Is New Super Luigi U basically the Lost Levels of its Time?

Because while the concept of downloadable content is arguably a modern one, the whole game design seems like it’s pretty much the modern Lost Levels equivalent.  Let’s list the ways:

  1. The game uses exactly the same resources as its predecessor, including graphics, music, bosses, enemies and other elements.  Okay, Lost Levels technically added one or two things, but it was only minor stuff regardless.
  2. Luigi’s physics have been highly edited in each to make him handle differently to Mario (with them being identical in the predecessor game)
  3. Difficulty has been significantly ramped up from the last game, with somewhat unfair and rather challenging level design.
  4. Heck, both are even sold as boxed games in shops now, although Lost Levels couldn’t exactly be sold as downloadable content back in the 80s…

Super Mario Bros 2 Lost Levelsnew_super_luigi_u-2

Above: Seems like the same general thing if you ask me…

Now okay, New Super Luigi U is arguably the much better deal given that Nintendo aren’t trying to pass it off as a proper sequel by slapping another number on the end (imagine the outcry if New Super Luigi U was sold as New Super Mario Bros 3 for 60 dollars!), but still, they’re not really that different in concept, are they?

So yes, I guess history really is repeating itself with this whole deal.  Maybe Nintendo will continue the pattern with a New Super Wario U game complete with wacky minor graphical changes in the style of All Night Nippon Mario Bros?

Either way, I guess it’s a cool similarity between titles, right?


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