The Lost Precursors to the Mushroom Kingdom?

In recent times, I’ve been looking at a few of those ‘theory’ videos. You know the ones, The ones about Mario being ‘communist’. About E Gadd being evil. About the Stone Tower from Majora’s Mask being a Tower of Babel to slight the Golden Goddesses. That sort of thing.

And it got me thinking. Namely, about Luigi’s Mansion. Why are the ghosts seemingly human? Why does the mansion resemble a Victorian mansion in a world’s that closer to a medieval fantasy land? Where did everyone come from?

I’ve also been thinking about Wario Land 4 in general. You know, Princess Shokora’s story. The Golden Pyramid. How that sort of stuff actually works.

And that’s when it struck me.

Could the Shokora’s fallen kingdom possibly explain where the ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion came from?

Yeah, I know. That’s crazy as all hell. I mean, why would a Wario Land game link to a Luigi’s Mansion title? And if so, how could a long dead princess help explain the existence of human ghosts in Luigi’s Mansion?

Well, in quite a few ways actually. For example, let’s look at Wario Land 4 for a minute, and assume that all the locations we visit were once part of Shokora’s kingdom. You know, the one the Golden Diva seemingly took over and left in ruins.

Do you notice anything odd here?

They’re very… modern compared to most Mario locales.

For example, look at the Curious Factory. Does that robot look like something you’d expect to see in the Marioverse? At least, pre Mario Galaxy?

How about the generally industrialised feel of the Toxic Landfill, 40 Below Fridge and Pinball Zone? Or the weird 70s esque Hotel Horror?
Because they don’t seem that way to me. And even the Topaz Passage seems to be made of toys presumably invented in ‘later’ eras. Those board games and little toy cars and what not don’t look like ancient technology.

So it got me thinking. What if… Shokora’s kingdom wasn’t as ‘primitive’ as it looks from the pyramid itself?

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