An Important Message to the Gaming Media

It may come as a shock to you. It certainly comes as a shock to certain individuals on sites like Kotaku, Polygon and Destructoid among others…

If you don’t like video games or gamers, stop writing for a video game website.

It’s not difficult, is it?

I don’t particularly like football or wine tasting. Guess what? I don’t write for a football magazine or a wine tasting website.

And the same should apply to other people. Don’t like how games require actual gameplay and prefer non interactivity? Then become a film critic instead.

Constantly like bashing games for not being ‘feminist’ or ‘inclusive’ enough? Write for one of the legions of feminist or ‘social justice’ blogs out there. I hear Tumblr’s a good place for those types of people.


Above: The perfect place for your complaints about nerd ‘privilege’ and ‘oppression’.

Think you’re better than gamers and don’t like them as a group? Then stop hanging around with gamers and find some other group you fit into better. I don’t care for things like TOWIE… so I don’t hang around with people who worship reality TV show culture or want to be z list celebrities.


Above: If you think ‘gamers are dead’ and ‘gamers aren’t your audience’… then stop writing for a video game site and find something else.

Regardless of what you like and what groups you do or don’t fit into, the message is clear. Stop writing about things you hate the very core essence of and move on to somewhere else. I’m sure when you leave your cushy journalism roles that there will be at least a few hundred thousand willing writers ready to take up the job, and those people will have at least some modicum of respect for gaming and its audience.

In other words… GO AWAY.

This has been a public service announcement from Gaming Reinvented towards the gaming media and press. Have a nice day.


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