A ‘Short’ FAQ about… The Champion’s Ballad in Zelda Breath of the Wild

The Champion's Ballad Artwork

Last Friday, Nintendo released the Champion’s Ballad DLC for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Based around Link exploring new shrines and conquering new challenges to find out about the Champions and their backstory from before the Calamity struck, the expansion is a complex affair, adding tons of new armour sets to find and things to do.

As a result, it’s quite easy to get stuck and struggle to progress in the expansion. Whether it’s finding the new armour, activating the extra shrines or clearing the new dungeon, every step is filled with little things that may make you struggle for whatever reason.

But that’s where we come in! Thanks to our handy new FAQ for the Champion’s Ballad DLC pack, we’ve answered all your questions about the DLC, as well as various questions you probably wouldn’t think of asking but may want to read about anyway. So, if you’re interested and want to find out how this whole thing works, keep reading!

General Questions

Starting with a few answers to the more basic questions you may have about the game. These aren’t shrine or quest specific, but they should at least help with some overall queries you may have about the DLC or its quality as a whole, as well as the structure it uses.

Where do I get the expansion?

If you’ve bought the Expansion Pass, you get it by updating the game from the Switch menu.

Does the expansion need a new save file?


Does it take place after Ganon as a postgame?


Is it a prequel set hundreds of years in the past?

There are memories from back then, but the actual gameplay takes place in the present day.

Do you play as Zelda or the Champions?

Champions Art

No, just Link

And how do I actually start it?

Well, you’ll need to have beaten all four Divine Beasts first. Once you’ve done that, Zelda will send you a message saying you should head back to the Shrine of Resurrection and place the Sheikah Slate in the terminal. This makes the One Hit Obliterator appear, and the quest begins.

Wait, what’s the quest format here?

It’s basically a challenge on the Plateau, a bunch of shrine missions related to the champions and then the new dungeon promised earlier.

There’s a new dungeon?

Yes, and it comes with quite the interesting final boss too.

Oh, okay. What about the armour? Where can I get that?

From various chests found in the world. Our guide will list them soon.

How about the horse armour?

Same deal, they’ll be in the upcoming guide.

And what does the horse armour even do?

The Ancient Bridle gives your horse two extra stamina when equipped, and the Ancient Saddle lets you teleport your horse to you when you whistle, regardless of where in the world you are at the time.

So it’s like how Epona worked in past games?

Pretty much.

How do the extra spurs work?

They’re added on top of your horse’s stamina, to a maximum of ten. So if your horse has five spurs naturally, then it’ll get two from the Bridle and three more if it eats an Endura Carrot.

Any drawbacks?

It doesn’t work on Epona or the Giant Horse, since you can’t change their bridle or saddle.

Okay, makes sense. What effects does the armour have?

The following ones:

  • Royal Guard Uniform: Decreases the amount of stamina used for any action. So swimming, climbing and spin attacking uses less stamina now.
  • Phantom Ganon Armour: Increases the power of bone based weapons (like Dragonbone Clubs or Stalkoblin Arms), acts as a disguise to stop enemies attacking (like Majora’s Mask) and makes you stealthier.
  • Ravio’s Hood: Increases sideways climbing speed
  • Zant’s Helmet: Stops you from being frozen by ice attacks. Like the Thunder Helm, except for ice stuff.
  • Island Lobster Shirt: Grants heat resistance, for desert exploration purposes.

Is any of it useful?

Well, Zant’s Helmet is a nice thing to have when exploring the Hebra region (since it means you don’t need to equip the whole Snowquill Set), the Royal Guard Uniform is a decent exploring kit (because it reduces stamina usage for actions) and the Phantom Ganon Armour has neat side effects, but they’re all pretty situational.

Can any of this armour be upgraded?

No. Annoying, I know, especially given how amiibo armour always seems to be upgradable. Hmm.

Can the armour be dyed?

No. Seems like any DLC or amiibo armour can’t be dyed for whatever reason.

What’s with the tall shrines?

They’re shrines exclusive to this expansion pack. That’s it, they don’t act any differently from any other shrine you may come across.

What’s the deal with the bike?

Master Cycle Zero Artwork

It’s called the Master Cycle Zero, and acts as a new means of transport in this expansion. If you want to know more about how it works (and don’t mind spoilers), read the spoiler questions below.

Will there be more DLC in future?

Maybe. There’s a special broadcast about the game coming on the 12th December, and with the Champion’s Ballad already out, it’s anyone’s guess to what exactly will be included in it.

