Square Enix licenses characters to Nintendo for mystery game (rumour)

GoNintendo reported this just today, and I think I can already guess what people are wanting this to be.  And considering their comment that ‘these characters haven’t been used in a long time’, everyone seems to immediately be assuming Super Mario RPG 2.

But let’s not jump to conclusions yet, since they don’t source where the rumour is from and I don’t think Square even cares about Super Mario RPG any more.  Then again, who says it has to be a new game we don’t know about?

The rumour just says ‘game project’, which could easily assume a spinoff. Geno in Super Smash Bros 4? It seems kind of plausible really given that they mention asking for Nintendo’s help, and that I don’t think any Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest game or a Chrono Trigger sequel would need it.  None the less, here are the possibilities if the rumour is true:

  1. A Super Mario RPG sequel is planned
  2. A Super Mario RPG character is in Smash Bros/Mario spinoff
  3. A Final Fantasy/Dragon Quest/Chrono Trigger/Secret of Mana character in Smash Bros
  4. Chrono Trigger sequel/remake
  5. Seiken Densetsu 3 translation
  6. Other mystery project which turns out to be mediocre Japan only crossover

Either way, could be an interesting 3DS game we get out of this regardless of what happens. Super Mario RPG 2 on 3DS would be awesome, right?


Pokemon Black and White 2 Debut Trailer

Yeah, the first trailer for the game is finally out, clearly showing the new main characters, professor character and various other new additions and features.  You can watch it here:

However that’s not the only big news.  No, Coro Coro says they’ll be revealing a new POKEMON in the next issue.  Huh? This isn’t a new generation…

I’m going to guess it’s either a new form of a familiar Pokemon (which could be interesting), or maybe Genesect for the first time ever officially.  Have to say that I don’t see any practical way this news can turn out to be anything other than a complete cop out given that the games will probably have to have full compatibility with their predecessors and those weren’t really programmed to allow new Pokemon we’ve never heard of before other than those hackers have found data for in game, but it’s interesting news regardless.

All in all, one new trailer and a new Pokemon being revealed in a Japanese magazine new month or so.  Exciting times ahead!

Looks like Pokemon Black and White 2’s Map is very different…

This site linked has made some notes about the new Unova region map, and it seems it’s been changed quite drastically from its appearance in the first games.  They say:

Route 4 is now lined with buildings reminiscent of a mining town in architecture.  So it seems one route will be made more like a town in these games.

New gateway building between Route 4 and Nimbasa City

Entralink is completely different.  So buildings from the original Pokemon Black and White have had their designs changed near enough entirely.

Driftveil City is very different, lighthouse does not exist, two “craters” exist, shipping docks are less developed.

New city directly south of Driftveil City, another new city west and slightly south of that, and then Hiougi City southwest of that.  So at least three new cities exist in this updated version of Unova.  Pretty cool I guess, that’s definitely what you call a drastically updated region.

The electric web in front of Chargestone Cave has been removed.  No idea what this means.

Challenger’s Cave no longer exists.  I assume some people won’t be too pleased about this change, seeing as it was where you could fight high level trainers and catch high level wild Pokemon after beating the Elite Four for the first time in the earlier games.

Ice seems to be translucent, as Poké Transfer Lab’s outline seems to be visible.  Nice graphical effect.

New area (building?) due north of Poké Transfer Lab

There is a yellow building to the right of the Ferris Wheel in Nimbasa City. The path in front of it also now extends across to the stream.

Now it seems new buildings have been added to certain towns and cities, presumably to either tie in with the updated plot or to additional sidequests.

Castelia City, Anville Town, and Opelucid City seem to be identical to before

Well, I guess it’s not all been changed.

None the less, looks like a lot of things have been changed in these games, don’t you think?  This pretty nice to see given that so many companies merely make mission pack sequels and assume that’s good enough.


Pokemon Black and White 2 Details Revealed (new areas, gyms and characters)

Seems like a massive update to Pokémon Black and White from the details that are currently known, since instead of merely adding minor things like a battle tower/frontier, the whole structure of the game is being redone.  Here’s what’s new:

set 2 years later than Black/White

Like Pokémon Gold and Silver really.  This isn’t no Pokémon Yellow/Crystal situation where you’re just replaying the same story from a different perspective, this is a redone version of Unova with new areas, gym leaders, Pokemon (well, older ones available) and more.  Keep reading.

