Nintendo 3DS System Update; What I Want

With it being a while since the last major system updates in October 2011 and July 2012, it seems like we’re just about due for another major one. But what should be put in it? Here are my suggestions and ideas…

StreetPass Quest 3

Well, there’s a StreetPass Quest 1 and 2, so why not have a sequel already? This time you could have a few more quests to play through, the usual assortment of new hats and all kinds of new tricks involving team combos and magic.

Of course, there’d need to be a bit more than that. Maybe you’d have three or four person team ups, magic that could inflict poison, sleep or frozen status or some other new thing. Maybe new magic types that work with teams of different colours, so that if a black and white Mii team up they could use shadowlight magic and if a red and blue Mii do they could use boiling water or something. Add even more strategy.

Hat wise, there needs to be some Pokemon, Donkey Kong Country, Wario and Yoshi series style hats. Maybe have the biker goggles from WarioWare as one set, along with K Rool’s pirate hat and toupee from Donkey Kong Country 2 and 3 respectively.

And there’d be all kinds of new enemies and bosses to fight based off your stereotypical medieval fantasy foes. Which ones? Not sure, we’ve got ghosts, mummies, knights, golems, reapers, slimes and random monsters, so maybe dragons and skeletons next?

But seriously, a StreetPass Quest 3 is definitely overdue, don’t you think?

New Puzzles showcasing new Nintendo games

Most obviously Pokemon, since it seems at present there are very few Pokemon related puzzles in any shape or form. Yes there are a ton of Mario ones, a couple of Kirby ones, a Zelda one and a Donkey Kong Country one, but somehow there’s no Pokemon one?

Isn’t one a little overdue by now what with Pokemon Black and White 2 being released recently?

Maybe also release ones based on Animal Crossing New Leaf, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon and other upcoming titles too.

Proper Colours and other features in SwapNote

Because at present, you can only use one colour for your messages. Wouldn’t it be more logical to be able to use a different colour for everything you write or something like that?

And imagine what great doodles people could draw if they could use a full palette of colours! It’s no Art Academy or Colors 3D, but it’d be nice to see regardless.

An In Game Screenshot Feature

Well, a significant amount of new Nintendo titles are incorporating this in (Animal Crossing New Leaf and Pullblox being some of the most notable), so why not go one step further and make it a system wide feature?

There’d be a lot of great uses for it. Screenshot LPs would be made ten times easier, reviews and walkthroughs could get hyper clear good quality screens rather than whatever blurry ones could be taken with a camera and Mario Kart time trial records could be verified by an in game picture taken of the records screen.

And hey, maybe people could take photos of their SwapNote messages and make fun of them on a blog, kind of like Not Always Right and those sites making fun of shop customers.

So that’s what I want in the next 3DS system update, and I think most other 3DS owners would appreciate the items on the list too.


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8 years ago

I would find taking screenshots a very useful feature. I would use the screenshots as references in Colors 3D. It would be much better than taking pictures with the 3DS camera of uploading pictures onto my SD card or sticking with the limited collection of pictures that came with Super Mario 3D Land. You have exactly what you want as a reference image this way. You could use the Streetpass puzzle pictures and not just look at them. The only problem is how to incorporate it as most games use most of the buttons and the touch screen.