Honestly, if I had to be the guessing type, I’d say we’re getting at least two more expansions for the game, since the total number of upgrades you can get is always two short of a full health bar and stamina wheel. Add how a non amiibo player will still be short of armour, how the term ‘Expansion Pass’ likely implies more than just two expansions and how most Zelda games take time to develop, and I can see Breath of the Wild getting regular updates for another year or so just to hold people off until the next big game.
However, the real answer is that we don’t know. Nothing has been said one way or the other yet.

Wait, you’re limited in how much armour you can hold?

Yeah, at 100 pieces. It’s the same reason you can permanently lose the Thunder Helm or Champion’s Shirt if your inventory is full (since it doesn’t expand to accommodate them, and NPC gifted armour has questionable ‘checks’ for validity.

Damn, that sucks. Still, can I at least get duplicates of the DLC armour if I lose it?

Yes, you can repurchase DLC armour from Grante in Tarrey Town. You can also buy at least one copy of each set there too, meaning you can now have multiple copies of any DLC armour you like.

Last but not least, should I actually buy the Expansion Pass? Is the Champion’s Ballad (or earlier Master Trials) expansion worth the price?

Honestly, it depends on how much you liked Breath of the Wild without the DLC.

Did you adore it and think the game was one of the best ever made?

If so, buy the Expansion Pass. Both packs are literally just more of what you liked the first time around, and both the new armour and additional shrines/challenges are as well designed as the stuff in the original game.

However, if you didn’t like it that much…

These expansions will not change your mind on the matter. They don’t revolutionise the gameplay, they don’t replace the whole story, they don’t add giant traditional Zelda dungeons to the overworld and the number of new enemies introduced is fairly minimal.

So that ends our first set of questions. If you want to avoid spoilers, stop reading now, since the ones below are all about specific issues people may have in the expansion. If not (or you’re just plain stuck in one of the new shrines or challenges), keep reading!

Spoiler Questions

Unlike the ones above, these questions give away details about the DLC’s content and talk about changes made by its shrine quests. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, it may be best to stop reading now…

I’m stuck in the One Hit Obliterator Trial on the Plateau. Do you have any tips?

Yes, quite a few actually:

  1. Remember that while you can’t change melee weapon, you can still use any arrows you have on you, any stat boosting food you have in your inventory and any shields or armour you feel could be useful here. Hence if you’ve got some Bomb Arrows and a few Savage Lynel Bows… you can just walk most of it.
  2. Secondly, also remember that enemies stay dead in this mission. So if you kill some of a camp’s inhabitants but dying before taking out the rest, the former will stay down.
  3. Finally, cooking works exactly like it normally does. Go nuts and cook as much stat boosting food as you like.

Hope that helps!

What about the Stop to Start trial? There’s one specific jump I can’t make near the end…

Jump onto one of the blocks the spikes are attached to near the sides. If you do it just right, you’ll be able to land on top and then paraglide your way to the end.

Does it matter which order I beat the camps in?

No. Clearing out the camps (and completing their respective shrines) can be done in any order.

How long does the Obliterator take to recharge after hitting an enemy?

One-Hit Obliterator Concept_Artwork

A few seconds or so. It’s a hell of a lot more generous than the Master Sword on that front.

Does it work the same against all enemies?

Yes, though for the most part, more powerful monsters (like Guardians) are few and far between here.

Wait, they’re few and far between?

Yeah, unfortunately. No Lynel camps here. And the Lynel on the Plateau in Master Mode is gone too.

Ah well, I’ve cleared the shrines now. Can I replay them?

Yes, you can replay them at any time. They’re just like any other shrine in that sense.

What about the challenge itself? Can I replay that?

Unfortunately, no. The Obliterator/Plateau trial is a onetime thing, so there’s no way to bring back the new enemy camps, use the one hit kill weapon again or do other stuff like that here. You can re-enter the shrines unlocked during the challenge (as stated above), but you’ll have your usual health and items when doing so.

Can I at least keep the Obliterator? Or take it off the Great Plateau?

Nope. As the Monk says, doing so will make it return to its resting place in the Shrine of Resurrection.

What’s more, don’t try and be sneaky either. Not only does the game take away the Obliterator before any triggers load (like the Gerudo Town guards kicking you out, or that woman getting annoyed Link is stepping on the flowers she planted), but the game actually goes into a sort of ‘low poly’ mode when you’re doing this challenge. This means all NPCs outside of the Plateau (including enemies and overworld bosses) do not spawn until you’ve exited the challenge. Sorry, no using it to sneak attack those Silver Lynels!

