Five Awesome Nintendo Facts You Might Not Know

It’s time again!  Yes, we’re back with another round of insane Nintendo facts and trivia that we doubt even the most die hard fans online will ever know!  So here they are, five more interesting Nintendo facts that pretty much no one knows, as organised for your convenience!

5. The Donkey Kong games and Star Fox games take place in the same universe

All thanks to one character shared between both franchises.  Namely, Tricky the Triceratops:



Above: Tricky in Diddy Kong Racing and Tricky in Star Fox Adventures.

Appearing first as a boss in Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64, he then appeared as a child many light years away in Star Fox Adventures for the Gamecube, where he helped Fox defeat the evil General Scales and save the planet of Sauria.

Don’t believe us?  Rare backed this up:

What about Tricky? Does he count as a Nintendo character or Rare character?

The Tricky question initially seems a bit, well, trickier because he appeared in DKR before Star Fox Adventures, assuming it’s the same character, which it supposedly is (or was originally intended to be) – but at the end of the day Nintendo owns SFA outright, and Tricky also turned up in the otherwise Rare-free zone of Star Fox Assault along with Krystal, which would more or less confirm it.

But hey, DK Vine knew this for years. That’s what their interesting DKU theory is about, tying all of Rare’s games together in one shared continuity.  So as well as Donkey Kong and Fox McCloud theoretically existing in the same universe, that means Banjo:


And even Grabbed by the Ghoulies:

All take place in the same universe.  Now, they don’t consider Mario to take place in the same universe (because it spun out of the arcade games and not Donkey Kong Country), but you could probably make a case for including if you wanted to, which then theoretically mean Mario, DK, Fox and Conker lived in the same reality.

You can take this as far as you want.  Zelda, Pokemon, F-Zero, Metroid, Kid Icarus?  You could probably stick them in the same universe as well. Heck, even Punch Out!

Wait, why do we need to have them be figurines in Smash Bros again?

4. You were originally going to buy your Pokemon

At least, that was going to be the case if the old concept art for Capsule Monsters (Pokemon’s predecessor) was to be believed:


See that shop?  Yeah, apparently, you were originally going to go into Pokemarts, say ‘I want one Pikachu please’, hand over a certain amount of Pokedollars and get your Pokemon team built up the easy way!

It should be pretty easy to figure out why Nintendo changed this. Couldn’t have a fun RPG where you just bought your parties from shops.

3.  Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze’s Idle Animations are Complex

Yeah, I think Game Explain sums it up best.  Put simply, the idle animations in this game are based on about four different pre recorded clips of Nintendo 3DS titles, all of which can start playing on DK’s in game 3DS at any time and which the other Kongs interact with in interesting and original ways.  It’s pretty cool I’d say:

2. A Donkey Kong Country Returns enemy debuted in a ten year old browser game

These are Chomps (Piranha Plant type monsters) from Donkey Kong Country Returns:


These are Chomps from Donkey Kong Barrel Maze:


Don’t remember this game?  It was a browser game written in Shockwave and released on a ‘flash game’ website in 2003 on (now defunct).

And guess what?  It was the first game in the series to introduce these carnivorous plants to the franchise.  Yes, when Retro said they played every game, they presumably meant it, even if that meant ‘browser game released on a defunct website 11 years ago’.

Quite the throwback eh?

1. Wario Master of Disguise Originally Had Lyrics in its Theme Tune

And what’s more, it’s actually surprisingly catchy.  Have a listen!

Really does make you wish Nintendo kept some of the Japanese songs in overseas versions of their games, doesn’t it?

So that’s the list.  Did you know many of these facts?  Find anything interesting?  If so, comment below with your thoughts, or post about this article on Nintendo 3DS today!




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8 years ago

Oh, the obscurity!

8 years ago

This site needs a lot of help…

8 years ago
Reply to  Ducked

No, the site just needs more varied news stories that aren’t (dare I say it) filler such as “new skylanders portal leaked”. People come to the site for obscure stories and fun opinions. It’s also quite a bit less biased than other Nintendo news sites, such as ONM, and game sites in general.

8 years ago
Reply to  ZenTurtle

You have a point there. But he does a decent job. That is why i check this daily.

8 years ago

Where do you get 2 from? They look like generic carnivorous plants, the ones that appeared in thousands of video games. There are plants like that in Jungle level in the Donkey Kong game on Gameboy released in 1994. This Barrel Maze game doesn’t even look official…