New Super Mario Bros U Art has Sumo Bros!

Wow, they really are bringing back the obscure Super Mario World enemies aren’t they?  First there were Thwimps and Bony Beetles, now Sumo Bros are going to be in the game too?  Apparently so, there’s new official art of them in the classic New Super Mario Bros style!

But that’s not all!  Oh no, the Koopalings have new artwork too, and boy do some of them look mean!  Look at their artwork here:

As you can see, they’ve all got individual weapons this time around!  Roy’s got the badass rocket launcher, Morton a gigantic hammer and Lemmy bombs.  And jeez, Ludwig has even set up the wand he’s holding on fire this time around!

Here’s Morton individually.  Not sure what the magic symbols mean, does that mean he’s using a magic hammer rather than a normal one? What’s the difference?

And here’s Ludwig turned pyromaniac.  Wow he looks pretty tough even in the official art.

Here’s a new enemy though, a so called ‘Mushroom Bandit’.  Is that Bowser Jr’s face mask he’s wearing?  Heck, he looks like a strange cross between Bowser Jr and a Rabbid.

Here’s a Yoshi Egg.  Just like the ones in the last few games with Yoshi in I guess.

Mini Mario posing on a block with his fist in the air.  You know, this art actually makes him look kind of cool really, especially compared to the last few pictures that just had him standing or running up on a block for scale.

Different coloured baby Yoshis.  By the way, you know what this game really needs?  Adult Red, Blue and Yellow Yoshis.  Because God it used to be awesome flying through the air on a Blue Yoshi, and how he could do it whenever he put a Koopa Shell in his mouth.

A Huckit Crab, returning from New Super Mario Bros Wii to hit plumbers with rocks once again!

Finally, here’s the full version of the New Super Mario Bros U group scene artwork shown a while back.  Notice anything interesting?  Like the diagonal pipe to the left?

Will this mean those pipe cannons from the original Super Mario World will make a comeback too?

So as you can see, there’s a whole ton more fantastic artwork of New Super Mario Bros U, and it shows all kinds of familiar faces are making their long awaited return.  Here’s hoping for Chargin’ Chucks and Fishin’ Boo to finish the set!


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