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No, PewDiePie is Not a Nazi

A couple of days ago, YouTube star and internet sensation PewDiePie was dropped by Disney and YouTube by making anti Semitic jokes on YouTube. Basically, he’d paid someone on Fiverr (a site where you can get people to do anything for money) to hold up a sign saying ‘death to Jews’, as a twisted example of the kind of crap people do for money.

In other words… he was demonstrating how low some people’s standards were.

As you can guess, this did not go down too well with his sponsors. YouTube quickly booted him from their special advertising program, Disney dropped their partnership with his channel and well, quite a few websites turned on him pretty much instantly. It basically took a career that was making millions and sent it plummeting downwards in a matter of hours.

Hell, even the people in the video got (temporarily) banned from Fiverr! Like the guy pretending to be Jesus.

So it was a silly, career hurting move all round.

But it doesn’t make PewDiePie a Nazi.

Yes, he crossed the line and ended up offending everyone with a joke that was in bad taste.

But he didn’t believe what he was saying. And that’s the key really. A Nazi believes in things like racial supremacy and genocide and all manner of other horrible things because they agree with the idea. They believe that the Nazi Party did the right thing in the 30s and 40s, that Hitler was a good leader. All that stuff. Basically, they’re sick minded twats who love the idea of a Fourth Reich and think their twisted ideas make sense.

PewDiePie is not. PewDiePie is basically just a comedian mocking desperate people on a service which lets them do anything in exchange for cash. It’s not really any different to having a European liberal recite Donald Trump lines or an American politician read from Marx’s communist manifesto.

Yes, it’s a stupid idea. But it’s not serious. It’s merely illustrating the desperate lengths Fiverr lets you go to for cash.

And the other ‘examples’ are similar. PewDiePie is making controversial jokes for attention. He doesn’t actually believe what people think he believes. H3H3Productions says it best in this video:

That doesn’t mean Disney was wrong to drop him. Disney is notoriously worried about controversy, and will drop anyone or anything that may even potentially hurt their public image. Just ask Harlan Ellison, who got sacked on his first day at Disney for making jokes about a Mickey Mouse porn film in the cafeteria. Or the many stars dropped or disowned by the company for not acting ‘pure’ outside of work:

It’s called Contractual Purity, and even has a page on TV Tropes. Complete with Disney having its own folder there!

So in that sense, they’re basically like Nintendo as a company. No tolerance for anything that may even potentially harm their own.

Hence for them, dropping PewDiePie did make sense. They didn’t want to be under fire by moral guardians and parents reading about racism in online newspaper articles/on the evening news.

But this doesn’t mean PewDiePie is a Nazi. He made a few jokes in bad taste and got ‘sacked’ for it, but he doesn’t hold such views or believe they’re right. Instead, he just tried to be funny via some black humour and went too far.

That’s it. Stop overreacting and assuming anyone who makes an offensive joke is a Nazi please.

Can We Please Stop Blaming Games for Violence Already?

Ever since the medium was founded, it seems people have been obsessed with trying to tie video games to real life violence. It happened in the 90s, where Mortal Kombat got criticised for its gory fatalities and violent fighting moves. It happened in the 00s, where games like Grand Theft Auto III were major targets of people like Jack Thompson, an angry lawyer who seemingly thought violent games were behind everything wrong with society. And even in the early 10s, it seems we’ve had people complaining about the likes of Hatred on the assumption it’ll turn video games into violent sociopaths.

But you’d think this whole idiocy would have died down by now, right?

After all, Jack Thompson isn’t even a lawyer any more (he got disbarred due to his unprofessional actions in court). Multiple generations have now grown up playing games (whereas before, adults who hadn’t played them didn’t understand the medium at all). And Christian pastors complaining about games and Satanism have mostly fallen by the wayside.

So it’s got to be better now, right?

Well no. Sadly you’d be wrong there. Because now even with whole generations of kids and adults having grown up with video games and titles like Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto being around for decades, people are STILL blaming real life acts of violence on video games.

For example, look at this Time Magazine article. Just a few days after a poor man was kidnapped and tortured for multiple days, you’ve got a writer blaming it on video games. Oh sure it was. Forget the shouts of “Fuck Trump” and “fuck white people” you could clearly hear in the background. Forget those obvious signs and how they pointed to a politically motivated attack inspired by the growing political polarisation in the United States.

Oh no, it has to be video games.

