Nintendo Doesn’t Need New Franchises, It Needs to Use Its Existing Ones

Throughout the last few years or so, many different people have talked about how Nintendo needs new IPs.  How Nintendo supposedly needs to start up a bunch of new series in order to gain new fans and not just succeed off the back of established ones like Mario, Zelda and Pokemon.

But is this truly the case?  I don’t think so, and here’s why…

Nintendo already has hundreds of franchises.  Oh sure, they could go and make a bunch of generic new series in the FPS, sandbox, sports and racing genres or something in some desperate attempt to cash in on the third party obsession with a tiny subset of the Western gaming population.  But do you know what else they could do that would really help?

Revive those series that haven’t been touched in series.  Ones that get a single game and then get unceremoniously killed off for good before they have a chance to build an audience.

Think about it.  When was the last time we got a new F-Zero game?  Donkey’s years ago on the Game Boy Advance (yes, that Japan only sequel came out after F-Zero GX did).  Star Fox?  DS era, with the 3DS one merely being a remake of the popular Lylat Wars/Star Fox 64. Heck, how about the Wario Land series/Wario platformers?  Haven’t had many of those recently, with the last big game being Wario Land Shake It on the Wii back in 2008.

But let’s not stop it there.  How about this list of Nintendo series?

We’ve got twelve pages worth of unique franchise possibilities here.  Yet how many do Nintendo actually ever seem to use on a regular basis?

Very, very few.

So perhaps instead of desperately calling for new franchises to be created from nowhere (and instantly discarded whenever it’s convenient to the company), we should be asking for Nintendo to focus more on bringing back the few hundred perfectly good series that they actually released games for in the last god knows how many years.  Because a Nintendo in which every one of these IPs got regular use wouldn’t really even need anything ‘new’ for the next decade or so.

But what do you think? Should Nintendo focus on reviving more of their old franchises instead of trying to come up with a bunch of new ones?


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6 years ago

I don’t know how it’s possible that every person on the planet realizes this except for people working at Nintendo.


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6 years ago

For those interested, this is my take on the entirety of the issue.