Mother 4 Fan Game Announced!

Yes, you heard that right!  Some fans are making a fan game sequel to Mother 3, and have posted the latest trailer for the game online.  Here it is:

You can also find their official website with information, screenshots and other things at the following address:

Complete with a posted release date of Winter 2014.  But while the game does look really good (and indeed, even the official site looks pretty professional), I do have to wonder whether this publicity is a good idea.

I mean, I fear that Nintendo or some other company will shut the project down for some unspecified legal reasons, and the fact they’re showing it off to the media and public so early gives this plenty of opportunities to happen.  Why not announce it in Autumn 2014 instead and take advantage of the limited time between announcement and release?

Still, it looks like a good sequel to the series for those fans wanting more, so I may as well say I support them entirely.  Good luck with the project!



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