Could the 3DS to Wii U Connectivity possibly solve the biggest problem of handheld multiplayer games?

As similar as home consoles and handhelds are getting these days with the increase in tech power and capability of running very similar games on either, it has to be said that some games don’t work on one type of system. Pokemon for instance and other heavily personalised games tend to do better on a handheld like the 3DS, Mario Kart and Smash Bros style ‘party’ games on a home console like the Wii.  But could a possible 3DS to Wii U connectivity feature solve this problem?

So what is the problem here with multiplayer games on handheld consoles?  Well truth be told, its the general impracticality of setting up multiplayer matches offline.  If you want to play say, Mario Kart Wii with three friends at your next party, that’s fairly simple and inexpensive to do.  You just buy three more controllers, plug them in and everyone can gather around and play with the minimum amount of fuss.

But for a handheld and playing Mario Kart 7?  Well, that makes it ten times more difficult.  You need at least one console for everyone playing, you need the standard copy of the game (or four if you want the full experience and everyone to play as someone other than Shy Guy) and all in all, it’s much more difficult to set up and much more costly to boot.

And I’m not exaggerating cost wise. Three video game controllers? That’s fairly cheap at a total price of about $100, assuming the controllers are about the price of a brand new Wii remote.  But for three whole 3DS consoles, that’s well over $500, which is way outside of the reasonable price range for a simple social gathering.  Not to mention, I’m not counting the cost of buying three more copies of Mario Kart 7, which can easily push the total sum over $600.

That’s not the only issue.  The other one is how so much content in multiplayer focused games is locked away at the start and only unlocked via either long hours spent playing the single player modes or even longer ones spent online.  So, you want everyone to have a fair chance when playing Mario Kart 7, as in the same characters and karts as everyone else? You need to beat 150cc with all gold cups on all four games, collect over 10 000 coins on all four games and get over 10 000 VR on all four games.  So for a simple Mario Kart 7 night or tournament, if people don’t have all the game and have it beaten, you need to spent over $600 on games and consoles and about two weeks trying to unlock everything on every single copy of the game you’ll be using.  Don’t Nintendo think that’s a bit overkill?

Now with that problem explained, here’s my solution:

Have it so the 3DS can connect to the Wii U, and with just a single copy of a 3DS multiplayer game you can play on the TV screen and any controllers attached.  Somehow the game would get streamed to the three Wii U controllers, and hence those without a 3DS could play a multiplayer game using the Wii U tablet as if it were a 3DS.

It’d be more conveniant, it’d be a lot more fun (for games without split screen like Super Smash Bros, it’d be far better to play them on the TV screen rather than looking down at the 3DS/tablet controller, and it’d be much cheaper for the unfortunate parents/friends/people who want to play with others they know offline.

Admittedly, Nintendo would be initially losing the price of the 3DS consoles and games, but I think the public opinion of the system and the games would be much better and well, maybe playing games like Mario Kart 7 on the Wii U would entice some people to go out and buy a 3DS where they wouldn’t have done so originally, giving Nintendo new customers and positive word of mouth.   Besides, what good is a multiplayer game in which you can’t find anyone to play it with?  Not everyone spends all their time playing online you know.

So, is this a good idea? Would allowing people to use some kind of 3DS to Wii U connectivity feature make it more fun when playing games like Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus Uprising and Super Smash Bros?


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