Rayman rated for eShop?

Not Rayman Legends as far as I can tell either, but the old Game Boy Color version of the first Rayman game from back in the Playstation 1 days.  It seems to be pretty much a cut down version of the original, in the same sense as Donkey Kong Land 2 and 3 were for the later Donkey Kong Country titles, with one difference…

It was the one title in the series where you actually fought Mr Dark directly.  Interesting minor change from the main version on home consoles where the villain just summoned remixed versions of the main bosses to attack you.

Still, seems like a nice enough way to promote the upcoming release of Rayman Legends, right?  Have the Game Boy one available on the eShop/Virtual Console (alongside the DSiware remake of the Playstation version that’s already there) so newer players can figure out some of what’s going on.

Midnight Purple 3DS Officially Announced

Turns out that EB Games listing was correct after all, since Nintendo have now gone and covered the new 3DS colour on their official website.  It looks very nice too, although hardly enough of a reason to buy a second 3DS console for.

Here are some pictures of the Midnight Purple 3DS:

None the less, it’s nice to have another choice of colour, right?  Would anyone here have bought this version of the 3DS if they didn’t already own one?  Heck, is there anyone who likes the purple colouring so much they’d go out of their way to buy a second 3DS just to get it?

Mario Tennis Open; New Screenshots, Luma confirmed!

Yes we know that we’ve seen pictures of a Luma as a playable character in Galaxy Tennis (and to some people, that was apparently enough proof in itself), but with the latest batch of Mario Tennis Open screenshots, you can now see proof that he’s playable in all normal modes/normal courts too.

Voila, Dry Bowser and Luma in one screenshot, on Bowser’s Castle court.  Evidence enough of both being secret characters for sure.

There are other screens though.

Sorry, but something still bugs me about the Yoshi costume, it just looks too ridiculous.

Information about Miis and the various StreetPass options.  Maybe this has some use in Japan or one of those American cities where people are both living close enough together to encounter other gamers and stupid enough they carry expensive electronic equipment around with them everywhere, but I doubt most people will get any use out of it all.

Dry Bowser and Luma playing tennis again.

Have to ask something here… what the hell do game designers like about making things pass through rings?  It’s basically become a video game cliche by now…

Now this is an interesting mode. It’s not quite platforming with tennis skills like I initially thought, but it’s certainly a unique way to play Super Mario Bros 1, don’t you think?  Wonder if anyone’s going to attempt to create a real life version, since a toned down one seems within the realm of possibility…

Nintendo really likes ink being sprayed on the camera in modern games.  Probably because it lets them show off their precious 3D.

Also, what’s the icon on the bottom left?  Does that mean the person playing is doing terrible and has already lost two ‘lives’ or something of the sort?

Miis and Donkey Kong.  Personally, I hope Donkey Kong wins, Miis are overrated anyway.

So that’s some new Mario Tennis screenshots, which look pretty nice.  What do you think of the new screens of this game?

Wow, Fire Emblem Awakening Has Some Great Music!

Someone on Youtube has been uploading some of the themes from the game, and they sound absolutely fantastic from what I’ve heard.  It’s not exactly the full soundtrack by any means, but have a good listen to all this:

Unfortunately, the tracks aren’t labelled in any way, so there’s no indication of when in the game any of the music posted above is actually played.  Still, sounds really nice, to the point it’s sometimes hard to tell the music wasn’t orchestrated.

What do you think of Fire Emblem Awakening’s music?

Nintendo 3DS Game Predictions; What Games will be announced at E3?

We all know that the Wii U will be shown this year (albeit without any available information in regards to its price) as well as that games like Luigi’s Mansion 2, Animal Crossing, Paper Mario and Mario Tennis are coming very soon.  But what are the other mystery titles that Nintendo has in store for us?

Because in the recent financial report, some interesting new things have come to light, among them:

As we also have some unannounced titles to be released for this fiscal term, we are surely able to provide a fairly rich lineup of first-party software for this fiscal year

So it seems in addition to this set of games:

That many other unnannounced ones will also be shown for the first ever time at E3.  So place your bets, what new 3DS games do you think are yet to be announced that are coming this year?  It’s not New Super Mario Bros 2 either, that game was discussed prior to this statement.

There’s a small caveat however, namely the ‘this fiscal year’ part.  Any game that comes under this definition therefore should theoretically be out either late this year or very early 2013, it can’t be scheduled for any later.  That kind of limits the games this could include a bit, doesn’t it?

So let’s think of the possible games:

  1. Super Smash Bros 4.  Unlikely, since no Smash Bros game in history has been completed in a year or less, and the announcement kind of dictates said game should be out in late 2012.
  2. The Legend of Zelda 3DS.  Also unlikely, for same reasons.  However, a remake of an older Zelda game or a ‘New Legend of Zelda’ style game could plausibly be done within a limited time frame, correct?  It didn’t take too long to make Ocarina of Time 3D, and it’s obvious that it didn’t take very long to make New Super Mario Bros 2 so far…
  3. Retro’s new project.  They’ve been hiring staff like crazy for a massive new game in development, and given how they’ve been working on it a while, maybe it might come out fairly soon.  Metroid, Star Fox or F-Zero seem possible suspects for a new game, but then again Donkey Kong 3D was at least a possibility, and a new Donkey Kong Country game for 3DS would be a requested title…
  4. A Kirby game for 3DS.  Well, they do tend to come in pairs with one home console and one hand held title at roughly the same time and the release history of the series proves that new games do often come out at one year intervals…
  5. Metroid.  There’s been no confirmed new games for two years, and the release history of the series suggests we should be due for one any time now…
  6. A Wario game.  As I said way back when before any of this E3 stuff was mentioned, it’s been quite a while since either a Wario Land or WarioWare game was released on a Nintendo console.  And with a general pattern of games coming out every few years (and at least one of each kind of game per console), it makes sense to assume at least one new Wario game should be out on 3DS within the fiscal year.

With that said, Nintendo has certainly surprised us all before, so the list of possible games above is by no means a definite list of possibilities.  For all we know, a new major Legend of Zelda game could have been in development for a while and Nintendo has decided it should be released soon rather than the later.

But what games do you think Nintendo has planned for this year and that they’ll be showing off at E3?