Is Kirby’s Pinball Land now coming to eShop?

Nothing confirmed by Nintendo yet, but the Australian ratings board for video games or OFLC have just rated Kirby’s Pinball Land for Australian release.  Obviously it got a G rating (presumably the equivalent of the American E rating or PEGI’s 3+ one, given the content in the Kirby series), but the fact we seem to be getting this game quite soon is cool enough in itself.

Kirby’s Pinball Land is a pinball spinoff to the Kirby series, with about three or so tables, mini games on each one and some boss fights in there too (apparently King Dedede is the villain in this game, like in the original Kirby’s Dreamland).  It’s not a game I’m particularly with, but Wikipedia does say that it got decent reviews, and various people online seem to think of it as a pretty good game.

With this game possibly coming to the eShop/3DS Virtual Console soon, you have to admit Nintendo has kind of done everything right in regards to the quality of the games available on the service.  Kirby games, both Super Mario Land games, three out of four Wario Land games, Tetris and various others, you can’t ask for much more than that.

Did you like Kirby’s Pinball Land, and would you want to play it on 3DS?


Is the cover for Paper Mario 3DS?

Someone on the forums at Nintendo 3DS Community found it on a GameStop website, and while it looks partly like placeholder artwork, some interesting things seem to jump out at me… namely the characters (figuratively and literally).

Because you see, there’s no confirmation of Luigi even being in the game.  Nor any artwork for the Chain Chomp, or even Mario in that pose.

This gives it a tiny bit of credibility seeing how the artwork seems to be brand new, and possibly something a bit beyond the realm of possibility for GameStop to mock up as mere placeholder art.

More interesting still is the source, the Norwegian version of GameStop’s website.  Nowhere else on the internet is this box art listed as the official box art for the game (not EB Games, not GameStop, no GAME…).  Makes me a tad skeptical about its authenticity, although I’m baffled about where all this art is coming from.

So what do you think?  Is this the real box art for Paper Mario 3DS?  Or is it a very well done, interestingly designed mock up.

Want Project X Zone in the US/Europe? Ask Namco Bandai!

Because Capcom have now been quoted as saying that they have no control over whether the game gets published or localised, they just contributed some characters and other stuff to it.

Here’s what Capcom said when asked about the game and an international release:

Just to clarify, that’s not us

From Capcom’s Christian Svennson


We’ve provided some characters via a licensing agreement. I believe it’s Namco Bandai that’s doing the publishing. So if there’s any questions about whether it’s going to be localized, or what the plan is, they have to be directed to Namco Bandai, not us. I’m sorry, we have no visibility or even say in whether that happens or not.

Another quote by a different staff member at Capcom (known as Viewtful Vaughn), was this:

That’s Namco Bandai’s decision. The only involvement Capcom has is that their characters are in the game.

Basically, don’t ask them about it, they have control over whether the game is released outside Japan or not nor anything else in regards to it being published.

You’ll be happy to know however that quite a few people have come forward in support of this game, and that a Project X Localisation request page is already up on Facebook at the following address:

If you want Project X Zone to be released worldwide (and there’s no reason it shouldn’t be), sign the petitions and bug Namco Bandai about it.


New Mario Tennis Open Trailer

Recorded directly from the Japanese official site, hence the video player bar that can be seen along the bottom:

It’s mainly a compilation of all the video footage spread out across the official website (albeit compiled by Nintendo and added to the about page), so it doesn’t really seem to contain that much new information.

However, there is some indication that Koopa may be a playable character in this, since at least one Mii costume option seems to be based off of him (and assuming most of the costumes are based on playable characters, it makes sense to assume the real one may be an unlockable character)

Still, it’s worth watching anyway.

Rayman rated for eShop?

Not Rayman Legends as far as I can tell either, but the old Game Boy Color version of the first Rayman game from back in the Playstation 1 days.  It seems to be pretty much a cut down version of the original, in the same sense as Donkey Kong Land 2 and 3 were for the later Donkey Kong Country titles, with one difference…

It was the one title in the series where you actually fought Mr Dark directly.  Interesting minor change from the main version on home consoles where the villain just summoned remixed versions of the main bosses to attack you.

Still, seems like a nice enough way to promote the upcoming release of Rayman Legends, right?  Have the Game Boy one available on the eShop/Virtual Console (alongside the DSiware remake of the Playstation version that’s already there) so newer players can figure out some of what’s going on.