Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon DLC; What I’d Want to See

Before we begin, let me reiterate one thing; Nintendo are not planning on adding downloadable content to Luigi’s Mansion 2, at least not as far as I know.  But assuming they would now add some now that downloadable content is a proper thing in Nintendo games, here are the things I’d want in some DLC for the game.

1. More Thrill Tower/ScareScraper Variety

First things first, the ScareScraper/Thrill Tower is absolutely fantastic as is.  I love all the options you can choose from, the random designs are pretty neat, the music is great… hell, the cool bosses you can encounter only here are fantastic.

But there are a few things I wish were added in this mode.

For a start, we need a few more basic options.  Like being able to have an ‘Endless’ ScareScraper with different difficulty settings.  I don’t want to ONLY play on Endless difficulty, I want to see if I could handle an infinite height ‘Normal’ or ‘Expert’ ScareScraper which has the same difficulty as a 25 floor tower of this type.

Some sort of Mario Kart 7 ‘community’ setup would be nice here too.  I mean sure, you can make a friends only tower.  But friends lists are limited to 100 people.  They’re often kept limited to only people who are actually… I don’t know, friends.  But a community style option (where you could make a tower with a certain set of settings and then get  a ‘code’ to let the general public access it would be brilliant.  You could then let people join without adding them, so your friends could invite their friends along too.  Forums could then list their ‘codes’ so members could play ScareScraper/Thrill Tower with each other without adding everyone to their friends lists.

Being able to kick out players would be nice too, especially to get rid of trolls or griefers who simply run around cluelessly, deliberately block doors or objects (like one guy who apparently stood right where the Polterpup dog house was to stop it appearing) or steal keys and withhold them from the team until everyone loses. An option to kick out or even block annoying players would make ScareScraper runs far more tolerable in general.

I also think fixing the Red Coin system wuld be nice too.  Why?  Because at the current point in time, the game doesn’t seem to calculate whether it’s even possible to collect all the Red Coins before the time runs out.  So it’ll randomly stick them on the other side of the map where the players have no chance in hell of collecting the set (this is even worse when playing solo) or across four massive rooms where collecting the coins takes longer than possible with human reaction times.  Really, the game should be patched here so the system works like it does in Rush Mode, where the Red Coins always appear in the rooms directly adjacent to your current location at the end of the round, and it should also be set up so that coins aren’t randomly shoved at the wrong end of a corridor or far back of a stage.  Make it so the Red Coins are always possible to collect solo please.

Talking of solo play, I also think it’d be nice to see an optional feature which lets you say how many people are playing and tones the difficulty up or down a bit to match.  So while it should definitely still be possible to play Expert Hunter mode on your own with the difficulty set for a four man team, I think it’d be nice to see a ‘solo’ version of the mode which has been toned down to the point it’s actually technically possible to beat with normal human reaction times.  Or a ‘four man’ version of Normal mode which triples or quadruples the enemy count to make it still take effort by a dedicated team.

Finally, there’s one very major change I’d love to see…

An option to play through the main mode mansions with the ScareScraper setup.

So instead of playing through generic floors, you’d play through (perhaps randomised) versions of Gloomy Manor, Haunted Towers, Old Clockworks, Secret Mine and Treacherous Mansion).  It wouldn’t be quite as easy to set up for download play (perhaps not possible in some cases), but it seems like it’d be fairly easy to do for online/local play amongst people who actually own the game.

However, I’m not sure how this would be designed.  Maybe they’d take the map, cut out the amount of rooms needed for multiplayer and paste ’em together randomly to form a sort of ‘random’ version of a main game mansion.

And while it would potentially require a bit more effort than the ScareScraper setup at the moment does (since the mansion rooms are not just square boxes with furniture stuck in various places), I don’t think it seems like a technical challenge that’s beyond Nintendo.  I mean, how does the ScareScraper currently generate floors? Probably like this:

  1. Take between 4 and 15 room templates
  2. Paste them together in a random ‘maze’ like shape
  3. Make random furniture in these templates invisible with Dark Light technology
  4. Add randomly generated groups of ghosts to certain rooms (I think this also probably comes with a limited set of templates or a database of sorts, I’ve seen many cases where the same enemies were used in combination with each)
  5. Choose random Luigi starting locations (maximum of two)
  6. If level is number that’s a multiple of 5 (hence a boss level), find a suitable ‘boss room’ (like the stage, Crypt, Guard Hall, etc) and stick boss in examinable object.
  7. If level number is equal to the max number of floors, forget the above and make it generate ‘The Brain’ plus ‘The Brain’s’ battle arena

That’s probably all it comes down to tech wise.  So why not go one step further and apply this sort of procedural generation to the actual mansions from the single player to make them suitable for ScareScraper gameplay?

