Kid Icarus Uprising Videos; Trailer and Commercial

Just two new videos of Kid Icarus Uprising, one general overview trailer for the game and one Japanese commercial for it.  You can see them here:

They both share a huge amount of the game including both the flight and on foot sections, and some multiplayer footage as well, so check them out if you plan to buy Kid Icarus Uprising in the foreseeable future!

Fire Emblem Awakening; Introduction Trailer

A brand new expertly done trailer for Fire Emblem Awakening.  Doesn’t show actual gameplay footage this time, but it looks fantastic and shows the story aspect of the game perfectly complete with some voice acting and epic music.  Watch it here:

If this video doesn’t make you excited for the game, I don’t think anything will.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?

New Epic Mickey Game Coming to 3DS (Power of Illusion)

It won’t be the direct sequel to the original game that’s expected on the Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3, but a 3DS specific companion game.  Think of it like how the Donkey Kong Land titles were handheld compliment titles to their SNES originals.

Here’s what the original French magazine who posted the news on Twitter said:

La présentation d’Epic Mickey 2 aura lieu la semaine prochaine. Une version 3DS, Power of Illusion, plus “classique” en 2D est aussi prévue

For anyone too lazy to translate that for themselves, they’re saying that a presentation announcing/showing Epic Mickey 2 will be available next week, and a 2D companion game called ‘Epic Mickey Power of Illusion’ is also planned.

Is this accurate?  Hard to tell really since the source seems to be a French video games magazine posting about it on Twitter, and there have been an awful lot of unreliable rumours about new games posted in foreign language publications (see many Japanese magazines posting rumours about the 3DS without any evidence behind them).  But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since it seems increasingly clear that an actual Epic Mickey 2 is planned and a game like this would only seem logical.

It’s good news regardless, the 3DS would be able to run a pretty great Epic Mickey style game given how it’s about Gamecube power and the original was on the Wii.  The 2D part worries me though, there’s no real need for such on a console like the 3DS.

But what do you think?


CoroCoro holds competition to win Special 3DS

Obviously it’s going to be difficult to enter this unless you’re Japanese, but for the 35th anniversary of the magazine’s launch they’ve decided to team up with Nintendo and give one lucky contest winner a special 3DS.

Above: A very nice special edition 3DS for fans of CoroCoro Magazine.

As you can see in the picture, the 3DS is decorated with icons and decals relating to the magazine’s 35th anniversary and it looks pretty nice to boot.  Wish Nintendo magazines in other countries did this, can you imagine how cool it’d be if Official Nintendo Magazine or Nintendo Power or N Gamer did something like this?

You’ll be able to find out how to enter the contest in the next issue available April 14th.

Here’s hoping someone wins the console and good luck to anyone entering the contest.


Sakurai teases Kid Icarus Uprising AR Code Pack for Europe

He’s just posted this picture of some AR codes for the game on his Twitter account, and mentions something about Nintendo of Europe in the description:

Here’s what he says about the picture in Japanese:

Nintendo of Europeから、パルテナARカードのヨーロッパ版サンプルをもらった。名前が5ヶ国語で書いてあったり、それに伴いカードが少し大きかったりする。

Apparently he got these from Nintendo of Europe for reasons unknown and said that the cards were a little larger and written in five languages, or something similar.

I’m not sure what he means here, the cards all have descriptions in all possible languages?  For a video game that makes sense, but for AR cards?  Something seems like it’s been lost in translation here.

Still, what d you think of the cards, and what he’s saying about them?