Has The Rayman Legends Delay officially killed the game?

Or at least, destroyed its chances of ever selling to any significant degree?  Now to be fair, most people kind of figured its chances of success were slim prior to today’s Nintendo Direct when they realised that ‘september 2013’ meant ‘right at the same time as a whole bunch of big name titles on Microsoft and Sony made systems’, but all the announced games are making it seem like no one’s even going to have enough money for the title by September.

I mean, by putting Rayman Legends back to September 2013, you are:

1. Putting it against three or four of the most well known series in video game history.  Pokemon X and Y, comes out just a month afterwards.  Either a 3D Mario or Mario Kart game?  Comes out within the next few months.  And heck, if we get a Modern Warfare 4 any time soon, that too will be coming out within a month or two of Rayman Legends’ release date.

Pokemon X and Y logo


Pokemon X and Y come out just a month after Rayman Legends does.

This is just plain stupid.  In fact, it’s like putting your brand new and untested niche TV show up against a major sporting event like the Olympics, World Cup final or Super Bowl.  In the same way the TV show would likely get brutally massacred in the ratings due to ninety percent of your audience preferring the major event, Rayman Legends is likely to get absolutely buried by every major video game series in history, all of which are likely releasing new games around the same time.

2. You’re also delaying it past the releases of Pikmin 3, Game and Wario, Luigi’s Mansion 2/Dark Moon, Mario and Luigi Dream Team and the Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD.  This is giving the types of people who’d otherwise buy your game to kill time between major releases more than a small incentive to just buy one of Nintendo’s major first party titles for the 3DS or Wii U.  When September comes, these people don’t need your game and probably won’t buy it.

Game and WarioPikmin 3 Logo


By delaying Rayman Legends, you’re hoping your buyers don’t get satisfied by these two games in the interim months.

Dream Team LogoLuigi's Mansion Dark Moon Logo


And that neither Mario and Luigi or Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon will be seen as a more worthy purchase.

3. Finally, by doing this you’re running the potential risk no one will be able to afford buying your game or want to waste their money on it with so many other big titles and even video game systems being released.  We’re in a recession you know, and money is kind of tight (especially for the kids, teens and college students that play an awful lot of video games).  Whose to say they’ll have enough income to buy every major Wii U and 3DS game coming out in the course of the year and will still have spare change to buy Rayman Legends when September comes?  And what if they buy Sony or Microsoft’s next console?  Will they also have enough money to also buy Rayman Legends as well?

Rayman Legends


A Wii U game costs 60 dollars. Will people still have enough to spend on a title like Rayman Legends?

By delaying Rayman Legends to September, I honestly think Ubisoft (and maybe Microsoft if they had a role to play in this) have pretty much buried the title.  In February it could have done okay due to how quiet that time of year was and how few other major games were coming out in the same month, but in September it’s not only going against hordes of more well known games but also every other major game released prior to it in the year.  Looks like Ubisoft’s going to have a low selling game on their hands, and it’s all their own fault…


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8 years ago

September is a time between the Summer releases and the November ones. People will have spent lots of money Pikmin 3 and other summer games. They will be saving up for games coming out in November. September is going back to school. September is one of the worst times of year to launch a game.