What’s more, they even thought GamerGate had something to do with it! Yeah, you try and figure that one out folks. The organisation the media is calling ‘right wing’ inspired anti Trump violence.

And that’s only one example of this stupidity. Remember that terrorist attack in Munich a few months back?

The German Minister of Interior blamed that on video games and ‘violent videos on the net’. You know, despite ISIS taking responsibility? Despite it being very clear that Islamic extremism was the motivation?

But no. They blamed on games again.

Just like Actor Tyson Beckson, who claimed games were responsible for police shootings. Apparently racism is too obvious a cause here. Or something.

It goes on and on. Remember that horrific crime where Dylan Roof murdered a bunch of innocent church goers because he was a racist scumbag? Some journalist thinks video games were to blame there too. WSBTV thought GamerGate was responsible for one shooting.

And it just doesn’t make any sense. I mean, it’s obvious that gaming isn’t really the cause for any of this. Every story was tied to political extremism, religious extremism or bigoted hatred instead.

I mean, if someone clearly goes around shouting that they want to kill the infidels for their deity of choice, they’re not venting about the time they lost in Call of Duty. They’re not saying that Mario Kart’s Blue Shell sent them over the edge.

They’re saying they’re a religious nutcase who was indoctrinated by an evil doomsday cult. It’s blatantly obvious.

And that sort of thing has been the case for every terrorist incident or act of violence in recent history. It’s never been a guy turning into a psycho after playing too much Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, it’s been someone who’s been someone with extreme political or religious views trying to kill those they hate.

Yet everyone always seems to be looking for another scapegoat. It’s like the press just can’t stand the idea that religious or political ideas might be responsible for violence in the world. It’s like there’s an invisible rule saying ‘don’t ban religious extremism for crimes or terrorist attacks’. As if they can’t tell the difference between a normal person with religious beliefs and a roving lunatic wanting to kill people in the name of their god.

Which is made more depressing by how terrible video games are as a target here anyway. I mean, how many wars and mass riots have been caused by video games in your lifetime?

None. Zero. Zilch.

There’s been one war supposedly set off by a football match gone wrong. Riots at sports games and music concerts are a moderately common occurrence. And there was apparently some mass hysteria when people believed a War of the Worlds radio drama was an actual alien invasion (though nowhere near as much as people believed).

But video games? Nothing. Not one war, riot or incident of mass violence/panic has been set off by a video game. No terrorists or serial killers have cited video games as the cause of their attacks, and almost all facts show the number of violent crimes decreasing after games were introduced rather than increasing as you might otherwise expect.

So why would they be a cause of violence? Fiction causing violence is simply a non factor on a statistical level.

So let’s stop blaming games for violence, and instead focus on the actual causes of such atrocities. Because at the end of the day, far more violence is caused by religious and political factors than it is by someone being inspired by what’s on their PlayStation or Xbox.

10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Notice in The New Breath of the Wild Trailer

As you know all, a new trailer for The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild was released at the Nintendo Switch Presentation a couple of days ago. Here’s the video again, in case you haven’t seen it:

As you can see, it shows an awful lot more of the game than we saw previously. There are villages, NPC species/races like Gorons and Zora. New enemies and bosses are shown. And much more besides.

However, those are only some of the obvious things! Yeah the Gorons appear here, but did you know the Gerudo make an appearance too? That at least one character has a connection to the Fierce Deity from Majora’s Mask? Or that the Deku Tree may make an appearance?

If not, then step right up, and find out more about these cool details from the new trailer!

10. The Molgera Like Sandworm in the Desert

Such as the Molgera like sandworm in the desert area. Looks pretty similar to the Wind Waker boss, doesn’t it?

And that’s not all, it also fights pretty similarly too. You’ve got smaller creatures attacking Link around it, like the Molgera spawn from The Wind Waker. The creatures jaws open in that really wide style that make it seems like he tries to eat Link from underground. And heck, the character even seems to be flying through the air when he exits the sand! Like say, both Molgera and the Twinmold from Majora’s Mask!

So yeah, I guess this guy might be throwback to earlier Zelda titles, and appear as a dungeon boss at some point in the story.

9. The Ominous Darkness in the Water

But while it’s clear that guy is a boss, the darkness in the picture is a little less easy to decipher.

Seriously, what is that?

