Is Generation 7 Going to be the Shortest Pokemon Generation in History?

Today Pokemon Sun and Moon are released in the US and Japan. And well, after months of leaks and spoilers, it’s likely a lot of Nintendo fans are just happy to have the games at all.

But will they be happy for long? I don’t think so, because it seems like this could be the shortest Pokemon generation in history! And that in just a couple of months, the Pokemon hype cycle could well start all over again!

Yeah, it sounds crazy.

But the more I look at the evidence, the more likely this theory seems to get. And here’s why:

Firstly, people have datamined the hell out of Pokemon Sun and Moon. Like, to the point we know:

  • Every Pokemon’s base stats, moves, abilities and Pokedex entries
  • How the whole storyline progresses up to the final boss and postgame
  • All the game’s music
  • What Pokemon spawn in every single area of the world map
  • Every Pokemon used by every trainer, plus their levels and stats

But here’s what we haven’t found. Many mythical Pokemon.

So what are ‘mythical Pokemon’, you may be wondering?

Well to be put it simply, they’re event specific ones. Ones like Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys and Genesect. Pokemon only available through Nintendo run events or Wi-Fi distributions. In other words, the ones that sell anime movies year in and year out.

mythical pokemon example

And Pokemon Sun and Moon practically have NONE of these Pokemon. At all.

You’ve got Magearna, but that’s being distributed this December. You’ve got Marshadow, who’s likely going to be given away in 2017 sometime.



That’s it. All the Ultra Beasts, Tapus and normal legendaries (like Necrozma) are found in the postgame without events. So once Magearna and Marshadow have been distributed, there are no more events to be found in Pokemon Sun and Moon at all.

So that’s strike one for my theory. Every other generation has had enough event Pokemon for at least three years, whereas generation 7 only has enough for one. But it’s not the only evidence here.

Oh no, there’s some additional evidence too. Think about this for a minute:

How long has the 3DS been out?

Quite a while isn’t it? Yeah it is. The console was released in 2011, and has a successor lined up in 2017.

Which makes it very unlikely that the current generation is going to last for years past the Nintendo Switch’s release date. After all, look at the first time this happened. We got Pokemon Black and White, which was released, got a sequel and got replaced within just two years.

gen 5 events

And so I think this will happen again. We’ll get Pokemon Sun and Moon, have maybe a year worth of it being relevant, and then get it replaced as quickly as possible. After all, Nintendo and Game Freak know the Nintendo Switch needs to sell. They’ve said clearly that Pokemon is going to be on the Switch at some point. And well, if the console is to come flying out of the gate quickly, that means a new game should be a thing within the first year or two of its existence.

Which is also backed up by another source. Namely, Emily Rogers. You know, the rumourmonger/insider who predicted much of the Nintendo Switch hardware and features.

She’s saying that a Pokemon game is coming in the first year of the Nintendo Switch’s lifespan. Here’s the quote from her Twitter page:

And this makes perfect sense, assuming the new Pokemon game is generation 8. You’ve got time for a Marshadow announcement early next year, PokeBank is then made compatible with Sun and Moon, and then oh look, a new Pokemon game you can trade your newly formed teams into!

So based on this, it seems practically inevitable that generation 7 will be the shortest Pokemon generation ever created. There’s just nothing that can extend Sun and Moon past a year or two in the game code.

But what do you think of this? Do you agree and expect Pokemon Sun and Moon to be over in a year or two? Or will Nintendo and Game Freak keep it going through 2018 and beyond? Post your thoughts here in the comments below!


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