Random 3DS Game Footage; Fire Emblem, Rhythm Thief and More

Because I don’t see the purpose of devoting entire pages to single videos and less than a hundred words of information, so I’ve gathered all the recent 3DS related videos of note and added them into this news post.  Hope you like them!

Rhythm Thief

Some footage of the Endless Dance mode uploaded by Nintendaan on Youtube. For those that actually care, he also says he beats his own high score.

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GameStop is selling Nintendo 3DS eShop games now?

And if you’re one of the many people who wonders how the hell they’re trying to achieve this, join the club.  Apparently GameStop is selling downloadable eShop games.

No really:

Pushmo?  Not the only one either, they’re also selling Super Mario Land 2 for the 3DS eShop:

Apparently you get a download code and instructions on how to claim the games after buying them through their website.

Doesn’t this just seem incredibly pointless though? Isn’t it much easier to just go online via your 3DS and buy it directly from the eShop (and likely at a cheaper price)?  Apparently Amazon does this as well, which seems just about as unnecessary and pointless.

If you can buy them in store that’d be even funnier though.  Someone going to all the time and effort of driving to a retail shop and physically buying a 3DS download code just to drive back and use it on their 3DS.

Does anyone else think this seems like a rather ridiculous thing to be selling in an actual shop or outside the original service?

Nintendo Starts ‘What Happens Next’ Campaign to promote Spirit Camera

This has to be Nintendo’s first attempt at promoting a horror game of sorts, right?  Because all things considered while it seems like an interesting idea (assuming their goal is to use these videos for viral marketing), the execution seems a bit to be desired.

You can see the first video here:

And the official Youtube channel for them here:

So what’s my reaction to this video?  Well I’ll put it bluntly, it made me laugh at the idiots running around in it more than fear for them.  Maybe it’s the over reacting these actors seem to do, the fact there’s a 3DS console involved somehow (horror + video game consoles never worked in advertisements) or perhaps its how at about halfway through someone’s laptop flies off the table at high speed.  No seriously, that’s got to be the most ridiculous looking thing I’ve ever seen in my life. There is no logical way for me to take a ghostly flying laptop computer seriously.

Oh no, it burns!  The game’s giving me radiation poisoning!

Ghosts apparently love shoving laptops of coffee tables, don’t they?

If this was meant to get reactions from people, then kudos to Nintendo since they sort of succeeded.  Pity most reactions aren’t going to be the ones they want, the amount of narm in this first video should make most people think of it as a comedy rather than scary.

Kid Icarus Control Settings Revealed

Remember how we mentioned Kid Icarus Uprising has customisable controls?  Well, they’re even more customisable than people think.  Someone on NeoGAF has posted these screenshots showing all the different options you can set to change how the game is controlled and various other things, and damn there’s a lot of choice here.

To avoid having to open the image if you don’t want to, here’s a run down of all the settings shown:

Guide Arrow

Shot Homing

Presumably these are whether your attacks home in on enemies or not.  That’s an interesting option to have to help players of differing skill levels.

Aim Assist

Same I think


So the game can be set to automatically shoot/attack enemies for you while you move around and dodge their attacks?  Seems like a pretty neat way of simplifying the control scheme for people who don’t want to have to both move and aim their attacks, especially when used alongside the other three options listed.

Interesting, there’s also a button to ‘try it’. Nice of Nintendo to give us a practice option, don’t you think?

The next screen shows the two control schemes for moving Pit.  You can either use the circle pad or the A/B/X/Y buttons.

But then, you’ve got even more control schemes, this time for moving the targetting reticle/aiming.  You can either use the touch screen, control pad or A/B/X/Y buttons.  That’s a fair amount of choice just for how to aim your attacks.

There’s then a custom controls configuration page where you can choose which buttons or what not any individual action is assigned to.

And a screen to test stylus control and how fast/slow the touch screen controls work.  You can also invert vertical movement. You know, for the few people who want aeroplane style controls for whatever reason.  And to add to this, you can even decide whether to invert the controls vertically and horizontally!

That is one heck of a lot of options for customising the controls.  So anyone worried about the controls not working seemingly has nothing to worry about.  Plus, there are various options for people who happen to be left handed too.

All in all, if there’s any preference you have in regards to the controls, Kid Icarus Uprising has you covered.

Rayman Origins 3DS Delayed to June

Want to play Rayman Origins on your 3DS rather than a home console?  Well unfortunately it seems you’re out of luck since the game has been delayed until June.  Yes it was originally reported the game was only delayed in Europe (presumably to add in all those extra languges European releases seem to have), but now it turns out its the same for the US too.

Sorry Rayman fans, if you’ve not bought the game on the Wii or Xbox 360 or something you might as well do so now since the 3DS one won’t be here for some time.