It looks like glowing Dark Matter (from the Super Mario Galaxy series) in Calamity Ganon’s colour scheme. Or in other words, a physical embodiment of his evil encountered as an obstacle in the overworld or something.

And that’s not all that’s interesting in the picture. Oh no, look at that rock formation a bit more carefully.

Looks an awful lot like a dragon type creature, doesn’t it? Or perhaps more accurately, the skeletal remains of a dragon type creature.

So perhaps Ganon’s evil essence might be heading to revive the critter, with Link having to get there quick before things take a turn for the worse. Or maybe I’m just overthinking this.

It’s pretty hard to tell.

8. Glimpses of Dungeons?

What’s a tad less hard to tell though is quite what’s going on in the background of scenes.

That’s because they seem to show something we’ve never seen before in Breath of the Wild. Namely, the actual dungeons you explore throughout the story.

Think about it. You’ve got a giant ominous lava cave with twisted platforms and metal floors, which doesn’t any location we’ve seen as of yet. There’s a tomb like room with a Sheikah Warrior (which gives Ancient Cistern vibes).

And there are two enemies which seem a little tougher than the ones you see on the overworld. Aka the Dinolfos and the Sheikah Warrior.

That gives me the impression that they’re found in the ‘proper’ dungeons’. Like how in Zelda 1 and 2, the monsters in the underworld were much stronger than those on the overworld.

So it seems like we now have a few glimpses at the actual dungeons in this trailer too.

7. The Sheikah Warrior

But talking of the ‘Sheikah Warrior’, that’s another interesting thing in the video. Have a good look at this guy’s ‘face’:

Yeah, it looks a lot like the Mask of Truth from Ocarina of Time. It’s got the Sheikah Symbol prominently visible and looks very close to the Gossip Stones you see throughout that adventure.

So is this guy an artificial construct by the Sheikah? Perhaps some sort of golem or something?

I’m going to say yes here. He looks like a Sheikah built Iron Knuckle equivalent, so that’s what I’m going to assume he is for the time being.

6. The Helix Sword?

And it’s not just the warrior himself who’s the interesting one. Oh no, look at those glowing swords he’s fighting with.

Don’t they look familiar to you?

I’m sure they do. Because as any Zelda fan knows, their shape is identical to that of the Double Helix Sword that Fierce Deity Link uses in Majora’s Mask.

Which makes me wonder: is this perhaps what the Fierce Deity’s tribe looked like when alive?

Or do the Sheikah have some connection to the ancient tribe that created the mask? Either way, it seems like we could be seeing some interesting Majora’s Mask ties in this game’s lore.

5. Another Skull Rock?

Still, onto something a bit less ‘important’ now. Do you see this skull shaped rock here?

It looks very similar to one we’ve seen earlier, doesn’t it?

Yep, that’s because it’s the same design as another skull shaped rock in the E3 demo. That one acted like a sort of enemy base, where you’d get some rare equipment by defeating enemies in the cave there.

But it wasn’t located in this area. It was on the Great Plateau, embedded in a grassy hillside. So

So what’s it doing here too? Why is this one identical landmark found in two separate places in Breath of the Wild?

Well, that’s a good question actually. Maybe it’s the design for Bokoblin hideouts in the game? Perhaps it replaces the sea towers from The Wind Waker (or the submarines from the same game)?

Or maybe it connects to the storyline somehow. And like in the Wind Waker’s Triforce Quest, it ties into a late game collectathon quest that has you finding a secret stored in these places. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out!

4. The Glowing Castle Towers

Another neat thing about the trailer is in the scene with the Calamity Ganon and Hyrule Castle.

Note the pillars there. Or more precisely, how this time they seem to be lit up with the same malevolent looking glow as Calamity Ganon itself, as well as the darkness in the earlier item on the list.

This seems to ‘confirm’ the old theory that the pillars around the castle aren’t just for show, but actually do something to restrain Ganon’s power. Kind of like how the Spirit Tracks work in the DS Zelda game of the same name.

3. The Gerudo Fortress?

We also see evidence the Gerudo are in Breath of the Wild too.

Too obvious?

Well, I wasn’t just referring to this Gerudo character.

Oh no, look closely at the desert ‘oasis’ type area earlier in the trailer. Or more precisely, the door at the start.

You’ll see the Gerudo symbol clearly visible there and then. So not only are they in this game, but this area seems to be their headquarters. And well, based on the water and fancy architecture, it’s actually quite a nice looking area too.

