Etrian Oddysey IV Screenshots and Artwork

Well, you already probably saw the trailer yesterday at the Nintendo Direct event, but here are the first few screenshots and bits of art of the game.  It looks pretty nice too.

Is this in game?  Because if so, it looks really nice if I do say so myself.

A forest.  This is some very nice artwork, definitely a nice view.

A battle in the game.  The menu interface here looks nice, although to be perfectly honest the enemies really look a bit goofy for my tastes.  They’re still probably tough to defeat though.

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Is a Xenoblade sequel coming to the 3DS?

Because believe it or not, the developers Monolith Software are recruiting staff for development for a game which sounds awfully like a new action RPG.  They’re after effect designers to work on map and battle scenes and motion designers for character and monster movement.

Sounds a lot like it could possibly be a future Xenoblade sequel, does it not?  And would you buy such a game if it was to be released on the 3DS?

We’d just better hope we don’t need a 3DS version of Operation Rainfall to get it released in the US this time around…


Kid Icarus Uprising Videos from Nintendo Direct plus other information

Well, there were enough of them that I think they deserved their own post to be honest, along with some analysis of the game’s various features.  First of all, here’s the original Japanese trailer/footage of the game:

Next, the English trailers.  Bizarrely, it seems Nintendo of Europe/America/whoever split the above footage in multiple videos, so we’ve got one with the interview, one about the weapons and one about the multiplayer:

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Seems like an awkward way to distribute Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards Nintendo

Remember how a lot of hype has made about the AR cards you can get for Kid Icarus Uprising to have the game’s characters battle each other on your desk through augumented reality?  Or how supposedly, you’re supposed to get these cards through purchases or events?

Well, Nintendo has come up with a rather novel way of distributing them in Europe.  And by novel, I mean a way that’s pretty much annoying as hell.

You get 6 free with the game.  If you pre order it, you get another 24.  But if you want more?

You’ll also be able to get hold of exclusive Kid Icarus AR Cards through Club Nintendo. For 250 Stars you’ll be able to get 2 packs containing 6 AR cards each. Some packs will also include extremely rare cards.

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New Legend of Zelda Game coming to 3DS soon?

It’s not exactly confirmed, but a recent SwapNote sent to buyers of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D by Eiji Aonuma certainly implies a new Zelda game is in the works for 3DS.

It obviously says ‘I hope you’re looking forward to new Legend of Zelda games’, with the various eight bit sprites saying ‘yes’.    Now, it may sound a bit crazy, but I think that’s pretty good evidence new Zelda games on 3DS are being considered, or even released in the nearish future.

Then again, the odd capitalisation worries me a bit.  Note the capital ‘N’.  Does that mean ‘New Legend of Zelda’ as in ‘New Super Mario Bros’?  Because that would be an interesting thing to, and a plausible type of game to make after Skyward Sword.  You could even, if you were very, very cynical read it as Aonuma saying ‘I hope you’re looking forward to these kinds of Zelda games because I don’t want to make them’.

But let’s be positive and assume the best… what kind of Zelda game could possibly be in the pipeline for the 3DS in the future?