Jirachi Wish Maker Finally Released in Korea

And in case you’re wondering while I’m bothering to cover a Pokemon anime movie and its release in the region, just get a load of this. How long do you think it’s been since the film was released anywhere else on the planet?

Come on, guess.  Because if you think the delay between our favourite games getting released in Japan and them being released in other regions is kind of long, this takes the cake.

Give up?  Okay then.  This movie was released in almost all regions bar Korea in…



Above: Now announcing a movie everyone else saw ten years ago!

So in other words, they took TEN YEARS to release this Pokemon movie in South Korea.  And in that very same time frame, we’ve gone from generation 3 of the Pokemon series to generation 6.  So now a movie meant to celebrate an event Pokemon for the Hoenn games is being released prior to their remake in a generation in which Jirachi doesn’t usually appear in any form whatsoever.  That’s like releasing the first series of the Pokemon anime alongside Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green, complete with the original theme song.

Additionally, it’s not the only time something like this has happened to this poor film.  When was it released in Italy?  2012.  Apparently the people localising the Pokemon anime over there are nearly as bad as doing their jobs on time as their counterparts in South Korea.

It does come with a special event Jirachi this time around (which I guess could be useful given their rarity in the Kalos region), but still, taking ten years to release an anime movie in any region is just pathetic.

But what do you think about this movie and its Korean release a whole decade after its original debut?




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7 years ago

Wow that is unfortunate but yeah, nice how they got something along with the movie which we never do in North America.

7 years ago

I would prefer this to happen in America too. But we don’t need it. Japan’s getting Shiny Jirachi event soon.