Unova is partially frozen

Yeah, this whole Kyurem thing is definitely going to be driving the plot.  Kind of like how in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire the world ended up in a permanent drought/rainstorm until the legendary Pokemon in question were caught or defeated.

has 300 Pokémon within it

Not the same Pokedex as last time.  And as you can guess, some of these are old favourites like presumably Pikachu (Psyduck shows up for certain).

various new areas in Unova

Not just a battle frontier either, or the usual add on islands they usually add to the past regions (third gen was notorious for this, remember the Sevii Islands?)  I think I figured out why they’re adding so much stuff in this respect though.

It’s because the original Black and White games were seen as too ‘linear’ and perhaps a bit empty as far as areas to explore went.  So they’re probably reverting back to the old way of designing Pokémon regions to use Hidden Machines and with various legendaries and things hidden off the beaten track.

this includes Hiougi City, where you begin your journey

Yeah, new cities and towns.  That’s unexpected, although I partly suspect the addition of these is to compliment the anime series, which needs some good old detours and filler episodes every now and again.

another area has a gym leader who focuses upon Poison; Homika

New gym leaders?  That’s a pretty different change to make to a direct sequel.  Even Pokemon Yellow with its edited teams didn’t do this, and I think Pokémon Platinum simply changed the elite four/champion rather than the gym leaders.  It even looks like the whole eight gyms will have new leaders and Pokémon in them!

That’s impressive, almost a whole new adventure in what might as well be a different region.

Homika is also said to be in the anime this June

Of course the anime won’t pass this by.  However, I have to wonder what they’re going to do as far as badges go?  Because usually there aren’t direct sequels, so Ash never needs more than eight badges in one region. Will he end up with sixteen of them this time around?

another gym leader is Shizui, the Water-type leader

Meh, water’s such an overused type.

the trainer with the spiky hair is the rival

There’s a new rival too?  This is looking to be an interesting sequel.  Forget it just being a ‘third edition’, this looks to be a whole new game.

new researcher called Akuroma who researches Pokémon Strength

Even the main researcher/professor might be a new character!

Hiougi City has a Pokémon Centre and a Trainer School

So you start out in a proper city rather than a tiny town/village in the middle of nowhere?  That’s rather interesting if you ask me.

it also has areas where you can look upon the other areas

Huh?  Like a glass pane, or a raised area where you can look upon the rest of the region?

features shops, underwater tunnels with clear glass

Okay, this sounds pretty cool and futuristic.  Reminds me a bit of Koopa Cape from the Mario Kart series.

there are buildings with blue and red statues all around Unova

Seems like a good chance these have some major plot significance, presumably to do with each of the new Kyurem forms.

Black Kyurem will know the move Freeze Shock

White Kyurem knows the move Ice Burn

I think we know this already, but it’s nice to hear it from an official source.

the Unova Pokédex contains a combination of old and new Pokémon

So like Ruby/Sapphire and Diamond/Pearl.  Again, I think they’re doing this due to the sales of Black and White being a bit below expectations, since a significant part of the fandom presumably got put off by the lack of old favourites like Pikachu in the Pokedex for much of the game.  Still, you’ve got about 300 Pokémon in the regional Pokedex alone, including Eevee and evolutions, Lucario, Tyranitar and Metagross, which doesn’t exactly leave you short for options.

Psyduck is #026, Riolu is #033 and Metagross is #254

This could be one heck of an awesome regional Pokédex, and adequate enough to keep players interested even before they get the national/global version.

June 24rd Japanese release date reconfirmed

It’s probably going to be out this year then.

None the less, this looks like a great year for any Pokémon fans still around, don’t you think?  Having a direct sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 style to some of the best games this generation is going to be awesome for them, right?

And here are the magazine scans, showing new gym leaders, rivals and apparently even protagonists:

Looks like this whole Kyurem formes business is certainly going to be shaking up the whole region and causing a lot of changes to the games as far as structure goes.  Those kids still interested in the series should be grateful, people would have loved something like this back in the Pokémon Yellow/Crystal days!

Never the less, who’s excited for these games now?  Because there’s a lot to like in what’s now been revealed!

Heroes of Ruin being released June 26th

Yeah, this was just now confirmed by a promotion email Square Enix has sent and now posted on their official site.  You can see the content of that mail here:

Anyone who cares for Heroes of Ruin can be glad it now has an official US release date.