Merry Christmas! Five Good Christmas Songs from Nintendo Games!

Christmas is already represented well in video games, with every ice level on the planet having some sort of Christmas theme to it.  But in addition to just decorations and Santa, every  Christmas themed level needs some Christmas songs and cheer, right?  Well here are five great Nintendo Christmas songs to mark the season!

1. Wario Land Shake It: Slipshod Slopes

Possibly one of the best Christmas songs in a Nintendo game, this song from Wario Land Shake It is just the thing to listen to if you want to get into the holiday spirit.  It’s nice and relaxing, a nice contrast to all the upbeat and somewhat lively songs listed after it and it really does make you nostalgic for all those earlier Christmases you lived through.  Definitely worthy of the number 1 spot on the list.

2. Super Mario 64: Snow Mountain

Is that the official name?  Not sure, that’s what all the music play lists and things are calling it.  Still, this Christmas style remix of the Super Mario 64 theme not only fits Cool Cool Mountain and Snowman’s Land perfectly, but it really captures the spirit of the holiday.

It also brings back so many fond memories of the game and messing around in the ice levels.  Or getting increasing annoyed as Mario flew off the ice slide and plummeted to his death.  Either way, this catchy Christmas like song  is second on the list.

3. Mario and Luigi Partners in Time: Hollijolli Village

Well, with a name like that, what were you expecting the music to be like?  But this is no ordinary Mario remix of jingle bells, this is an evil sounding version to mark the horrendously depressing setting it’s played in.  Remember the whole Christmas cheer and goodwill to all people thing?  Obviously the Shroobs didn’t when they invaded this peaceful town and captured all the inhabitants on Christmas Eve.

Still, it’s a nice song.  And if you’re ever having an absolutely terrible Christmas Day for whatever reason, you can at least listen to it while on the verge of a mental breakdown.

4. Banjo Kazooie: Freezeezy Peak

Now this song and level were definitely Christmas themed all round.  You had the giant Christmas tree and advent calendar in the middle of the level, the toboggan races and all that other fun stuff, all with this great song playing in the background.

Indeed, isn’t it such a pity that Rare aren’t making games for Nintendo systems any more?   Because Banjo Kazooie and its sequel were some of their finest ever work, yet will probably never get a real continuation after the failure that was Nuts and Bolts.   Either way, the Freezeezy Peak theme music finds it way onto the fourth spot on the list!

5. Donkey Kong Country 3: Jangle Bells

An odd Christmas song this, it’s very much not what you’d expect from the name and series.  Still, the place you heard this music was interesting.  Where was that you may ask?  In the bonus rooms in ‘Christmas mode’, a cheat option which replaced all the bonus room items with presents and ornaments and the default music with this track.

It was a nice touch, and it reminds me of the days gone by where games actually used to change things up when you entered cheat codes or a certain time of year came by.  You know, where if you were playing on Christmas Day you’d see falling snow in game and Christmas songs in the background or Jack O’ Lanterns and Halloween decorations if playing on October 31st.

Makes me sort of wish Donkey Kong Country Returns had that stuff.  But hey, I guess someone out there decided it was too much work to prepare new content for people entering cheats or playing the game on specific days.

So there you have it, five great Christmas songs from Nintendo games.  Do you agree with my song choices?  Are there other fantastic Christmas themes in Nintendo games that I missed?  Post your thoughts in either the comments or Nintendo 3DS Community discussion thread!


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