So that also implies the game is perhaps set before Ocarina of Time and other such games. Before Ganon’s ‘land’ became a lifeless desert. Perhaps the war in this game is what screwed the area up to begin with. Maybe Ganon’s evil actions in Breath of the Wild are why he’s so depressed in the finale to the Wind Waker.

Or perhaps it’s all just a coincidence. Eh, I’m going with the former.

2. Another Glimpse of a Desert Dungeon?

Additionally, the desert also seems to be the location of at least one major dungeon in the Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

After all, what else could this mysterious building with the metal towers nearby be? There’s a cutscene nearby, with Link and multiple friendly NPCs in the vicinity. It’s large enough to cover multiple floors with what looks like areas to explore inside and out. And hey, just about everything here screams ‘this area is plot important’.

So it seems that’s one dungeon location in the game.

And I think I know another one too. Namely, this area:

Yeah, that Sphinx statue is again, way too big and suspicious looking not to be plot relevant here. Hence I suspect it too hides a dungeon entrance of some sort. Presumably the mountain area dungeon to go with the desert one?

I guess so. But where are the other two dungeons the game is likely to have?

1. The Return of the Deku Tree

Well, maybe this location from the trailer may give a hint there.

That’s because as you can see, it seems to be the base of the operations for the Koroks across the Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.

And you know what that usually means, right?

Yep. It usually means the Deku Tree is round the corner somewhere. In fact, it seems to be right here!

Can you see it? Yep, that seems to be the same Deku Tree design from Ocarina of Time, just rendered a fair bit more realistically and in less detail. What’s more, it seems the video narration could well be from him as well!

So yeah, another old favourite from Ocarina of Time returns in Breath of the Wild. Neat eh?

Kanto vs Sinnoh; What Will the Next Pokemon Remakes Be?

In almost every generation after the third, an older set of Pokemon games have been remade. Gen 3 had FireRed/LeafGreen, which revisited the original titles with new colourful sprites and extra areas. Gen 4 had HeartGold and SoulSilver, which reimagined Johto in the style of the modern titles (complete with online multiplayer). And then generation 6 got Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, reimaginings of the generation 3 titles with full 3D graphics and worlds.

So with Sun and Moon being generation 7, and the Nintendo Switch likely getting a new Pokemon game of some sort, it’s quite obvious we’re due for another set of games.

But here’s where it gets complicated.

Basically, there is almost equal amounts of evidence available for both Diamond and Pearl remakes and Red and Blue ones. After all, lots of things (like Lillie’s story and Pokemon GO compatibility) point to Kanto, and lots of others (like Type: Null point to Sinnoh).

So let’s have a look shall we? Let’s weigh up the evidence for Kanto and Sinnoh, and see which comes out on top!

Pokemon Red and Blue (Generation 1) Remakes

Starting with the reasons why Nintendo might decide to revisit gen 1 all over again…

It’s a Milestone Celebration

Such as the game being a sort of milestone celebration for the franchise. What do I mean by this?

Well, if future Pokemon games are coming to the Nintendo Switch, then that technically means it’s the first ever time a main series Pokemon game has been released on home console! No, we’re not counting Colosseum or XD here. They were good games, but they weren’t really traditional Pokemon in the gameplay department.

These games would be. And so it only seems logical for them to revisit the region everyone remembers in glorious HD graphics with an orchestrated soundtrack blaring in the background. To deliver the definitive version of the Kanto region for the people who grew up with it.

But it’s not just timing and nostalgia on its side. Oh no, there are story reasons for a generation 1 remake too!

Continue Reading…

My Thoughts on… Psycutlery!

Here at Gaming Reinvented, we’ve been a bit too Nintendo focused recently. We’ve talked about the Nintendo Switch like it’s going out of fashion (despite not even being out yet). Written legions of articles on Pokemon Sun and Moon (plus various other major Nintendo titles). And focused perhaps a bit too much of the site on fan games and projects.

Either way, we think it’s about time for a bit of a change. So here’s my thoughts on an interesting little indie game called Psycutlery, whose latest demo was released today!

So what is Psycutlery? Why am I writing about this game rather than so many others?

Well, have you heard of Psycho Waluigi? That awesome Mario fan game where Waluigi goes around conquering kingdoms and defeating enemies with his newly gained psychic powers?

The one that’s considered by many on Mario Fan Games Galaxy as the best Mario fan game of all time?

