Coin Rush Failures; The Five Worst Levels in New Super Mario Bros 2’s Coin Rush

While Coin Rush is a fun side option in New Super Mario Bros 2, some levels just aren’t designed to work well with the concept.  So here we have them, the five worst levels in New Super Mario Bros 2’s Coin Rush mode, aka levels that just don’t work with the time limited coin collecting gameplay that the mode needs.

1. Tower 3

A dull level made no better as Gold Mario.

Really, this is a boring level at the best of times, and in coin rush it gets ten times worse. Why you may ask?

Because it’s both underwater and auto scrolling. Because it lacks any kind of side areas where you rack up serious amounts of money or put stuff like Gold Mario to the test. Did I mention the secret exit is only accessible with a Mini Mushroom, which you are very, very unlikely to have.

This level is just an exercise in dull, mind numbing tedium.

2. Tower 5

Looks dangerous, moves extremely slowly

Not quite as bad as tower 3, since you can at least move around a bit more despite the rising lava and it doesn’t seem to move so slowly, but again, it’s a vertical level with slow moving platforms and an annoying stage hazard.

It also shares the same lack of coins and bonuses as tower 3 does, with the main ‘secret’ being behind a pipe only Mini Mario can enter (the chances of you being Mini Mario at the time are slim to none). Add to the fact it’s arguably quite hard and has so much stuff trying to kill you at every turn, and this level really isn’t that entertaining in Coin Rush mode.

3. Flower 1

Is this level completely devoid of side content/empty?

Possibly the worst of all first levels in the game, Flower 1 is that sunset level which seemingly has no coins whatsoever.

Okay, that’s not true, there is at least one Gold Mushroom here and you’ve got the three Star Coins to collect, but as far as I can tell, there’s no real bonuses worth your while here. If you get this as a first level in a coin rush mode, think of it as a bad omen and quit back to the main menu.

4. Star 4

Auto scroll and Coin Rush do not mix.

Another auto scrolling level with a complete lack of enjoyment in coin rush, star 4 is a beach level that you’d probably rather not be forced to play.

Again, you have few chances to get Gold Mushrooms or a great many coins, since you’re forced along a narrow path with a psychotic Porcu-Puffer trying to kill you every time you fall in the water at the wrong time. There’s a Mini Mushroom which is required for one Star Coin, but which honestly makes the level ten times harder and likely blocks out access to one of the two Gold Mushrooms found lying about.

Coin rush is designed for short levels you can quickly rush though, and this level fails entirely at that.

5. World 4 Ghost House

Will these darn walls just HURRY UP?

The one with the two moving Boo controlled walls, the world 4 ghost house is one of those levels which really wasn’t designed to be raced through at high speed or with any sort of strict time limit.

For one thing, did you take too long in the first room? Well you’re screwed, because if you took more than a few seconds the walls won’t actually move fast enough for you to reach the first extra time clock without running out beforehand.

Want to get most coins? Hope you’re precise, the area with the blue POW coins and Star Coin gives you very little time to collect the latter if you’re trying to collect all of the former. There’s also a very annoying placed 1-Up/Gold Mushroom which can cause a slow person to get smashed to death against the wall they’re trying to wall kick up, since if you hit the block you don’t have time to reach the nearby roof and Star Coin.

The level just isn’t that fun in Coin Rush.

Other Notable Levels not good for coin rush

World 6 Ghost House

It’s a puzzle level, with maybe at best 250-300 coins total. Really, the only good thing about getting this level in Coin Rush is that you’ll be able to get a Raccoon Leaf to use to reach the top of the flag pole and double your coin total.

World 2 Ghost House

Looks cool, not that fun to play through.

Boohemoth is cool, but dodging what’s basically a very slowly moving wall in a place which lacks a lot of secrets or coin collecting opportunities? Not so cool.

World 3 Castle

The Grinders are a neat enemy hazard and Wendy Koopa is ludicrously easy to defeat if you’re Gold Mario, but the castle in general seems like it’s got way too much risk for way too little gain (using Gold Mario among all those saws is basically suicide, and getting Mini Mario to the bonus room safely is even worse).

Not to mention, it’s worse than every other castle and at least one tower in the same ‘pack’.

So, those are the worst levels to get in Coin Rush, but how about the best ones? Keep checking, since that’ll be in another article!

Agree with my worst Coin Rush Level choices?


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