Can I at least take a picture of the thing after the quest is done?

Yes, since it returns to the Shrine of Resurrection afterwards. It can’t be picked up ever again, but it does at least let you take a photo of it.

So, the four Divine Beasts areas have new quests attached to them. Can those be done in any order?

Yes. You can also switch between them at will, since they’re basically standalone shrine quests.

How come I can’t find these locations?

The maps provided are subtly different, likely because they were recorded 100 years ago prior to Calamity Ganon’s attack. However, the general geography has remained rather similar, and we’ll have a guide for this stuff later.

Do I still die in one hit while doing this stuff?

Of course not. That only happened because you were wielding the One Hit Obliterator. All other quests involve you using your normal weapons.

Some of these challenges mention rings. What’s that about?

Exactly what you think it is. Blue rings appear in certain locations, and a shrine appears if you pass through them in order. The rings do disappear if you take too long, but they’re extremely generous with the time limit.

Are there any new enemies or bosses in these challenges?

Yes, two. There’s the Molduking (a tougher Molduga fought in the desert) and the Igeneo Talus Titan (a tough Igneo Talus fought on Death Mountain).

However, the changes between them are fairly minimal. The former has no new attacks, and the latter can merely cause waves of lava or what not.

Does that mean I need to get new pictures for the Compendium?

Yes, since the Molduking, Talus and final boss of the DLC expansion all have entries there.

What if I kill them before taking a picture? Is it lost forever?

No, because the new bosses all respawn when the Blood Moon appears. You can refight them as many times you want.

One of Mipha’s trials talks about a glow on the sea when the sun rises in the morning. What does that mean?

It means a blue ring appears on the sea in the morning, and landing on it causes a shrine to appear.

What about the dragon’s horn one? I hit Dinraal’s horn, but nothing happens!

It has to be glowing blue for this to work. Go along the canyon and find the Rito guard, and wait for the dragon to appear there.

And the game also says I need to hit four targets at the flight range, yet nothing happens! What gives?

You have to hit them all in one round of slow motion archery. In other words, if you leave slow motion mode or your stamina runs out, it doesn’t work.

Look, just cut the crap for a minute. Can I have a full list of shrine locations for this expansion? Cause these hints seem vague as all hell…

Well, you asked for it. Here are the solutions for every shrine quest the expansion adds to the game:

Champion Mipha Shrine Quests

Find What the Light Path Shows: Near Knuckel Island, a blue ring appears in the water every morning. Land in that ring to reveal the shrine.

Defeat the Ancient Foes: In the headlands near Upland Zorana, a couple of Guardian Skywatchers and a Guardian Turret have appeared. Defeat them to reveal the shrine.

Chase Rings of the Waterfall: There is now a blue ring near Mikau Lake. Go through it, and then use your waterfall swimming abilities to head through the rest to make the shrine appear.

Champion Daruk Shrine Quests

Stop a Titan of Molten Stone: Near Lake Darman, you’ll find a giant suspicious looking rock in the lava. This will reveal itself to be the Igneo Talus Titan boss when you approach, so defeat it to reveal a shrine.

Follow Rings of Light Alone: On top of Death Mountain, there’s a ring near the Vah Rudania Divine Beast. Head through it to start a ring mission, and go through all of them to make a shrine appear.

Survive Lava’s Fiery Fate: In Darb Pond, there’s now a white symbol on the lava. Move a box or other heavy object underneath it to make a platform in the lava, then stand in it to make the shrine appear.

Champion Revali Shrine Quests

Shoot the Flame Dragons Horn: Near Tanagar Canyon, there’s a campfire next to a Rito guard called Mazli. Wait here until Dinraal appears, and then shoot his horn when it goes blue to make the shrine appear.

Race down a Peak Rings Adorn: There are some blue rings just south of Hebra Peak. Surf through them all in order on your shield to make the shrine appear.

Shoot Four Targets: At the Flight Range, go into slow motion mode and shoot four targets before it ends/you run out of stamina. The shrine will then appear at the bottom.

Champion Urbosa Shrine Quests

Fight the Brute of the Sand: There’s now a giant Molduga called a Molduking near the South Lomei Labyrinth in the Gerudo Desert. Defeat it to reveal the shrine.

Chase Rings Upon the Land: Just north west of Gerudo Town, there’s a blue ring near some sand seals. Surf through the ring (and the others that appear afterwards) to make the shrine appear.

