Mario Facts Return; Ten More Facts You Don’t Know about Mario Games!

Articles about Mario facts and trivia, are pretty common online.  Indeed, we’ve already written a good five articles on the subject, like the ones below:

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But while such articles are indeed common online, we like to think our fact lists are the most interesting of the lot.  Instead of posting about how SMB 2 wasn’t a ‘real’ Mario game for the millionth time, or how Mario is somehow a communist because he wears red and has a moustache, we like to post… some more interesting bits of trivia about the series.  So here it is, our seventh list of Mario facts that you probably… no wait, definitely didn’t know.  Enjoy!

1. Fahr Outpost is Nintendo of Europe’s HQ

Yes seriously.  In the German version of Paper Mario 2, it’s called ‘Großfrostheim’.  Get it?


Above: Nintendo’s European HQ in Großostheim.

It’s a pun on Großostheim (and frost), which happens to be where Nintendo of Europe’s HQ is based. Guess those Nintendo of Europe folk really like the cold war and Soviet Union!

What?  Just kidding.  Chapter 7 was a big reference to James Bond, the Soviet Union and Spy fiction after all…

2. Super Mario 3D World references Panel de Pon

As many of you probably know, Super Mario 3D World has a few levels that reference the Legend of Zelda series, in the form of tiles you activate to form a picture of Link’s sprite.

rainbow run link

But did you also know that these levels reference Panel de Pon?  Yep, the official soundtrack calls them ‘Panels de Mario’ and ‘Panels de Link’, a clear reference to the the Panel de Pon series and their naming.

3. Paper Mario 2 References Itself

As said via a Toad in Petalburg:

Anyway, I saved up for a new game…

The sequel to “Paper Mario”! I just got started, but it’s
a blast so far.


Try it for yourself and see!

He then continues later with:

I’ve been playing “Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door” like crazy lately…

I wasn’t sure at first…

But that game is AWESOME! I just beat it! Every chapter! Totally cool ending!I
loved it. So worth the money!

Think there’ll be a sequel?

Yeah, talk about some in game self promotion! He then talks about how he needs more time to review it properly, which acts as a nice unintentional ‘take that’ to Gameinformer and their mediocre 6.0 score for the game.

4. Hmm, those names do sound familiar!

On the scoreboard in the Mario Golf and Tennis series anyway.  The names are almost all of characters and species from other Mario titles.  Some examples:

  • Goombario (a partner from the first Paper Mario game)
  • Hammer Bro (an enemy which hadn’t appeared in 3D then)
  • Toadster (somewhere from the Super Mario Adventure comic)
  • II Piantissimo (NPC from Mario Sunshine)
  • Big Bob-omb (in World Tour, on the scoreboard)
  • Whomp King (another Mario 64 boss)
  • Various Zelda characters (Darunia, Impa, Link, Malon, Zelda, Saria, Talon and Navi are included on the scoreboard)

Heck, it gets so… strange that even the Phantamanta/Manta Storm from Mario’s Sunshine Sirena Beach made an appearance on the scoreboard list!  Apparently the manta ray ghost decided to take up golf after its defeat, or something.


Above: He plays golf now.  Somehow.

5. Burt the Bashful; Based on Obelix?

Another interesting point few people have mentioned, is that of the Burts from Yoshi’s Island and their possible inspiration.  Namely, they look a fair bit like Obelix, the super strong sidekick from the Asterix and Obelix comic series:



Above: Burts and Obelix.  Note the similar taste in trousers!

And then the translators for Nintendo of Europe then just ran away with the concept.  The French game calls Burts ‘Belixo’ and the German one calls them ‘Elixbo’, both obvious anagrams of Obelix’s name.  Pretty cool eh?

6. Mario; In Playboy?

Well, this is a bit awkward.  You see, long before Nintendo teamed up with the magazine in order to promote Bayonetta 2, their Japanese branch had actually used it as a way of advertising Super Mario Sunshine.

No, they didn’t have a naked version of Mario, thank goodness.  Instead, they had Mario using FLUDD’s standard nozzle on half naked women, because hey… that’s just how to advertise a Mario platformer, right?



On another note, this wasn’t the first time they marketed the game with this magazine.  Indeed, they even had a Miyamoto interview exclusively for Playboy, which talked about various Gamecube era games and Nintendo’s future.

And you thought Nintendo were always family friendly!

7. Piranha Plants and the Little Shop of Horrors

As you probably know, the idea of man eating plants is not a new one in fiction.  And in general, Piranha Plants have often been compared to Audrey III from Little Shop of Horrors, another famous man eating plant from fiction.

But the German translation of Yoshi’s Island just made it even more obvious.  They called Naval Piranha ‘Audrey’, after the plant in Little Shop of Horrors.  Talk about obvious!

8. King Boo is hunting Luigi down in Luigi’s Mansion 2!

In Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, every mission starts with Luigi being beamed into the mansion via the Pixelator.  And you can see his pixels being transported and reassembled in the intro cutscenes:

But not all those pixels seem to be used to assemble Luigi.  A few of them, seem to vanish, or perhaps end up somewhere else.

And then, I came across the perfect explanation.  As someone online said, those pixels aren’t just Luigi… they’re also King Boo being transported between the mansions.  That’s how he’s always one step in front of Luigi; he’s hunting him down between the mansions, and setting the story into action just as it needs to occur.

It goes quite well with how King Boo just happens to show up in many of the security cam pictures in the locations (like how in the rooftop pool, clock tower and secret mine, an ominous shadow can be seen on the wall), or how he manages to hack the machine after you fight the Tough Possessor in Stop the Knightmare.

9. Mario Tennis Open Remixes Wario Land 3 Music!



One’s a bit faster and uses electrical guitar instruments instead of Game Boy MIDI ones, but hey, same basic tune in both cases.

10. Mario has never beaten Bowser due to his own abilities

Finally, let’s end it on something that will make Bowser look a whole lot more competent to everyone.  Namely…

Mario has never defeated him without the use of the environment.

Think about it.  In SMB 1 and NSMB, it was the switch/axe on the bridge that did him in.  In SMB 3, the weak floor.  In SMW, his Mechakoopas.  In SM64, the bombs around the arena…


Above: The giant POW block Meowser just happens to be standing on…

Not once in over 20 years has Mario actually fought Bowser hand to hand and won.  Makes you look at Bowser’s strength/competence in a whole new way, doesn’t it?

So, which of these facts did you know?  Are there any you question?  Post your thoughts and responses at the comments below or at Talk today!


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That last one was the most interesting for me. I didn’t even realize that until now! Thanks for another fun article!