If so, then Psycutlery is basically the game’s spiritual successor. Developed by Eyes in Everything (a new indie studio founded by Psycho Waluigi creator Thunder Dragon), the game has many similar elements to it, complete with mind control mechanics and interesting puzzle platformer gameplay. In other words, it’s basically an expanded sequel to Psycho Waluigi, except with the character and world being completely original and non Nintendo based.

And dear god, it is a great game. Seriously, have a look at this video I recorded of the title earlier:

As you can see, it works perfectly. The physics are rock solid, with the main character moving exactly where you want her to. The psychic powers work well, with their mouse controls working just as expected with no flaws or delays. And what’s more, the sheer level of depth the game has in its mechanics and design is outstanding:

For example, not only can you shoot telepathic arrows at enemies in all directions (by aiming with the mouse and pressing the attack button), but you can also pick up enemies and chuck them around the screen from a distance too, kind of like a 2D version of the Gravity Gun from Half Life. Or pick up rocks and send them catapulting across the screen, doing multiple bits of damage every time they whack into an enemy.

And then there’s the whole ‘extra powers’ thing. Basically, you can collect special power ups in mid level which give you a second attack if you click the right mouse button.
These attacks include:

  1. The ability to breathe fire in any direction, like the watermelon effect from Yoshi’s Island
  2. A tornado move, where your character can dash across the screen in all directions with the mouse and right mouse button
  3. An electric shield, that can be activated the same way and destroys both enemies and blocks with ease

Plus all manner of others too! So not only do you have full mind control/levitation abilities, but you also have fancy temporary power ups and abilities too, all of which open more puzzles and possibilities.

Also of interest is the unicorn power up, which acts exactly like Yoshi does in the Mario series (or the Animal Buddies in Donkey Kong Country). Hop on, fly around the screen like a maniac. And take an extra hit if you touch an enemy, since the horse absorbs it and runs away for a bit.

Either way, it’s a nice deep gameplay setup for a 2D platformer, and one that will open up a lot of possibilities in the full version.

However, what about the rest of it? Do the graphics, music or other presentation aspects compare?

Well yes, and no.

On the one hand, the graphics look fairly decent. Are they amazing? Eh, I wouldn’t say so. They’re nice, and they’re on par with Psycho Waluigi’s original sprites, but I wouldn’t exactly go as far as to say it’s the prettiest 2D platformer I’ve ever seen. Just decent. Clear, crisp and with a nice consistent art style.

And the menus are professional enough. Lots of decent options (like screen size, control scheme + remapping, etc), all of which offer more control than a lot of indie platformers do.

But I’m not a fan of the music. Okay, it doesn’t hurt your ears. It’s tolerable enough to listen to as you’re playing through the test level. And it does fit the scenario the game is going for.

However, it’s just not very memorable or catchy. Instead, it’s just ‘generic’ sci-fi music. And it doesn’t give the game its own identity.

Meanwhile, contrast how catchy say, the Donkey Kong Country music is, or how catchy the Wario Land series music is:

Feels like those games have much more of a unique style to them in the soundtrack department, and it works really well as a result. Still, it’s only one level song so far, so I’ll judge the soundtrack again when the full game is complete.

Finally, there’s one gripe I have with the mechanics, and that’s how the controls work with both the mouse and keyboard.

Put simply, it can become a bit disorientating, given how often you have to switch between the keyboard and mouse when playing.

And I think that’s where the game probably could have worked better with a very different input method. One which Nintendo has (somewhat unfortunately) scrapped in recent years.

Yep, I’m talking about the Wii Remote. I believe that’s the control input this game was designed for. You’d move around with the nunchuck, press A or B to use attacks, and then use the remote’s IR pointer to pick up and aim enemies. That feels like an input method that fits this game’s setup.

But hey, that’s probably not possible now. The Wii and Wii U are dead, and the Nintendo Switch likely isn’t going to have any form of motion controls included. Eh, I guess the dual control sticks might work as a substitute here, right?

Eh, I guess so. Either way, we’ll see what happens on that front when the game is finished and (maybe) available for other platforms.

Either way, regardless of those issues, Psycutlery is a great little indie 2D platformer, and a title that’s well worth checking out when it’s released in full. So make sure to follow Eyes in Everything on Twitter (or their official site), and get ready for what could be one of the best indie platformers of all time!