Donkey Kong Chiptunes Ahoy; DK Vine Releases Chip Country!

Like the music from Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2 and also like chiptune remixes of it?  Well you’re now in luck, since DK Vine have released a fantastic ‘album’ of chiptune remixes of classic Donkey Kong Country themes!

Most of it’s from the first two games for obvious reasons (but at least Donkey Kong Country 3 gets a Northern Kremisphere remix) and some of the tracks have been covered by multiple people, but it’s great regardless.

Here’s the page where you can listen to all the music:

So far I’d say my favourites are the second Fear Factory remix (The dystopic version) and the Crocodile Cacaphony one, although some of the others are pretty good as well.  If you like Donkey Kong Country music, check it out right this minute!


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