Concerns about Super Mario 3D Land (why it’s a flawed idea)

Note: This is an (extremely infamous) archived article from the old site Super Mario 3D Land News.  It shows my disdain for the linearity focused direction of the 3D Mario series clearly, it quotes Sean Malstrom in places and it ended up nearly destroying the site’s reputation on Youtube.  Either way, no one on Nintendo 3DS Daily actually agrees with this any more, so trying to criticise it now is a complete waste of time.

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Super Mario 3D Land Theme Tune

The actual one this time, not the fan made recreation I accidentally mixed up with the actual one posted a few months back.  It’s pretty average quality (due to the fact the uploader apparently recorded it on some kind of miniature radio), but it’s now a bit clearer than usual and with none of the annoying sound effects the versions ripped straight from the trailers have.

Note: This was archived from Mario 3D Land News before it closed down.