Newsflash: 3DS Games can’t be played on a DS

Recently, there seems to have been some confusion between a 3DS and the older members of the DS family of consoles, with some buyers wrongly believing that you can buy a 3DS game and have it work on an older DS system like a DSi.

Above: I think the ‘Nintendo 3DS’ part on the box might be a hint.

This is not the case.  This is not the case because the 3DS is not just a minor upgrade to the DS like the DS Lite, DSi or DSi XL was.

No, it’s an entirely ‘new’ system with many features and gimmicks not found in older DS systems, and is meant to entirely replace the older ones.

This isn’t a new trend, it’s the standard in gaming.  The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was followed by the Super Entertainment System (SNES), both of which were entirely different consoles with different capabilities. Heck, you couldn’t even play NES games on a SNES in the same way you can buy DS games on a 3DS!

It was also the standard for handheld Nintendo consoles prior to the DS.  There was a Game Boy, a Game Boy Color and a Game Boy Advance, and while the latter consoles were backwards compatible with the former, you couldn’t play Game Boy Color games on a normal Game Boy or Game Boy Advance games on a Game Boy Color.  It’s the standard expected thing for video game consoles.


Above: Maybe we should have a giant diagonal stripe saying ‘Only for Nintendo 3DS!’ on the box…

Besides, how do you even expect a game made from a new system to work on an older one?  The 3DS isn’t just a DS with a 3D screen, it also has much more advanced graphics and technology, a gyro sensor, a circle pad and various other important changes.  If you need to see how this difference in power is important, here’s a DS game:

As you can see, the 3DS can handle games that are much more advanced and more ‘powerful’ than the DS can.  It’s pretty much the same tech/power difference as between the Nintendo 64 and the Gamecube.

So no, you can’t play a 3DS game on a DSi or any other kind of DS console, because the 3DS game requires a level of technology the standard DS can’t provide.  There is no way around this, and you certainly won’t fix it by trying to slice off part of the 3DS card until it ‘fits’.

Just buy a 3DS and play whatever games you want on that.  It handles DS games perfectly fine and also lets you play Nintendo’s latest titles.

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