Microsoft thought they were getting Donkey Kong for buying Rare?

Now, this is funny.  Yes, Microsoft buying Rare was an absolute terrible thing that shouldn’t have happened, but apparently part of the reason they bought the company was to get a character/franchise Rare didn’t even own to begin with!

They actually thought they were getting ownership of the Donkey Kong character and series by buying Rare.  Here’s how Chris Seavour (maker of Conker’s Bad Fur Day) puts it:

Here’s a true story.. When Rare was first bought by MS a group of execs came on a tour.. One of them noticed the Donkey Kong. ..Posters everywhere and said.. ‘Hey that’s great.. We own Donkey Kong right??’ ………/massivesigh

Wow, talk about ignorance of the series. I mean, its common knowledge that the Donkey Kong series started out in the arcades way before Rare made the Country games, right?  And even for the latter, Rare only made the games. To think you’ll get the rights to Donkey Kong because you bought out Rare is a bit like assuming you’ll own Metroid by buying Retro Studios or Mario by being AlphaDream or Intelligent Systems.

Of course, this is just the misguided views of a single Microsoft executive, so it could well just be that some Microsoft employees are a bit stupid and don’t know much about gaming in general. But it definitely makes me laugh and think how misguided that Rare purchase may have been.

So yeah, is this story kind of hilarious or what?


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8 years ago

People at microsoft aren’t Gamers… Don’t know why they are in it in the first place or how they are getting hired and promoted. For Execs to not know what they spent 375 million dollars on is a bad reflection on American Businessmen. Also it just shows how ill willed Microsoft really is. Starting from Bill Gates and the roots of Microsoft, leading to a business deal to buy and destroy a 3rd party game developer, just to be able to run another company off competition. Shows how not competitive they are. Shows how untalented they are, shows how much… Read more »

8 years ago

@Microsoft Kinect sux major dick… Which ever one of your execs thinks it’s actually profitable should jump of an imaginary bridge and go work somewhere else.