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Pokemon Crystal Coming to eshop


Good news to classic Pokemon lovers, Nintendo announced today that Pokemon Crystal will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS eshop on January 26th 2018.

Pokemon Crystal will be compatible with the Pokemon Bank as well as have wireless trading and battling with the other 3DS Pokémon games.

Masahiro Sakurai Thanks Super Smash Bros Fans

It’s been a while since Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U was first announced, but now it seems development has finally come to a close. In his last column in Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, series creator Masahiro Sakurai has thanked the fans for their love and support for the series, and mentioned how he’s taking a well deserved vacation. Here’s his comment about the situation, in his own words:

The last two DLC fighters for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U, Corrin and Bayonetta, are now available. At long last, the development on Smash for has ended!! To all of the staff who were involved in this project, thank you for all your hard work. To all who supported and followed the game and its development, thank you so very much. Personally, I’m happy I can finally take an extended vacation.

The fighters themselves become the sources of new excitement. That’s why the new fighters can do things the others cannot, to bring to life a number of battles that did not previously exist. Smash is much more extravagant in its design than other fighting games, development is difficult, and I have to deal with oversight from the original creators, but I have to do my best.

But now that raises one more question. Namely… will he be back for part 5?

Because with the Wii U failing to really find much of an audience and the Nintendo NX release date right round the corner, it seems inevitable than a fifth Super Smash Bros game will be announced to go with it. Heck, even Sakurai didn’t know he was going to working on the last game til Iwata came in and basically said it needed to exist! And with all the rumours that the new console will actually launch with a Super Smash Bros game (even if it’s just a modified version of the Wii U one), we’re starting to suspect his holiday this year won’t be a particularly long one.

What do you think about this announcement?


Sakurai’s Famitsu Column 499 (translation) – Source Gaming

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam; Paper Toad Freeze-Out Guide

In Mario & Luigi Paper Jam, there’s a certain mission in Mount Brrr where you have to find Paper Toads hidden around the mountain village. Named ‘Paper Toad Freeze-Out’ the mission is supposed to be a somewhat pleasant Toad hunt in a nice scenic location. You know, just the standard Toad hunt mission setup.

Unfortunately, it’s nothing like a ‘pleasant’ experience. With randomised Toad locations (the only ones in the game), lying NPCs, a bad random number generator and a truly obnoxious time limit in Hard mode, Paper Toad Freeze-Out is the kind of mission that will drive you to utter insanity. No, the music doesn’t help either…

Above: The kind of song you’d play to torture inmates in a psychiatric institution.

So to save everyone from going mad, here’s a full guide to Paper Toad Freeze-Out in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam. Listing every possible location the Toads might be found in, as well as various other ‘tricks’ you may not know, we hope this guide will stop any more people having to ask about the level on various Mario related message boards and forums.

General Tips

The Paper Toad quartet behind the shops only appear after you talk to the four Toads in front of the Lakitu Info Centre. If you don’t talk to them, then the game won’t say there’s anything hidden behind the shops.

Whether a group of Toads or a Fuzzy spawns behind the shop you’re checking is entirely up to the random number generator. On some instances, you’ll get the Paper Toads right off the bat, in others, you’ll have to go through two, three or even four Fuzzies before you find the Toads you’re looking for. What’s that saying about insanity?

That it’s doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different results?

Well, this mission is only beatable if you’re lucky or a nutcase. Take that as you will.

Try and use a timer card to add five minutes to clock when playing the Hard Mode version. You can use one during a Fuzzy battle, which you will likely run into because the RNG hates your guts.

Check the fences. There’s almost always at least one Paper Toad found attached to a random fence in the area.

Paper Toad Locations

In Plain Sight

This Paper Toad is in plain sight amongst a group of normal Toads. Just speak to him to add him to your ‘collection’.


This Paper Toad is acting as a hat on this Toad’s head.  To get him, speak to the Toad and say that you like his hat, that you like the material and you want to touch it (the hat).

Note that to be extra annoying, the game makes two out of three right choices selected by default, then keeps one wrong choice as selected amongst them.  Presumably it’s so anyone mashing the A button to get through the cutscene cannot quickly get this Paper Toad without reading.

Tree Top

This Toad is folded into the shape of a star and stuck on top of the tree in the middle of the courtyard.  Like a Christmas tree decoration.  Trio Hammer the tree to get him down.

Behind the Counter

It’s hard to see, but there’s a yellow Paper Toad hidden behind the shop counter here.  Walk along until you see a exclamation mark inside a red spiky bubble, then press A to add this Toad to your collection.

