First 3DS Downloadable Content Released… in Japan

But thankfully, it’s neither expensive nor for any game you care about, so it’s not as if you’re going to be having to pay for extra Mario Kart characters or tracks, or Mario 3D Land levels.  No, instead, it’s for an unknown app called ‘Tobidasu Print Club Kiradeco Revolution’, which allows you to edit photos taken with the 3DS camera.

Nintendo has released three decorative kits, costing about 100 yen or 80p each, one with a spring theme, one with a Mario Kart theme and one with a general Mario theme.  You can see these in the pictures below:

Personally, I don’t care for any of this.  It also doesn’t help the image quality of the stamps or whatever is pretty much terrible, and you can see the white outline where Nintendo have cut it out from official artwork with Microsoft Paint.

But it’s here, downloadable content is on the way!

Tekken 3D Launch Trailer

New launch trailer for Tekken 3D!  Haven’t watched it yet, but it’s supposedly a fairly decent trailer for the game.

What do you think of it?

Kingdom Hearts 3D; New Trailer

A new trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D, supposedly known as a ‘special’ trailer for whatever reason I cannot quite figure out.  Still, it can be seen here:

And I guess it should make a few people a bit more excited for the game, don’t you think?

Nintendo 3DS Download Games News; Quarth and True Rememberance

Neither seem particularly interesting games, with one being an old Game Boy puzzle game that I don’t think happened to be too popular back in the day (at least, I can’t find much evidence of the game being a cult classic or anything), and one being a visual novel which weirdly doesn’t even use the 3D that the 3DS is named after.

So, what do they look like?  Well here’s Quarth:

Or at least, its page and default screenshot on Nintendo of Japan’s virtual console page.  Eh, I think I’ll pass on this one.

And here’s True Rememberance.  It’s a visual novel which for some reason needs save slots.  No idea why, visual novels I hear aren’t exactly ‘difficult’ games.

Still, my opinion personally?  Forget any of those average games and buy Wario Land Super Mario Land 3 instead, that game is both awesome, somewhat challenging and actually fun to play.  See the next post for more info on that.

Wario Land Super Mario Land 3 coming to eShop in Europe!

Wow, it only took them a few months after the game was already available in Japan, but I’m really glad the game has made it to the UK and European eShop.  Why?  Well, to put it simply, Wario Land is awesome.  One of the best games on the original Game Boy, a classic which I must have played for hours on end.  Some information about it, which you probably won’t get from the press releases:

Has about 40 levels, in seven worlds.  The worlds are Rice Beach, Mt Teapot, Sherbet Land, Stove Canyon, SS Tea Cup, Parsely Woods and Syrup Castle.  But the levels aren’t simple or linear, with tons of rooms and passages to explore, hidden locked rooms with treasure (like the one in the screenshot below) and a few secret exits to boot (levels with them are marked as rings on the world map)

Plays very differently to Super Mario Land 1 and 2, and bar a short cameo in the ending is a Mario game in name only.  Wario can dash, ground pound and fight his way through levels, and while you can jump on enemy heads, that’s rarely the recommended way to defeat them.

Excellent graphics and music.  You can probably see the former from the screenshots in this article, but the latter is just as good, and unlike in the first two games, seems to have more variety.  Have a listen to some of the soundtrack:

Interesting boss battles.  Well, they’re a bit like the ones in Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins, unique opponents that are still easy to defeat.  The bosses are a spiked Koopa, minotaur, penguin with boxing gloves, giant head, etc.

And a fairly basic story with Wario trying to get enough treasure to buy his own castle by attempting to take it from Captain Syrup’s forces on Kitchen Island.

Never the less, you need to buy this game if you don’t already have it on Game Boy.  It’s pretty much one of the best 2D platformers on the Game Boy, and I’d say it could even be seen as better than Super Mario Land 1 and 2 were.  Don’t waste money on the mediocre platformers on the service, or many of those silly indie games, buy this one instead.  You definitely won’t regret it.