Oh How I Wish this F-Zero 3DS Trailer was Real…

It’s a nice trailer considering it’s fan made and for a completely non existant game.  Watch it here:

Unfortunately, Nintendo seems like they’re not particularly interested in continuing the F-Zero series at this point in time (maybe because it’s a recession and companies are basically in ‘Scrooge mode’, and only care for the next Mario or Call of Duty).

None the less, I’m fairly positive if Nintendo announced a new F-Zero game for 3DS that looked just like F-Zero GX and was marketed like in the trailer above, people would be pretty damn excited about it and want to buy the game the first day it’s available.

Would you buy an F-Zero 3DS/3D-X?

Ex Troopers announced for 3DS and PS3

But forget the last bit of the title, it’s the fact it’s been announced for 3DS that we’re interested in at Nintendo 3DS Daily.  It’s an action shooting game (or in other words, probably a third person shooter given that it’s a spinoff of Lost Planet) and unlike the original series, supposedly has an anime inspired art style.

Not sure that’s a good idea if Capcom ever wants to release the game outside Japan, ‘cartoon’ like art styles aren’t too popular in the US at the moment.  Seems like something which needlessly restricts the games appeal to Japanese users for no practical reason.

Some other facts about the game:

  • The producer is Shintaro Kojima (known for the Monster Hunter series)
  • Has a school-themed story.
  • Uses “manga demo” event system similar to that used in Gravity Rush.
  • May’n used for the game’s theme song

It sounds like an interesting game, and potentially an excellent addition to the 3DS’ software library, but unfortunately seems like it could end up being one of these Japan only spinoffs deemed ‘unmarketable’ in the West. Like what Nintendo originally thought Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story were.

What do you think about this game?

Pokemon Dream Radar Screens and Stuff

It’s the European/British name for Pokemon AR Searcher, a 3DS app that lets you search for Pokemon in the ‘real world’ via augumented reality and then bring them to Pokemon Black and White 2.  Also, the way you’ll get the new forms of the Kami trio and other Pokemon that aren’t called kyurem.

Looks pretty neat, although I do have to wonder one thing…

Who actually lives in a house/flat that looks anything like the one in the photo?  Do people in Japan have literally no personal possessions or something?

And the new forms of Tornadus and what not look better than I thought they would now you can clearly see their entire body.  Not sure what theme they’re going for with these designs (one’s a bird and one’s a dog like creature?), but it’s better than it could be.

What do you think of Pokemon Dream Radar?

Mario Kart 7 Has Been Patched!

You heard that right, the shortcut fixing patch Nintendo said they were releasing is now available to download on the eShop, and if you try to go online without it you’ll get the following error message:

Error Code 002-0120

In order to use online services, a newer version of this software is required.

Download the newest version of this software from Nintendo eShop or other supported software.

It looks like the Wuhu Mountain Loop/Maka Wuhu stuff is now dead for good, and the glitches people were using to ‘cheat’ online have been removed permanently. You’ll need to update the system before patching the game though, so it could a take a bit of a while before anyone can go and play Mario Kart 7 online again.

With that change made, everyone can enjoy playing online again without the same courses being chosen for every single race.  Download the update and get back to playing Mario Kart 7 again!

Wow, that’s some epic Mario Tennis Open Music

It’s almost like a bunch of boss style remixes of well known Mario music!  No seriously, Princess Peach’s Castle theme from Super Mario 64 can actually be made into an epic piece of music that would work well in an boss battle?  Apparently so:

Above: If Peach was ever more of an action hero, this would be her theme tune.

That theme is awesome.  No seriously, it’s like if Rare remixed the Princess Peach’s Castle theme for a boss battle against an evil version of Peach in the Super Mario 64 castle’s foyer.  It’s also not the first time Mario Tennis have done what seem to be boss remixes of classic Mario themes, the Luigi’s Mansion remix in Mario Power Tennis sounds like the kind of thing you’d hear at a tribal human sacrifice event:

Above: The party’s getting started at Luigi’s Mansion!

As for the remixes they played in light hearted levels like Delfino Plaza or Peach’s Castle, well, they sounded more like a live TV dance off for the finale of the Mushroom Kingdom flamenco dancing competition:

Above: Sounds like the kind of theme they’d use after Wario Land Shake It’s Launchpad Labyrinth in DDR Mario Mix Spanish Edition…

But Peach’s Castle court’s music in Mario Tennis Open isn’t the only fantastic theme that exists.  No, you’ve also got the obligatory ‘badass’ Bowser’s Castle court theme.  Sounds like a remix of the castle theme in Super Mario 3D Land, although it’s kind of hard to tell given how over the top the song is.

Above: Does this sound like some weird mutant hybrid of Bowser’s battle theme in Mario 64 and the castle theme in Mario 3D Land to anyone else?

Finally, there’s the Donkey Kong Country Returns remix used for the DK Jungle court.  It sounds like someone’s taken Jungle Hijinx and turned it up to eleven.

Above: If this was the theme used for DK’s final smash in the next Super Smash Bros, I wouldn’t mind the stupid bongo playing gimmick.

All in all, even if Mario Tennis Open isn’t exactly the greatest Mario sports game ever made, it at least has a fantastic soundtrack to boast about.  Hopefully some of these themes will get remixed even further then orchestrated for Super Smash Bros 4, right?