My Top Five Most Wanted 3DS Games for 2012/2013

Not that there’s currently a vast choice in regards to the games that could plausibly be on this list, but here are my five most wanted 3DS games of 2012/2013.
Usual rules apply here; the games must be confirmed to exist/be in development and the list only covers 3DS games, hence no Mario Party 9 or Wii U games.  That said and without further adue, here’s my list of most wanted 3DS games for the coming year.

1. New 2D Mario Game

Should have seen this coming right?  If there’s anything I really like, it’s a traditional Mario platformer.  3D, 2D, who cares.  If there’s a good old Mario platformer I will buy the game on day one.

Is it the series?  Maybe.  But perhaps it’s just that I really tend to like platformers.  It’s not just Mario either, I tend to buy Wario Land games day one, and now Donkey Kong Country games day one as well.

However, the fact it’s a 2D Mario platformer is the interesting part, since every recent 2D game has brought back a significant amount of stuff from the classics.  New Super Mario Bros brought back everything from the flag pole to the Bowser bridge, then New Super Mario Bros Wii introduced Yoshi, the Koopalings and new power up suits for the first time in who knows how many years!

I still remember people’s reactions when this boss was revealed.

This raises one easy question; What’s the big thing Nintendo is bringing back this time?

The Hammer Suit?  Reznor?  Chargin’ Chucks? Either way, I want them all.  I want this to be New Super Mario World.  To have an overworld like the SNES classic and bring back most of its enemies and items (at least those that haven’t already made an appearance in either the New Super Mario Bros games or Super Mario 3D Land).

There’s no better way to say it.  If you’re not excited for a new 2D Mario platformer on the 3DS, you’re not a Nintendo fan.  This is that one game that will sell the most copies of any game to be released on the system (the last two of its kind sold about 20 million copies back in the DS and Wii days) and in all practicality, the number one game of the year.

2. Paper Mario

Second on the list because while it’s not quite as exciting to me as a new main series Mario platformer is, Paper Mario is exactly the kind of game I need on 3DS right now.  This is because it’s probably going to have an absolutely enormous amount of content and hence keep me playing for at least a few weeks.

Is that a Chain Chomp as a partner?

Look back at the last two Paper Mario games and you have to admit they certainly didn’t skimp out in regards to how much stuff there was to do.  Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door had not only a lengthy eight chapter main quest with a new theme in every single one, but also the pit of 100 trials and enough side quests they had to set up a bulletin board system to document them all (the trouble centre in the right side of Rogueport).

Meanwhile, Super Paper Mario had a similar length main adventure plus TWO pits of 100 trials, more side quests and another random 100 opponent gauntlet to fight your way through.  Oh wait, and that capture card system thing…

That’s what I’m hoping for in Paper Mario 3DS and why I really want the game.  Mario 3D Land only took me about two days and Mario Kart 7 even less than that, so I really need a long adventure game just about now to keep my interest going.

Besides, the story’s probably going to be pretty funny (the writing in the series has always been fantastic and the characters entertaining), while the music and graphics are likely to be amazing (we’ve already seen a few pretty nifty screenshots already).

The areas in Paper Mario 3DS look great.

My only concern is that the sticker system and general Paper theme has gone a little too far and that Intelligent Systems have neglected some of the stuff that made the first two games so entertaining (we’ve not seen any unique partner characters yet).  But all in all, Paper Mario for 3DS seems like it’ll be one of the better games that’ll be hopefully out this year.

On the bright side, the sticker system let them bring back the Frog Suit!

3. Super Smash Bros*

Wait, Smash Bros is only third?  What kind of heresy is this? But seriously, as much as I like the Super Smash Bros series, this is a most wanted 3DS games listed.  Hence this entry only refers to the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros 4.

That’s the issue.  Super Smash Bros 4 Wii U is probably going to be one of the greatest games ever made due to its multiplayer. This is because four people sat round a TV playing local multiplayer has always been one of the best experiences in video gaming for me, and I think the Wii U version is only going to continue that trend.

Super Smash Bros 3DS on the other hand… yeah.  I don’t know a single person other than myself who owns a 3DS in real life.  That’s kind of a problem for a game series which takes about 90% of its entertainment value from the multiplayer vs modes, is it not?  Because you likely need at least one 3DS for every single person wanting to play at once.  But unless by some miracle I happen to meet about three people in real life who not only happen to own 3DS consoles but also decided to buy Super Smash Bros at about the same time, then brought both of these things with them at the same time, I’m unlikely to be able to play this game against anyone other than random strangers on the internet.

