Could a Mario & Sonic Action Game Really Work?

With Mario & Sonic being such a success, lots of people have wondered whether a proper crossover game starring the duo could work out. As in, a 2D or 3D platformer which mixes both franchises and their gameplay styles.

And well, there’s been a lot of disagreement here. Some people say they could work, and point to games like Mushroom Kingdom Fusion as proof. Some say they couldn’t, with the gameplay styles just being too different. And I’ve even seen a few folks claim it’d only work in 2D. As if 2D Mario and 2D Sonic were compatible, but 3D Mario and 3D Sonic work.

But let’s look at it rationally; could a Mario & Sonic action game really work?

On a story level, there aren’t many reasons it wouldn’t. Remember, Bowser and Eggman have always teamed up in the Mario & Sonic titles. And strangely enough, they’ve mostly got on pretty well. I mean sure, that might not last out for forty hours or so, but damn, they’ve been aggressive to each other than Bowser and his paper counterpart. And stabbed each other in the back less than Bowser did to Antasma.

Add Mario and Sonic (who seem to be on better terms on a personal level than their companies were in the 16 bit era), and a simple ‘heroes vs villains’ setup would work fine for a crossover like this. Heck, the two bad guys even both like running their own theme parks!

But could it work gameplay wise?. Because as some people have pointed out, the gameplay in the Mario series and Sonic series is... fairly different. Mario’s gameplay is slower paced and focused more on careful platforming and exploration, Sonic’s is about high speed and platforming requiring good reflexes.

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