‘Interesting’ New 3DS Commercials

Interesting being the right word here, because how unnatural they look/sound actually nearly made me die of laughter rather than wanting the games advertised (although I do already own both Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3D Land, so it’s not too bad).

More Mario Kart 7 Videos

First of all, the Mario Kart 7 one.  I can’t say anything other than wow at Nintendo outright insulting their fanbase.  I mean, the very first sentence is about how people playing online are so tough to beat and must be IT guys who play Mario Kart all day.  They’ve pretty gone and mocked the forum population…

Cue the cut to some school girls in Japan talking about whether they should let these people win or keep beating them at Mario Kart.  I have to admit, by this point an awful lot of Mario Kart fans would probably sympathise, given how you can’t go a week on some sites without hearing how ‘Japanese gamers gang up on Westerners’ or something of that nature.  I guess you could say it’s sort of an accurate portrayal of what some GameFAQs users think of Mario Kart 7 as like…

Still, bit of an embarassing commercial, don’t you think?

Next up, the awkward one for Super Mario 3D Land.  Two things strike me as rather weird here, namely, why the hell are they advertising this alongside Resident Evil in the same commercial?  As much as both games are supposedly really good, they don’t at all share the same audience and it just seems rather jarring to cut between Mario footage and Resident Evil footage in minutes.

More Super Mario 3D Land Videos

I don’t know what sounds more ridiculous, the fact two actors are trying to compare a Mario platformer to a survival horror game and talking about shotguns and fireballs in the same sentence, or the fact one actress randomly goes shouting out about bullets with faces as if it’s ‘totally radical’.  Yeah, that’s how normal life works Nintendo, we go around comparing Mario to Resident Evil with a bunch of friends while standing around in the kitchen.  It’s just so corny as to be hilarious.

Still, hope you enjoy these commercials, I’d say both fall squarely into ‘so bad its good’ and both made me laugh at them rather than want to buy any games…

Rune Factory 4 Magazine Scan

Just the one, but it likely has quite a bit of information on the game, for all those people waiting for it.  See the scan below:

So, anyone interested in this game? And if you are, does the scan give any more new information?

New Kid Icarus Uprising Screens!

Not very many unfortunately, but what ones there are do look pretty cool, and there are finally some more pictures of the augumented reality/card based functionality the game has.  So here are the screens:

First up, this action packed screenshot of Pit fighting some enemies in the sky. It looks quite pretty, don’t you agree?

Meanwhile, this shows the ground based combat.  However, two things immediately strike me as a bit unusual here, namely:

  1. What’s that purple vortex doing in the background? My best guess is that it’s where the enemies are coming from, but for all we know it could be used to warp Pit to the next level or something.
  2. What’s the temple like building in the background?  Is it a vital part of the mission?

We also have a screenshot of the two headed hell hound boss, Twinbellows.  Nice action shot this, showing the battle actually in progress and him attacking Pit rather than just standing there and looking ominous like in initial screenshots.  Oh, and a random piece of trivia many people likely don’t know… Twinbellows is not technically based on Cerberus.  No, there’s actually a second mythological devil dog in Greek mythology called Orthrus, who is a two headed dog that resembles Twinbellows more than Cerberus does.  And said dog was apparently the brother of Cerberus.

But that’s enough random ancient Greek trivia for today.

Finally, we have a screenshot of the multiplayer mode.  It looks pretty fun, but I have to admit the health bar with the name ‘Phil’ above it takes quite a bit of the atmosphere out the whole thing. I just find it hard to take the whole classical part of the game seriously when your online opponents will be named after their actual selves and various characters from pop culture.  Now, the epic battle of Skyworld!  With combatants called Bob Smith, Phil, Tom, Chuck Norris and Darth Vader.  But hey, that’s just my opinion.

Now, the AR cards.  They look quite cool if you ask me.  Much more professional than any of the trading card tie ins Nintendo usually releases alongside their big name games (maybe except for Pokemon).

And what making the characters on the cards fight looks like.

So, with Kid Icarus Uprising looking better and better, who’s looking forward to this game, and do they think it’ll become a new Smash Bros level phenomenon?

Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games; More Footage

Some more footage of the 3DS version of the game, in the form of a rudimentary, semi thrown together trailer:

Admittedly, it’s not that interesting a game from what I can tell, and the events seem to be much the same thing as in the first olympics game with a few minor additions.  But is anyone excited for Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games?