New Super Mario Bros Wii Gets Fan Made Online Multiplayer?

Oh wow.  Some Wii game hackers have actually managed to make the game work over the internet, turning the game’s otherwise limited co-op multiplayer into something that could be a whole lot more useful.  Here’s a video:

Made by MrBean35000vr (maker of many, many awesome Mario Kart Wii hacks involving custom tracks) and Chadderz, the hack can also be modified or tweaked to work with any Wii game with a local multiplayer mode in order to make it playable online. Want to play through Smash Bros Brawl’s co-op modes with friends in another country? Have a Donkey Kong Country forum and want to play Returns in co-op mode with the members? Interested in seeing how Co-star mode in Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 would work with someone in a completely different part of the world?

Well, it seems like you’ll soon be able to do just that. It’s supposedly meant to be a ‘generic patching engine’ that can add online multiplayer functionality to any game with a local multiplayer mode, meaning that the Wii’s online library could theoretically double or triple in size overnight! Oh, and did I mention that this isn’t affected by the server shut down? So that this hack these people have been working on, still works without the presence of Nintendo’s wifi servers?

So yeah. This has got to be the most awesome Wii hack ever made, and it could very well revive interest in the console altogether. What do you think of this online multiplayer hack for New Super Mario Bros Wii, or the possibility of playing any local Wii multiplayer game with other people over the internet?


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6 years ago

Why do you call yourselfs 3DS Daily when you just post about ROM hacks, fan projects and Wii U games?