My E3 Predictions for This Year (Wii U and 3DS related)

Another year, and E3’s only about a month away!  So with that said, here are my predictions for games Nintendo will show at E3 2012!

In roughly the order in which these games could be announced, here are my predictions for what could be shown at E3 this year.  Obviously I’m only counting Nintendo games and consoles here, given the site’s focus, so keep that in mind before asking why there’s no mention of Halo 4 or Modern Warfare 4 or whatever.

The Wii U’s launch game line up will be announced

Could this be the Wii U’s free game?

One of those will be New Super Mario Bros Mii.  And in absence of a Wii Sports like game to use as a pack in/bundled title, it seems logical that Nintendo might choose New Super Mario Bros Mii as the free game you’ll get with the Wii U.

There’ll be a New Super Mario Bros 2 trailer

We’ve already had the first four screenshots and logo shown at Nintendo Direct this year, so it seems reasonable to assume the next step will be a trailer for the game showing more of the levels as well as whatever gimmicks Nintendo is counting on this time around.

I have a feeling Raccoon Mario will be the focus of the New Super Mario Bros 2 trailer…

I suspect the focus will probably be on the Racoon power up/Super Leaf/whatever just like how Mario 3D Land’s trailers and marketing was all focused on the Tanooki Suit, but I also expect we’ll see some attempts at pandering to long time Mario fans like the Koopalings reappearing and one or two more enemies from Super Mario Bros 3 or World being brought back.  Given what they found was cut out from New Super Mario Bros Wii due to lack of time, I’m saying the most likely new enemies will be Fishin’ Boo, Rex and maybe a Roto Disc or two if they’re feeling daring.  The P Balloon seems another good candidate too, it was actually once intended to be a power up in New Super Mario Bros Wii.

Animal Crossing Jump Out/3DS

Bet Animal Crossing gets a new trailer at E3!

It’s not been shown that much yet, and the game’s due out fairly late this year, so a short video of it seems plausible.

Retro Studios’ New Project

What’s their secret project?

Some say it’s Star Fox, some F-Zero and others Metroid, but regardless of what the game is, it makes perfect sense to assume it’ll be shown for the first time at this year’s E3.

Metroid 3DS

Something like Metroid Fusion seems a plausible enough 3DS game.

There’s been no Metroid games since Metroid Other M in 2010, and if the release schedule found on Wikipedia is accurate, it feels like we might be ‘due’ for another one.  This probably won’t be a Metroid Other M sequel due to negative reception the game from many fans and some critics, so a 2D game akin to Metroid Fusion seems the best bet.

Super Smash Bros 4 will be ‘shown’

As in, we’ll get a video like the one they made for Super Smash Bros Brawl at E3 2006:

Perhaps a bit too much to expect so soon?  Well not really.  It’s obvious that Super Smash Bros 4 isn’t going to be a launch game, but that still means an earlier ‘trailer’ seems likely about two or three years before the game’s due to be released.  So either this year or next year’s E3 seems like a good time and place to show the first ever footage of it.

Look at that trailer for example.  They only needed to make two or three stages, some items, about nine characters and one piece of music.  That seems fairly reasonable for a year or so time frame.

This would then leave the possibility open of having a Smash Bros Dojo like site running from late this year to about mid 2014 when the game comes out.

The Legend of Zelda Wii U will be announced

As well as this, I foresee a short trailer being shown like what happened with The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.  Maybe Miyamoto himself won’t walk onto the stage at the end with a sword and shield, but it does seem pretty reasonable that something like the Twilight Princess reveal would happen at an event meant to get people excited for the Wii U.

Nintendo want to please the ‘hardcore’, right? Well it makes perfect sense that the best way to do this is to announce and show a few minutes worth of footage of an epic HD Zelda adventure game.  This would then give all the Nintendo fanboys and Zelda fans and people interested in more than New Super Mario Bros and Wii Sports a reason to buy a Wii U when it comes out.

This is why I think Zelda, Smash Bros 4 or both will get a short trailer shown this E3, Nintendo needs ‘hardcore friendly’ Wii U system sellers, even ones that aren’t going to be ready for the launch date.  These two games alone would get people extremely hyped up for the console and actually get people to pay attention to it, because no one buys Nintendo consoles for the third party stuff.

On Nintendo E3 website; Donkey Kong Country, Wario, F-Zero

These types of games seem like reasonable games to show on Nintendo’s website.  The former is pretty much a sure fire thing given than Returns was one of the best selling Nintendo games in a while (it outsold Skyward Sword and Return to Dream Land, you don’t really think they won’t follow up on it, right?), Wario (Land or Ware) seems like a plausible B list title that Nintendo could have available for mid 2013.  Wouldn’t require too many resources and would give 3DS owners something to play while Nintendo’s focus has switched to the Wii U.

And F-Zero seems like it deserves a comeback shortly, maybe this’ll be its lucky year.  Perhaps something like this fan made trailer might become a reality:

Also, here’s betting on another Kirby game soon, since they’re basically yearly now.  Again, seems like a fairly minor title that could be made for the 3DS, and it would keep the console’s sales up while Nintendo worked on Smash Bros 4 and Zelda for the Wii U.

Well, those are my estimates for the games we’ll see at this year’s E3, what do you expect?  It’s well known that the Wii U will be shown there along with some of the early games for it, but I honestly expect big things as always from this year’s event.


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