Mushroom Kingdom Fusion: The Best Mario Fan Game Ever Made?

No scratch that, it might actually be the best fan game ever made, period. Forget Super Mario Bros Crossover, that’s just plain terrible in comparison to this. Forget any ROM hacks I’ve ever seen (even the likes of Mario Adventure and Extra Mario Bros), Mushroom Kingdom Fusion officially blows all of those out of the water. Why is this? Well let me show in exactly two videos:

You see that? That’s basically the game Super Smash Bros Brawl’s Subspace Emissary only wishes it could be. This isn’t just some minor crossover game with a few elements from other series, or a glorified remake like Super Mario Bros Crossover, this is literally a magnificant merger of near enough video game series ever made. More than 15 playable characters including Mario, Link, Kirby, Samus, Mega Man and Arthur among others, nearly 220 different levels to play through spread over 11 worlds, and levels based on such a massive array of franchises it’s unbelievable. You’ve got real world places, the Mega Man universe, Mobius, Dracula’s Castle (coming soon), levels based on Doom and Quake, various planets from Metroid and even levels based on franchises like Metal Slug, Halo and Gears of War. It is pretty much the apex of crossovers, the best example of a mega crossover game that I’ve ever seen.

Really, there’s nothing else to say. If you haven’t tried this game for whatever reason already, you definitely need to try it at some point in your life, it was ranked the best fan game/project on Nintendo 3DS Daily for a reason:

Definitely check it, download it and play it, because Mushroom Kingdom Fusion is literally one of the most impressive examples of fan work in the history of all of the video game world. Someone needs to so tell Sakurai that ‘no, we don’t want an adventure mode or Subspace Emissary we want something like this’. Heck, someone should tell Nintendo and Namco to outright replace whoever’s doing the single player mode design with the Fusion Fangaming team, they’d be ten times more competent than the people who managed to screw up the Subspace Emissary!

Download it here now:,673.0.html

Note/Disclaimer: Nintendo 3DS Daily is an affiliate of Fusion Fangaming… but it doesn’t really matter, I’m also personally a fan of the game myself and think that it’s pretty much the best Smash Bros single player game I’ve ever seen despite it not being a Smash Bros game.


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6 years ago

Of course NOTHING, even this, can beat Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii, a legendary NSMBWii ROM hack. New enemies, new bosses, new levels, new graphics, new platforms, new blocks…. 1. Angry Sun and a Angry Moon! 2. A whole new World Map engine, which is like the SMW world map 3. Fishbones which jump out of the water! 4. Sinking ground 5. Flip Blocks 6. Whole new boss battles, including a big Boo (Ramboo), big Fuzzy (Fuzzy Bear), double Podoboo (Podouble, I think…that may just be a name of a big Podoboo normal enemy in the hack :p), big Rocky… Read more »