Inside the Wardrobe

There’s a Paper Toad in the wardrobe here.  He spins around, so it’s easy enough to see him, and you’ll have to press A when nearby to get him out.

Fast Toad

A green Paper Toad may spawn near the green exit pipe at the far side of the village.  Unfortunately, this one likes running away from Mario and co, so chase him round the pipe til you catch him.

In a Tree

Here’s another Paper Toad, caught up in a tree near the right side of the village.  Trio Hammer the tree to get him down.

Toad On a Fence

One of the fences a Paper Toad may spawn on.  Can you see him?  He’s wrapped around the fence post in the middle of the picture.  Walk up to him and press A when the exclamation appears to get him.

Toad Fence 2

Another Toad wrapped around a fence, this time to the left of the Lakitu Info Centre.  You know the drill here.

Toad Behind Tree

It’s not really possible to show this in a picture, but the Toad above sometimes appears if you walk around the tree in the middle of the central plaza.  He’ll start following the Mario bros, so turn around and speak to him before he runs away again.

Toad Underground in Plaza

On some occasions, Paper Toads will appear underground, digging through the snow like the bros do after using Trio Drill.  This one appears in the central plaza, so dig underground and dash towards him to force him out.

Toad Underground Front of Lakitu Centr

Same deal as above, except in front of the Lakitu Info Centre.  Uses Trio Drill and dash at the Toad to get him out.

Toad on Fence 3

Another Toad on a fence.  It’s easy to get him down.

Toad Ball

This Paper Toad has been folded up into a ball, and is being tossed between these two Toads in their house.  Jump or use Trio Grab to get him down.

Toad in Books

This Paper Toad can be found in the pile of books near the door inside the Lakitu Info Centre.  Press A when next to him to get him out.

Paper Toad in Cloud

Sometimes, a Paper Toad can be found in this Lakitu’s Cloud.  You may have to keep questioning him, until he lets Mario and co ‘inspect his cloud’.  Either way, you can tell if a Paper Toad is in this cloud, because the Lakitu will keep moving up and down and trying to force it out.  It’s pretty obvious.

Toad in a Box

This Toad can sometimes be found in the box of paper to the back right of the Lakitu Info Centre.

Toads Group

The awkward one, where you get four Paper Toads from behind a shop.  You just have to keep checking and clicking yes when it asks if you ‘want to look here’.  Eventually, four Paper Toads will run out.

And that’s Paper Toad Freeze-Out.  As far as we can tell, those are all the locations the Paper Toads might be found in, as well as the requirements necessary to make some of them appear.  Hope that helps you complete Mario & Luigi Paper Jam!

If we’re missing anything, post about it in the comments below or the Gaming Reinvented forums, or bother us on Twitter or other social media channels.

Metroid Game by MercurySteam Declined by Nintendo?

As many gamers nowadays know, MercurySteam is the company responsible for the Castlevania Lords of Shadow series on various HD systems and the 3DS. But did you know that they were originally planning on making a game based on a very different Metroidvania series?

Yep, they had plans to make a Metroid game for Nintendo systems. Here’s a video about the game and what’s known about its development:

Seemingly, it was a first person game set in a sci-fi post apocalyptic environment. Perhaps a bit like Halo or Gears of War in terms of concept and art design.

Unfortunately for some (and fortunately for the large amount of people who disliked Lords of Shadow), the game never came to be. Nintendo turned down the concept after the pitch, and the game was trashed altogether.

But what do you think? Were Nintendo right to turn down MercurySteam’s pitch for a new first person Metroid game? Or would you have liked to see the team get a chance at a new Metroid title?

Super Smash Bros for Wii U; Ryu and Roy’s Final Smashes

As recorded by Youtuber Master of Hyrule, here are Ryu and Roy’s final smashes in the Wii U and 3DS version of Super Smash Bros:

Ryu’s one is a twist on his traditional Hadoken move, which either sends the user flying off the edge in a ball of energy or has him use it on them at close range with a following uppercut, sending them flying into the distance.

Roy on the other hand…gets Marth’s critical hit move, except weaker to the point it doesn’t automatically KO the opponent.  Yeah, that sucks doesn’t it? He doesn’t even get new graphics for it like Dr Mario does when he uses the Mario Finale.

Still, the fact Ryu seems to have two completely different Final Smashes is fantastic, and both of his finishing moves are absolutely perfect, so it all evens itself out in the end. One playable character with an interesting moveset, one playable character with a rather disappointing one.