 3D models with normal textures and the camera working like it does in normal locations.

4. Pokemon Fans Manage both 3D Worlds and MMORPGs way before Nintendo do

People have asked for 3D Pokemon games long before Pokemon X and Y, and Pokemon MMORPGs for pretty much ever.  But did you know way before Nintendo even considered any of these ideas, the fanbase has actually managed both of them?

For Pokemon MMORPGs, a lot exist.  Like this one:

Or this one:

Heck, there’s enough online you can literally find lists of them.  The fanbase is literally miles ahead of Nintendo in this respect (and they’ve also made MMORPGs for Mario, Zelda and various other major Nintendo franchises, all for free).

3D Pokemon games also exist.  Like this 3D Pokemon Gold and Silver remake you can find online:

And to think that this was done by amateurs before Pokemon X and Y.  It’s quite impressive the stuff people can do without being part of a large company and without any intention of making money from their work.

3. Super Mario World Hackers Get MP3 Music working on the SNES

Random question for you gamers out there.  What Nintendo console managed MP3 music first?  Which one was the first system that could run actual music with real instruments and vocals rather than MIDIs?

You probably think the Gamecube, right?  After all, those eight and sixteen bit systems could never manage ‘real’ music, right?  Well people thought so, and most gamers now still likely think this is the case.  Unfortunately for them, some Super Mario World game modders have managed to prove them wrong.  Cue the MSU-1 chip.

Yep, this expands the console’s audio and media technology in a way that means it can run things like external wave files complete with proper MP3 quality music.  Have a few samples, like this Super Mario RPG theme that’s actually using real voice acting on a SNES with no samples or low quality:

Or this sample that has Gamecube quality music on a 16 bit system:

Heck, someone even managed to replace a whole Super Mario World level’s worth of music with its modern equivalents.  Yes, all this is playing in game and isn’t overdubbed.

So in theory we could even have a SNES game with Super Smash Bros Brawl’s sound track complete with all the latin chanting and voice acting.  Wow, that’s certainly… different from your usual 16 bit midi tunes and low quality samples.  And anyone who sees the above and still thinks the likes of the Mega Drive can stack up to the SNES music wise is now officially 100% wrong.

2. Co-op Multiplayer is achieved for Super Mario 64

As of yet, multiplayer has never been in a 3D Mario game outside of battle modes and other miscellaney (like having player two shoot star bits or something).  It’s been deemed technically difficult, it was cut from Super Mario 64 for being hard to implement and was planned for Super Mario 64 2… you know all these stories by now.

Then we get to a good ten or so years later, and someone in the Mario fandom actually manages the impossible.  Yep, they implement working co-op multiplayer in Super Mario 64:

This is just incredible.  I already covered it before in this blog article:

But I’ll mention it again, because darn it is one of the most impressive fan made things I’ve ever seen.  Truly an example of the fans actually managing to prove Nintendo wrong and do what was long considered impossible.

P.S. It’s not the only game they added multiplayer to either, someone managed to add four player New Super Mario Bros Wii multiplayer to Super Mario World.

Above: Albeit with ponies

1. Mario Fan Manages to get Yoshi working in Super Mario Bros 3

Random fact: Yoshi was meant for Super Mario Bros 3 but couldn’t be implemented because of technical issues with such a large sprite on screen and stuff.

Now cut to about twenty years later, and someone has actually managed to do this!  Yup:

Yes, this guy has somehow managed to do something Shigeru Miyamoto himself thought was technically impossible, something Nintendo’s best inhouse programmers could never manage to pull off. Now that is seriously worthy of major kudos.

He also managed to translate Super Mario Galaxy style gravity physics to the Super Mario Bros 3 engine, so it’s not like this guy is just a one trick pony, he’s managed things many people thought would be impossible.

So there you have it, five things done by Nintendo fans that Nintendo themselves didn’t think was possible.  Were there any others I missed?  Disagree with the list?  If so, post a comment below or at the forums!


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Jessie Beck
Jessie Beck
1 year ago

StupidMarioBros1Fan managed to make Peach and Daisy playable in New Super Mario Bros. Wii.