That’s what stops me from putting Smash Bros any higher on the list.  It’ll be a good game and there’ll probably be a lot of single player content (hence why I placed it above Luigi’s Mansion 2, which still seems like it could be sort of short), but it’s still likely to be dependant on the multiplayer in terms of getting the most out of the game.  Hence why both games listed as more wanted than it are lengthy single player games with lots of content that can be enjoyed by a solo player.

But I repeat, that doesn’t mean I don’t think this game will be good.  It will.  The past Smash Bros games had a ton of great characters, music, stages and modes and hopefully this one will continue that trend.  It’s just that I prefer multiplayer on home consoles to hand held ones.

4. Luigi’s Mansion 2

Seems like it’ll be fantastic game since the music is excellent and the graphics among the best of any 3DS game to date.

There’s a lot to look forward to here, especially as I adored the original game back on Gamecube.  Need proof of that?  Well once you beat the game and unlock the Hidden Mansion, the game starts keeping track of how many times you beat the game.  As far as I remember, my last record was that I’d beaten it about 20 times.  Heck, I even remember enough of the game that I can still picture the entire mansion’s layout and know the name, appearance and strategy ofhow to beat every single portrait ghosts in the game.  That’s how much I enjoyed playing this game.

And what’s there not to look forward to?  The mansions look interesting (especially the somewhat Egyptian pyramid like one with the mummy enemies), the upgraded Poltergust opens up a ton of new possibilities and the fact Toad seems to be following Luigi around in some of the screenshots implies the AI helps you in some of the mansions (sadly the possibility of co-op multiplayer seems to have been proven false some time ago)  It generally looks like a great game.

The mansions in Luigi’s Mansion 2 look interesting and full of things to do.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t rank as high as it could because I’m a tad worried about a possible lack of content.  The talk of multiple mansions is a good sign, it’s just I’m thinking they could easily be rather short ones and the game in general not too much longer than the original.  Given as it seems like a sort of mission structure in place that’s a real concern.

Now I guess it’s a bit early to tell and that I should be more forgiving of a game no one knows a whole lot about in this respect, but as I mentioned in the above descriptions of the games I want even more than this one, I can’t really afford for yet another 3DS game I buy to turn out to be really short or easy.  So I guess I’m staying cautious until I can actually play the game and judge it for myself.

Oh, and the ghost designs don’t seem very good in this one, the generic ones look rather odd and the one portrait ghost seen doesn’t seem even remotely human looking.  That takes away some of the charm already, although hopefully the rest of the game’s enemies look better.  King Boo looks good though.

The design of the boss ghost is nowhere near as good as the portrait ghosts from the original.

At least King Boo looks awesome.

5. Kid Icarus Uprising

One of the best looking 3DS games?  Definitely.

Finally there’s Kid Icarus Uprising.  It looks fantastic and has an absolute ton of content.  There’s online multiplayer with a wealth of options and more different modes to choose from than near enough any other game on the 3DS.

So why’s it only then fifth then?  Short answer, because it’s untested and an almost experimental game.  We have no track record for the series since the Game Boy days, and while the game seem to be getting good reviews, the general public hasn’t tried it out yet.

We don’t really know if it’ll work all too well, and being as its a series I’ve never tried before in my life and also part of a genre I’ve also never tried to play before makes me a bit cautious about this game.

The games listed above are ones I know for a fact I’ll enjoy playing.  Kid Icarus Uprising isn’t.  It also has the same multiplayer issues as Smash Bros 3DS will have.

So in general, do you agree with my choices?  Are there any fantastic 3DS games that I haven’t listed that you think I’d enjoy more than that 2D Mario game?  What do you think?

* I have no idea if this is coming out in 2012 or 2013, but many places that have listed the game said it was.


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8 years ago

I disagree with the entire order of things, I would have made it:
1. Super Smash Bros 3DS
2. Kid Icarus: Uprising
3. Paper Mario
4. 2D Mario
4. Luigi’s Mansion 2

I might have a different order because I have A LOT of friends to play multiplayer and we are very excited about Kid Icarus but I mean how can you not be excited for ANY Smash Bros game? Heresy indeed sir, heresy indeed.

7 years ago

Im not sure if my resources are true, but I heard that the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super smash bros. have ups and downs. On the 3DS version, you can customize your characters, and by choice, send those characters to the Wii U version. On the Wii U version you can play multiplayer.