Dear Video Game Companies; Trying to censor ‘leaked’ content isn’t the answer

Really, just like the whole fiasco with Rayman Legends and the video of the game being leaked, trying to hide the existance of this new Pokemon Black and White 2 trailer won’t work.  Seriously, everyone knows about it now, and you can’t try and stuff the cat back into the bag after it escapes.

It’s this minor thing called the Streisand effect. Wikipedia and TV Tropes actually have pages on the phenomenon.  As it’s defined:

The Streisand effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely.

It’s been tried before and has failed every time, you can’t censor the internet.

What’s more, why bother trying to hide this stuff in the first place?  This isn’t like some hated anti piracy measure or way to beat it, it isn’t ‘illegal’ in any way and it’s not got some kind of negative reaction on the internet.  On the contrary, both the Rayman Legends video and Pokemon Black and White 2 one have been seen as amazing by people online in general and make people want to buy both these games.  There is absolutely nothing to be gained from not publicising them as much as possible.

The practical answer in both these cases is simple.  Instead of trying to undo history and attempting to hide a video people think looks amazing, take full advantage of the hype.  Release the videos on their respective official Youtube channels, write a few news stories about them on the official websites for Pokemon and Rayman respectively and make the hype frenzy work for you rather than trying to crush it like some kind of disease.

This is an especially good idea in regards to Rayman Legends, given that Rayman Origins kind of failed miserably as far as sales go.  The sequel needs all the hype and general marketing it can get, don’t let people’s interest in the game and good will towards the company be destroyed because of some stupid cease and desist crap on Youtube.

So try and use people’s interest in this game to your advantage (both Nintendo and Capcom), don’t just try and hide information and make them think of your companies as actively hostile towards the people who actually buy your games.


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