3DS Update released today (25th April 2012)

It’s not got the update for Mario Kart 7 included (so unfortunately the Wuhu Mountain Loop glitch still works as of the time of writing), but it does have various other new features which are of interest.

For example the eShop has been redesigned quite a bit.  Instead of just one long row of menu options along the middle of the screen it’s been split into a small grid with various new categories listed along the bottom.  Now you can choose eShop download titles, Virtual Console titles and DSiWare titles specifically in addition to the option to choose by series or whatever other arbitary category Nintendo had set up previously.

Software search features have also been improved (you can filter your search by various addition criteria such as game price), view best selling titles and do various other things.

However the main addition seems to be the new menu system for the 3DS home menu.  You can make your own folders and shove various things in them I think.  Haven’t really been using the feature much, don’t own enough eShop and Virtual Console games and apps to really make the idea of categorising them by folder viable.  But hey, whatever works I suppose.

Nintendaan1/NC/whatever made a video showing the features here:

But it doesn’t really matter, everyone’ll know what’s different when they finally bother to update their 3DS.

Now Wario Land 3 comes to the eShop!

In Japan.  In the US and Europe on the other hand, we don’t even have the second game there yet. What the hell Nintendo?

None the less it’s obviously going to be a great game, and it’s also one that unfortunately very few people ever played the first time around (it was the lowest selling of the entire series).  But if you want another good platformer, or want an experience which is as close to Metroid or Castlevania as you can get without losing the concept of seperate levels, buy this game when it comes out.

It also has everyone’s favourite credits theme, one of the best pieces of Nintendo music composed at the time and which nicely caps off the enjoyable adventure. Listen to it below:

Or see some screenshots from the Japanese eShop game page:

The map screen looks really nice for a Game Boy Color game and is full of colour and detail.  There are four sections of the world that you see like this and after getting a new treasure some change will be made to the map screen as well as the environment of any nearby levels.  This allows you to get more treasure and find more exits and bosses.

Wario’s different transformations play a much bigger role in this game than in most others in the series.  This was the one game which had the most of them as well as designed them to be used to solve puzzles.

Frozen Wario’s first appearance was in this game I think.

Mini games like Wario Golf were playable in Wario Land 3.  I hear they were pretty fun too.

All in all Wario Land 3 was a great game, and with its upcoming release on the 3DS eShop, people who haven’t played it back on the Game Boy Color should give it a try.


Hang on, Cave Story is coming to the eShop Now?

Okay, it’s already available as a download game on both WiiWare and the DSi equivalent to the eShop, but this seems like a bit of a rip off considering that the game has..

I don’t know, been sold as a full price retail game on the exact same console.  I repeat, they’re selling a game which is on sale at $40 in shops on the eShop for about 10 dollars.  It’s not the same as the full price 3DS version in some sense though, it’s got the same graphics style and features as the versions on many other consoles, but it seems just a little bit unfair to release such a game that arguably directly competes with your other version on the same console.  It comes with features such as a Boss Rush, Curly Story, Hell Time Attack, Wind Fortress, Nemesis Challenge, widescreen and 3D support though, which sounds good.

Looks like it’ll obviously be a good game, it’s just that I can see this seeming a bit unfair to anyone who bothered to buy the 3DS remake.

It’ll also supposedly cause the DSiware one to be removed from the 3DS eShop altogether, so you’d better get that one while you still can if you want it so badly.


Looks like Fire Emblem Awakening really is coming to the US

It technically hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Nintendo have registered some new domains recently (presumably for official websites) and among them is the domain ‘’.

As you can see here, it’s definitely owned by Nintendo:

Organisation Name…. Nintendo of America Inc.

Admin Email……….

Should it be any real surprise Nintendo is going to release the game outside Japan? Probably not considering the last few Fire Emblem games all got a worldwide release, but at least it seems to be nearly guaranteed now.

And on that note, Marth and Roy’s chances for Super Smash Bros 4 went up drastically!

Fire Emblem doing great in Japan; Nearly Sold Out

Will the same pattern apply to the game’s sales over in the US and Europe?  Hard to tell, but from the comments of Japanese retailers the game seems to be doing pretty well and flying off the shelves over in Japan.

Here are some of the quotes about the game and how it’s selling:

We’ve heard that others have been experiencing a scarcity of units, so we’ve added more, but still 90% of it was sold out

In the first day apparently.  They go on to say that they’re skeptical Nintendo can meet the demand for the title.

60% sold out and it’s looking good

Said by another retailer

They also mentioned 80% sellthrough, which means that of all the copies of the game supplied to the shop by Nintendo, 80% of them were sold to customers so far.

Marketing seems to be helping quite significantly too, another shop owner mentions how the heavy advertising Nintendo did caused a pretty large crowd to come in and buy the game on launch day:

First thing in the morning, it’s 3DS Fire Emblem on parade. I feel like nothing else was sold at all. It’s all Fire Emblem. Rare for a Nintendo title, they released commercials and everything, so a crowd of people came in on the release date.

All in all it looks hopeful for the game especially considering it’s supposedly selling to people of all ages and demographics. Not sure if it’ll do so well in the US given that the country seems to be more obssessed with gritty looking action/first person shooter games than strategy based ones, but here’s hoping it’ll do better than the rest of the Fire Emblem series and maybe go as far as to make the series more of a household name.