Like this:

  1. Check ScareScraper theme (based on whether it’s based on Gloomy Manor, Haunted Towers, Old Clockworks, Secret Mine or Treacherous Mansion)
  2. Take between 4 and 15 random rooms from said mansion, then paste them together in a semi logical way that utilises current ‘connection’ (door) points.
  3. Make random pre set furniture from the rooms chosen invisible with the Dark Light tech
  4. Add in necessary ScareScraper ‘gimmicks’ in random rooms (the stopwatches, the Rush Mode switches, the Polterpup kennel).
  5. Add randomly generated ghost groups like in normal ScareScraper (based on difficulty level and game mode chosen)
  6. Add Luigi starting locations in random rooms

Voila, Bob’s your uncle so to speak.  You’ve now made a ScareScraper floor layout that would theoretically be viable in multiplayer modes, yet that uses rooms, objects and scenery from the main adventure.

Nintendo so needs to add these ScareScraper options, it’d make the game about a million times better and far, far more replayable.

2. Additional ScareScraper Bosses

And by additional ones, I mean both new ‘variants’ and more palette swapped versions of the existing ones.

After all, the latter would hardly be a difficult thing to add in a patch, since every single ScareScraper boss in the game is literally just a texture swap of one of the five basic ‘boss’ type enemies.  How hard could it seriously be just to add one or two boss ‘skins’ and a few pithy two line descriptions?  These don’t seem too difficult to come up with:

At first I thought he was trying to attack me, but then I realised he just wanted me to try on his fancy jacket.  He could have just asked…


On first impression, you might think this fellow is creepy, but once you get to know him… you know for sure.


He tries to roar ferociously, but what comes out sounds more like an adorable kitty meowing.  Don’t tell him I said that.

So really, if there’s ever additional content for this game, I truly hope they take the minute amount of time necessary to come up with a few more pages of ScareScraper bosses for the vault.

But it’s not texture swaps that’d be nice to see.  Aren’t we kind of missing a few basic types of bosses we arguably should have?

Like Hider based bosses?  It never struck me until someone on another site mentioned it, but we don’t have any bosses based on giant Hider enemies with similar attack patterns.  Adding a few of those would be nice.

And while we do have a boss at the top of the ScareScraper called ‘The Brain’, I also feel a tad disappointed we don’t have any other Poltergeist/Boffin based bosses in multiplayer. So I think a few more bosses based on Poltergeist enemies would be nice to see, especially given how we already have the attacks, animations, character model and textures from ‘The Brain’, and how it doesn’t seem too difficult to have bosses based on him randomly show up every five floors.

Multiplayer LMDM

Above: More Boffin/Poltergeist bosses in ScareScraper please.

So if there’s ever DLC, I really hope Nintendo adds both more Greenie/Slammer/Sneaker/Creeper/Gobber boss variants as well as a few new ones based off giant Slammers and Poltergeists.

3. A New Game Plus/’Hidden Mansion’ mode

Not like the US Hidden Mansion which had very little in the way of changes and was a completely pointless extra, but something like the one found in the PAL region versions would be absolutely fantastic in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.

So now all the mansions would be mirrored to make it more confusing to navigate, the rooms would be much darker and the enemies/bosses would be changed to make them more difficult (like giving the Possessors new attacks or putting more powerful enemies in the earlier mansions).

Above: Some footage of the Hidden Mansion in PAL regions.

Can you imagine how neat it’d be to say, have Sneakers, Creepers and Gobbers in Gloomy Manor this time around instead of having them introduced in the second or third mansion?  Or to see Super/Strong versions of enemies back in Haunted Towers or the Old Clockworks?  They could even make the enemy combos something equal in difficulty to your average ScareScraper room on Expert, imagine going into a minor room in Haunted Towers and seeing six Hockey equipment wielding Greenies, one Sneaker and two Slammers!  And now every room would have at least two ghosts in it.  Yep, you’d literally be in danger of death at every step with hardly any respite or mercy from the designers.

scarescraper enemies

Above: Would now be a normal occurrence in single player.

This would literally double the length of the game with what’s arguably not that much effort. Think it’s entirely impossible because it’s ‘game length’ DLC?  Think again, what else is New Super Luigi U?  Nintendo aren’t shying away from major DLC packs any more, and I think a New Game Plus/Hidden Mansion mode for Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon would be a fantastic addition to the game.

4. Various Glitch Fixes and Technical Updates

Finally, they need to fix various glitches and update their servers to not boot people offline at random.

So in other words, patch the key/boss not ending level glitches, make the servers not drop connections at semi random and generally make online more stable.

And there you have it, those are the things I’d want to see in downloadable content for Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.  Do you agree these ideas would be fantastic?  Are there any others I missed?  Either way, comment below or on the forums at Nintendo 3DS Community for more!


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9 years ago

Are you sure these online problems aren’t your internet connection? I’ve been playing a lot of online and the only glitches I’ve had was getting stuck in the pot and the pot saying where it is but I can move around as a very glitched Luigi and that an extra key appeared in the mansion.