More Rumours; Anonymous Namco Worker Shares Super Smash Bros 4 Information

It’s another Super Smash Bros 4 rumour involving ‘leaked’ information about the game, again posted on Zelda Informer!  Yeah, this is probably about as unlikely to be true as you can possibly imagine. But still, it’s got some interesting bits of ‘information’ that would be awesome if true, so I may as well posted about it here as well.

Basically, some individual on GameFAQs claims to work in Namco’s PR firm and shares details he claims to have heard through his workplace.  Not particularly feasible, I really doubt any of this stuff is the kind of info some marketing guy would be told two years before the game’s release date, but it’s an interesting story regardless.

Here’s what he claims:

That a Nintendo Direct video is coming on January 31st about the game.  It’s on this date to mark the anniversary of Super Smash Bros Brawl’s Japanese release date.

Well, this starts plausible enough.  Nintendo Direct videos are common enough that you could probably throw a dart at a calender while blindfolded and still hit the date of a Nintendo Direct presentation.  For all we know Nintendo could host one on Christmas Eve for the hell of it.

Little Mac and Takamaru were two of the first newcomers chosen, representing the East and the West.

This however is a bit debatable. It’s not unrealistic in itself (since Takamaru was represented in Nintendo Land and Little Mac had a Wii debut just a few years back with that new Punch Out game, and the characters have been requested), but I don’t see why an East vs West theme would even be considered.

K. Rool will be playable, featuring a redesign of the character put forth by Retro Studios.

Again, a half plausible rumour.  K Rool as playable is basically guaranteed now considering how much support there is for the character from both Japanese and English fans of the Super Smash Bros series.  But a redesign by Retro Studios?  Not sure I buy that, unless it turns out a Donkey Kong Country Returns sequel is coming to the 3DS or Wii U soon.

Maybe it has something to do with that Donkey Kong Land Returns rumour someone put forth a while back?

Or this artwork people originally thought was from Donkey Kong Country Returns?

K Rool Returns

But I’m not sure.  Why would they even have to significantly update K Rool’s image?  It’s not like his Mario Super Sluggers and Donkey Kong Barrel Blast look is that dated, right?  And Retro Studios of all people?

Ridley will be playable, featuring his “evolution” from Other M. He and K. Rool were chosen due to high demand.

This is fairly plausible, especially the high demand part.

Shulk, Ghirahim, and Dillon are planned to be included in the roster, but these decisions are not finalized

However, this is less plausible.  Is Ghirahim even relevant any more?  And while Dillon might be an interesting character, I’m not sure whether he’d be a good fit for Smash Bros right at this moment in time.

Platinum Games wants to include a character, but no decisions have been made yet. Characters from The Wonderful 101 look more likely than Bayonetta.

This is interesting, although I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this was true.  Is Bayonetta really a series/character that would fit the tone of a Smash Bros game?  I suspect not.

A new Yoshi character to be introduced will be playable, likely to originate from Yoshi Land Wii U.

However, I can’t say this seems accurate at all.  For one thing, we don’t yet even have an official confirmation that such a new Yoshi game even exists other than some placeholder title text in a Wii U ‘debug’ menu.  Secondly, why introduce a new character from this game and not one of the many others in the series?  Is this character really relevant enough to be included yet?

I mean, prior to Yoshi’s Island DS you could say Poochy was an important Yoshi character, but he never appeared again after Yoshi’s Story.

Starship Mario, Pushmo Park, Cookie Country (Kirby), and Giant Chasm (BW2) will all be featured stages.

These are possible stages, and semi plausible.  On an individual basis:

Starship Mario is probably one of the least plausible, if only because it was an area built around Galaxy 2’s gravity system.  You could fit in something like the Comet Observatory and just make the space below act as a bottomless pit, whereas any Starship Mario stage would have to either have different gravity or act really weird.

Pushmo Park is plausible, Pushmo is a popular enough series now that a level based on it seems as plausible as the Electroplankton or Pictochat levels in Brawl.

No idea about Cookie Country, not a Kirby fan.

Giant Chasm is possible, it is an important location in Pokemon Black and White 2.  But so are a lot of others.

So the ideas mentioned seem plausible enough barring a few exceptions.  However, there are a few things that make me extremely suspicious of these rumours.

For one thing, the source is a post on GameFAQs.  When did random people’s posts on message boards, blogs and social networks become seen as reliable sources?

Similarly, GameFAQs has a VIP system where any real industry members can get a special rank and what not.  This guy doesn’t have this, merely the standard ‘provisional’ rank given to any other new account.  It could be a plan to keep anonymous when sharing information that could lose him his job, but you could easily register as a troll and post this stuff and no one would be any the wiser.

account provisional

Finally, even if he was an anonymous guy working for a PR firm, why would he know this information?  I don’t think marketing companies usually knows stuff months or years before a game comes out.  Did they tell him to post it online?  I suspect not.  And if they didn’t tell him to post it as a stunt, I doubt the topic creator would have known this stuff.

So it’s an implausible source giving somewhat plausible rumours about Smash Bros 4.  Do you think this guy is onto anything?  Or just another random troll trying to stir up discussion?


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8 years ago

This leak looks plausable Next year will be brawls 6 year anniversary in japan, and the time between melee and brawl was 7 years. We could get the smash bros direct next year to mark this. Little mac got very popular with the release of brawl, but people didnt like the fact he was assist trophy as he is a natural fighter from a fighting game and he got a reboot due to this popularity from brawl, he is very plausible. To back this up even more, the currectly unnamed fighting ring stage could represent the punch out series, as… Read more »

8 years ago

I have heard of this “East vs. West” concept before.
Starship Mario is a confirmed stage.

Ur Mom
Ur Mom
8 years ago

Luminous city is a proclaimed stage.