Throw the Orb Underground: Head back to the Yiga Clan Hideout, and go to the arena where you fought Master Kohga. You’ll now see some NPCs by the back door, as well as that the door is now open. Head inside past the now present again Blademasters, and you’ll find an orb near the Mighty Banana horde on the 1st floor. Take it, sneak back out to the arena and throw the orb in the pit to make the shrine appear.

Well, I’ve done this stuff now. Can I replay it in future?

Depends on the quest. To cut a long story short:

All shrines added by this DLC pack are infinitely replayable like any other shrines you may have encountered.

Most NPC placements on the other hand are not permanent, and will reset once the shrine is cleared. So characters like the Zoras near the Akkala region’s islands or the Rito guard watching the dragon will go back to their original locations after their quest is done.

Additional enemies and overworld bosses are permanent additions, and respawn after every Blood Moon. So the Molduking, Igneo Talus Titan and Guardians found near Upland Zorana will now always be found in those locations.

Rings disappear for good once the challenge is completed.

If I’ve upgraded my Champion abilities, how long do they now take to recharge?

  • Mipha’s Grace: 8 minutes (2 minutes and 40 seconds in Hyrule Castle)
  • Revali’s Gale: 2 minutes (40 seconds in Hyrule Castle)
  • Daruk’s Protection: (2 minutes in Hyrule Castle)
  • Urbosa’s Fury: 3 minutes and 30 seconds (1 minute 20 seconds in Hyrule Castle)

How do I get to the new dungeon?

Beat the other challenges, then return to the Shrine of Resurrection and place the Sheikah Slate on the pedestal.

Any tips for the dungeon?

Again, I have a few:

  1. None of the challenges there are mechanically difficult to do. If it feels like your plan is incredibly difficult and things seem awfully finicky, that’s usually a hint that your ‘solution’ is completely wrong.
  2. A new type of Guardian will appear in the lobby after each part of the gate has been unlocked. These are some Guardian Scouts, a Guardian Turret and a Guardian Skywatcher respectively. Hence if you do return there, watch out, since eventually you’ll need to deal with about 10 Guardians at once.
  3. Always look for objects you can move with Magnesis. Moving a hidden object to complete a gear is part of a good chunk of the rooms in the dungeon.

Okay, the boss fight here is pretty cool. But how do I tell which Monk is the real one?

Either uses the camera rune, or use Urbosa’s Fury to take them all out.

Any other tips?

You can drop Mighty Bananas on the floor to distract him, but this only works in the first phase (and he catches on quick).

Other than that… there’s not much to recommend really. He’s basically like a Ganon Blight mixed with Master Kohga and a traditional Zelda boss all in one. A fun, not particularly hard bonus boss with some interesting attacks.

Aw damnit, I forgot to get his photo! How can I battle him again?

Re-enter the dungeon, then examine him in the glass case at the end. You can rebattle him as many times as you like.

Wait, you can re-enter the dungeon too?

Sure. Just examine the pedestal the Sheikah Slate was on at the beginning of the game.

Of course, like with any Zelda dungeon, challenges you’ve completed stay completed, though enemies revive at every Blood Moon.

What can I do with the photo of the Champions I receive at the end?

Hang it on the wall in your house of course! Just approach the bed and watch the cutscene that plays.

Can I buy any of the new enemy pictures from Symin?

Depends. Due to a glitch, he won’t sell any new photos if you completed the Compendium before installing the recent DLC, though you can buy them from him if you hadn’t completed it. Hopefully this will get patched soon.

So how does this Master Cycle Zero work anyway?

Like a horse to be honest. It goes at a slightly higher speed than a 5-star horse, and can climb steep slopes with ease, but it’s basically a very convenient super horse you can take out at any time.

How do I refill the Master Cycle Zero?

Hold materials when next to it, and press A. Different materials refill the tank by different amounts.

Where can you use the bike?

In most parts of the game. It doesn’t work in the desert, the peak of Death Mountain, shrines or dungeons, just like horses don’t work in those same places. However, everywhere else should be fair game.

Finally, what glitches were fixed here in general?

Very few. The glitch to escape the fight with Dark Beast Ganon seems to be gone, since the wall now pushes you out if you try and clip through it. However, most other glitches I can remember have been kept intact. You can still use bombs while parry rushing to clip through the ground, and the same works for horses and walls like it usually did.

And that ends the FAQ. Hopefully it answered most of your questions about the game, we really did intend it to be the ultimate ‘cheat sheet’ for the expansion and its content in general. If it didn’t though… well, just leave a comment with your question below, or mention it over on the forums. We’ll get back to you with the answer, ideally sooner rather than later.

Enjoy the game!


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